5 Best Songs About Pizzas

Songs About Pizzas
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizzas?! Pizzas are a great dish of surprisingly Italian origin but have rather had much popularity in the United States. Funny thing is that some individuals can consume several orders of pizzas just so you see how addictive it can be. Pizzas are one of my favourite junks that go alone or with almost any drink.

If you want songs about pizzas, I must say, you’re in the right place. What memory does pizza remind you of? You probably shared a bite with a certain someone? Or for another reason, do you find it more enjoyable than other dishes? Whatever your reason maybe, I’ve got you covered.

In this list, you’ll be surprised to see songs about pizzas. Funny right? You’re not the only one who gets to have a bite of this awesomeness. Enjoy!

5 Songs About Pizzas

1. Chic ‘N’ Stu’ by System Of A Down

My interpretation is that this song is about the influence that advertising has over us, especially when it leads us to believe that we need all of the products that we see advertised. I am aware that this song appears to be ridiculous, but it is merely the band’s take on how ridiculously we respond to advertisements.

It is about how advertising is cliched, and I think Serj and Daron decided to use pizza adverts as an example. From the lyrics, you can tell how cliche adverts are and how mentally responsive we are to adverts. The narrator uses pizza as an example painting a picture of how addicted one can be to something that you might need therapy.

I believe that Serj and Daron are trying to convey that anytime individuals see something in an advertisement that they enjoy, they immediately feel the desire to get it. Also, there are instances when it can get to the point where you feel overwhelmed by all the things that you believe you need, to the point where you feel as if you need some kind of therapy.

2. “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette - Uninvited

You probably have that song on your playlist where fans have come up with multiple and controversial meanings to them; uninvited by Alarmist Morissette is one of them. Many say the song is about pizza. It’s about how addicted you can be to pizza though you know it has some serious health implications.

The narrator has a strong urge to eat a lot of pizza, but she is conscious of the fact that doing so could cause her to gain a lot of weight. In other words, metaphorically, she’s telling the pizza to keep its distance, even though she loves it.

The second meaning of this song is about a young woman having an affair with an older man. It is worth remembering that Alanis had a relationship with an older man when she was still a minor, and I believe that this relationship lasted for a considerable amount of time.

The song is about her struggle to accept the fact that she is acting inappropriately but enjoying the attention it brings her. It is also about how thrilling it must be for him to experience it. She continues to assert that the entire circumstance is inappropriate.

You see? It’s all a matter of perspective because they both have the same underlying message. Loving something that you know is inappropriate, that desire to continue doing something even though you know it has consequences.

3. “Pizza Pie” by Norman Fox and the Rob Roys

Norman Fox And The Rob Roys - Pizza Pie

This is yet another song about being obsessed with pizza. This song was released in 1959 and it comes in the form of a story. It describes the life of the narrator whose obsession with pizza is unparalleled.

The lyrics are straightforward and you can almost picture the narrator saying them. The first verse starts with the narrator and his friends looking for a fun place to go to until they notice a “swell” place just by the corner and decide to stop by to order a pizza pie.

In the second verse, he talks to his friends about a woman he dearly loves and would want to marry. When people asked him why he’d tell them that he chose her because she could make big and delicious pizza pies.

This song concludes with the narrator saying that when he dies, he’d be taking a whole big pizza. If you’re obsessed with pizzas, this one’s for you

4. “Don’t Take The Pizza” by The Fall

The Fall - Don't Take The Pizza

For a song that discussed the stresses of modern life and all of its complexities and how it has changed so many things in society, pizza seems to be the only thing that hasn’t changed a bit.

The first few lines of the song describe how everything has been wrecked by advanced technology and forward-thinking ideas; in terms of development in sectors, migration and how the city doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Pizza, however, is the only thing that has remained constant and the narrator pleads that no one should take the pizza away; hence, the title of the song.

You could say this song is about another pizza lover who has lost so many things to civilization and modernisation but all he has now is his pizza, so he pleads that it remains with him unchanged. They say old things taste better, I guess.

5. “Pizza Day” by The Aquabats

The Aquabats - Pizza Day

There are times when pizza leaves such a good impression on us that a particular slice or kind of pie might stay with us for the rest of our lives, particularly if it is associated with an important memory from our childhood.

The narrator of “Pizza Day,” a quirky and high-speed song by The Aquabats, looks back on his time spent in public school and discusses how pizza transformed an otherwise dreary and monotonous part of his education into something thrilling and joyful.

Now that he is older, he thinks back on his elementary school days and remembers and misses Pizza Day. Pizza Day had the power to make anything better, so he always tried to find the bright side of things.