6 Great Songs with the word “England” in the title

Songs with the word "England" in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word “England” in the title

England, a country of opportunities, England, a country of hope and dream as we were told. England is such a popular country that the word has appeared in over 2000 lyrics across America and Europe. But is England truly what they say it is?

Is England the dream country and queen of nations? Is England worth the hype it receives? What was England like before what it is known for today?.

Songs are great ways to reveal our emotions and deep-seated feelings without offending anyone, in songs, meaning and intentions are hidden, in songs feelings are coded, but it’s only when you listen deeply that you hear that which was not said.

In this article, we will look at many songs with England in the title. Let’s examine what the writers think of the mother of nations. Keep calm, sip your juice and read on.

1. England by sparks

SPARKS England (Rare Single)

Every man longs for an adventure, a life of adventure, and a journey into our dreamland. Sparks journeyed to England, the land of opportunities, when he came back he sang a song about his stay in the dream country, he was amazed that England was just like everywhere else.

It’s a song of shock and surprise, he expected his dream country to be as he had thought, only for him to find out that England is just like Peru and other countries he has been to.

This song became a hit when it was released in 1975. This song explains the reality of life, most times where we long to be is not much different from where we are.

2. England Song by The National

The National England Lyric Video

This song by the nationals was released in 2010, this song is an emotional song written 12 years ago about a man who lost his feelings, he felt like he has lost his feelings and what life feels like because England wasn’t what he was expecting.

England according to the songwriter, offered him what he didn’t need, they say it’s a land of opportunities yet to him it didn’t offer him the much-needed opportunity.

In life we’re sometimes eager to do something, to go somewhere, most times too much eagerness when not met creates depression, as we hope to go to a place we think is a better place let us hope too that it’s how we have imagined it to be and let us sustain the ability not to feel so hurt if it isn’t as we had imagined.

3. England Skies by shake go

Shake Shake Go - England Skies (Official Video)

Songs are great ways to express our emotions, this song by shake go was released in the 1990s, it’s a song he dedicated to a friend who longed to visit England before he was happy and satisfied, according to the songwriter he told him that he shouldn’t wait until he visits England before he’s genuinely happy, he can be happy wherever he is now.

Truly speaking the songwriter is right, one doesn’t have to visit somewhere or be somewhere to be genuinely happy, one can be happy wherever one is now and have the peace of mind to strive for the place where he’s not.

This song is enriched with emotional feelings of love and oneness, it stood the test of time.

4. This Is England, Song by The Clash

The Clash - This Is England

This song by the Clash was released in 1984, this song contains the background history of what England went through before it became a nation on its own.

The songwriter narrates his experience in England, how he was almost killed and how many people were killed brutally, how some were burnt to the stake, the writer asked a very important question, when will we be free?.

Every country on earth has had its darkest moments and darkest days. England is no exception. Today it’s the dream country of many people, yet many years ago it was almost an abattoir where anyone can do anything.

The cost of freedom is costly and England paid in full. This song reflects the life of old English and how much transformation it has undergone, this song was the best seller of its time, that’s why it made it to our list, as one of the songs with the word “England” in the title.

5. My England Song by Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign My England

This song was released in 2006. It’s a song of indignation, this song was written by the songwriter to expose the real England, the England people do not know, the songwriter in her words said that England is nothing but a slump pit, she said that the masses couldn’t get the type of life the queen gets, she expressed her anger over the issue in her song.

This song caused lots of controversies but to many people, the words of the songwriter turned out to be true, England isn’t worth the hype, but to others, it’s the queen of all nations, is England worth the praises? Is it the dream country as everyone who hasn’t been there hoped it is? We don’t know until you step in and see for yourself.

This song is a song of indignation, yet it teaches us to know that most of the places we hope to be that seem to be heaven on earth aren’t so, we have to find happiness wherever we are and hope to go to that place our heart long to be but with peace of mind, a song such as these will find it’s way to this list as one of the songs with the word “England” in the title.

6. Old England Song by The Waterboys

Waterboys - Old England

This song by the water boys made it to the list as one of the songs with the word “England” in the title. It was the biggest hit of its time, the songwriter wrote about old England, a city where everyone was equal.

He wrote about the past glory of England, a country where true democracy was practiced, and he wrote of old England a princess among kingdoms, where respect and human right was paramount to the government and the nation.

This song is filled with so many emotions behind it, it’s a song about the old glory of England, and the author’s tune is that of regret. Truly there were times in our lives when we experienced happiness, love, peace, and respect, where we felt our lives were balanced, and our children were being raised in a godly way.

Those days are what we refer to as the good old days. The author sang that England is dying, and the queen is losing her glory, but is this true? Only an Englishman can answer.