5 Great Songs About Deep Connection

Songs About Deep Connection
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs About Deep Connection

You want to find words to explain your feelings when you love someone, but sometimes the words of a song do it better. The impact of such a kind of action can be significant.

Playing romantic music for him or her is a great approach to bringing out his softer side since there is something about love songs that can soften even the hardest of hearts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with another person while making lasting memories.

1. “I Can’t Live Without You” by Al Walser

I Can't Live Without You (Original Mix)

First on our list of songs about deep connection is this love song, “I Can’t Live Without You,” is a lament about how the vocalist can’t get by without their significant other.

This is not your typical love song, though; it’s an EDM smash that’s sure to be a hit all across the globe.

Al Walser boasts about his relationship with his girlfriend at the outset of the song, stating that they had been together for “2 months 11 days.”

The consensus holds that a couple who has been together for that long is still in the heady “honeymoon” phase, where everything appears perfect. However, he is confident that the love he shares with his girlfriend is beautiful and unique enough to last.

The female vocalist, Levit, then joins in, sharing Walser’s sentiments. She claims they have vowed to be together until death.

Recently, this happy couple celebrated “30 years, and 11 days” together after being married for a total of 29 years, 10 months, and 20 days. There were low points and times when they pondered giving up, but they persisted.

They have opted to remain a unit despite the hardships they have experienced, for the simple reason that neither of them can imagine going through life without the other.

2. “Fall at Your Feet” – Crowded House

Crowded House - Fall At Your Feet (live from home, 2020)

The song is about the narrator’s longing for a more committed relationship with a specific woman. If the lyrics are to be believed, this woman is experiencing anguish, and the songwriter wants to reassure her of his presence and his willingness to help her get through it.

After the first stanza, he believes he is getting to know this woman and feels closer to her, but in the second verse, he concedes that she may still be hiding some pieces of herself from him.

The final verse, however, captures his dedication and determination to be there any time she needs him, as well as the shoulder she can always rest on.

Possibly the author thinks he can win the woman’s affection by being constantly subservient and helpful to her. This is why he kept using the phrase “title phrase.”

3. “I Honestly Love You” by Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John - I Honestly Love You (Version 2)

The singer of “I Honestly Love You” is expressing her deepest feelings of love and devotion to an individual who is similar to a romantic interest, but whom she has already determined she cannot have.

The third verse alludes to the fact that both of them are currently in committed relationships, making any romantic pursuit between them impossible.

But Olivia is so smitten that she feels compelled to at least let the addressee know that she would have liked to hook up with them if fate had dealt them a different hand, so to speak. Or, as it is more empathetically put, she “genuinely loves” him. This is one of the songs about deep connection that reflects on a lot of things.

4. “Stay” by The Kid Laroi And Justin Bieber

The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - STAY (Official Video)

Both artists use the word “stay” as a plea to their significant others in the song “Stay.” And while it’s undeniable that it’s because they feel a profound connection to and reliance on their partners, those motivations may change from person to person.

For example, in the chorus, the always-mature Kid Laroi expresses regret that he broke a vow to his honeybun by engaging in an activity to which he is addicted but has been doing nevertheless.

Cheating on her is the first thing that comes to mind as a possible transgression on his part. It’s possible that his lyrics are about substance abuse or excessive drinking, though.

Or, it’s also possible that he’s giving in to booze because he’s trying to cope with the sadness of his girlfriend breaking up with him because of his mistake(s).

This is a love song. However, it is not a song in which the artists sing “I love you” to each other. Instead, they go about it in a roundabout way, complaining about how awful they feel when they’re apart from the one they love. That’s why they’re begging people to “remain” even if things look bleak.

5. “Without You” by The Kid Laroi

The Kid LAROI - WITHOUT YOU (Official Video)

“Without You” was reportedly written by The Kid Laroi about “a female or two or three” whom he had encountered in the past. Lyrics can be a little hard to follow at times, but that’s probably because they’re based on more than one love story.

Or perhaps it’s because The Kid, who would have been 16 at the time he wrote it, used a lot of slang from the kids of today. But we’ll give it our best shot anyhow to figure out what’s going on here.

Laroi’s anger that his girlfriend ‘up and left him’ is expressed in the song’s lone verse. Another way of saying this is that she upped and left town one day without any explanation.

And while he is initially taken aback and unsure of the cause(s), he appears to have concluded that it has to do with a recent spate of spazzing on his part. At this point, it seems like they’ll never be able to repair their relationship.

Taking the first few lines of the pre-chorus into consideration, it is likely that his girlfriend broke up with him and slept with another man, leading to the current situation. Although this has made him angry, he regrets his actions that led to the breakup of the relationship.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Laroi says, “I’m terrified to be alone” to wrap up the pre-chorus. This may be an example of the song’s ambivalent tone, which has been noted by several critics.

It’s as if the singer is extremely sensitive in certain bars and surprisingly indifferent in others. Either that, or it shows how deeply he is hurting because he must confront his greatest fear.

This, as the chorus makes clear, is the song’s main theme. Alternatively, being “without” his lady, i.e. the woman he loves, exacerbates his anxiety over being alone.

The thought of “what life may be like without” her presence alone is enough to induce intense distress. That’s why, to put it briefly, he’s never regretted that they ever split up. Lyrically this is oneof the best songs about deep connection that you should listen to.