7 Great Songs About Drunk Driving

Songs About Drunk Driving
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Drunk Driving

Due to the fact that drunk driving does not always result in a traffic accident, drivers frequently are not aware of the risk they are taking. As a result, individuals continue engaging in the same high-risk activity despite their belief that driving under the influence of alcohol poses no threat.

However, the truth is very different. As alcohol impairs nearly all of the physical abilities necessary for safe driving, the changes in conduct are immediately noticeable. When behind the wheel, it can impair one’s ability to focus, think clearly, make quick decisions, and control one’s motor functions.

7 Top Songs About Drunk Driving

1. Koe Wetzel ” ` Drunk Driving,”

Koe Wetzel - Drunk Driving (Official Audio)

Koe Wetzel’s new music video for “Drunk Driving,” which was directed by Patrick Tohill and shot in Nashville, is a dark and melancholy adaptation of the song.

The clip follows Wetzel through a period of emotional turbulence and grief: He waits for a woman at a diner booth who doesn’t seem to notice him, rides shotgun in her car at night, and walks the streets by himself before finally stumbling into a church where she’s reading a letter he wrote to her that includes the song’s lyrics.

2. The Eagles’ “Life in the Fast Lane”

Driving at unsafe speeds, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or while displaying violent behavior are the three most serious threats to road safety.

This rock song from 1977 that became a success features all three of these aspects, and it’s about a couple that live the carefree, party lifestyle of drugs, dangerous behavior, and foolhardy pleasure-seeking.

The phrase “life in the fast lane” was lifted verbatim from this recording, and has come to signify an impulsive and exciting way of living.

3. Darius Rucker’s “I Hope They Get to Me in Time”

I Hope They Get To Me In Time

This 2008 country song depicts the narrator’s life flashing before his eyes as he hears sirens blaring in the background and smells the deadly combination of smoke and gasoline. He may not survive this alcohol-related car collision if emergency services don’t arrive to him in time. It is unclear from the lyrics whether or not he was the drunk driver or whether it was the other driver.

The narrator waits impatiently and thinks back on his childhood memories, his wedding day, and the first time he held his newborn child. Even though he is hurt, he begs God for a second opportunity, pleading with the Almighty to grant him further time on earth.

4. Brand New, “Limousine”

The experience that sparked this indie rock song in 2006 was terrifying. Keep this in mind when you listen to this sorrowful tune. In 2005, a Long Island, New York, girl named Katie Flynn was killed when 24-year-old Martin Heidgen drove his car into the limousine she and her family were riding in after serving as the flower girl at a family wedding.

Intoxicated and speeding along the wrong side of a major highway at 70 miles per hour, Heidgen was a danger to himself and others. Over three times the legal limit, his blood alcohol level was extremely high.

The band members all grew up in the same town and were profoundly touched by the tragedy, which inspired them to write this song. That weekend, they were aware of several additional people who had driven under the influence.

The tragedy resulted in the death of both the limo driver and Katie, who was severed from her body by the seatbelt. Everyone else in the limousine was injured, and they were all heaped on top of each other.

For an hour, Katie’s mom waited by the roadside with her daughter’s head in her lap as paramedics treated to the injured. The court found Heidgen guilty on both charges of murder and ultimately sentenced him to 18 years to life in prison. This is one of the songs about the drunk driving that reflects on a lot of things.

5. Drinking and Driving \sStonewall Jackson

Drinking and Driving

The narrator of this song is a convicted felon who is writing from behind bars to express his regret and guilt over the deaths of three people while under the influence of alcohol. He laments the loss of his family, career, and reputation as a result of his crimes. He will now have to serve the remainder of his life in prison as punishment for the lives he has taken.

6. Too Drunk To Drive, by Luke Bryan.

Luke Bryan - Too Drunk To Drive (Official Audio Video)

“This song is called ‘Too Drunk to Drive’ and it’s about a guy simply staring at his girl—not he’s even drinking anything and she’s got him drunk feeling,” the musician says. “So drunk that he wants to hang out at home and not looking for any drinks. For him, she is as intoxicating as alcohol.”

7. Stan, by Eminem (Featuring Dido)

Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

Lyrically, “Stan” by Eminem is one of the best songs about drunk driving, this is not your typical song about a vehicle accident. “Stan,” released in 2000, is widely considered to be one of the very finest hip hop tracks ever. You have to acknowledge Eminem’s skill even if this isn’t your preferred style of music.

The protagonist of Eminem’s anthem commits murder and then commits suicide in a car. One of the 500 greatest songs ever, according to Rolling Stone. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame includes “Stan” on their unranked list of Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.

The fictional Stanley “Stan” Mitchell, a devoted Eminem fan, shown in this tremendously dramatic single, expresses his devotion to the rapper through increasingly distraught letters (i.e., Slim Shady). The overly enthusiastic supporter loses it when he doesn’t get any feed back from Slim, who he believes is ignoring him.

Stan, woozy from vodka and other drugs, records a message for Slim in the car as he approaches a bridge. He finally snaps and admits that his girlfriend, who is pregnant, is shackled and hiding in the trunk. At the last minute, the deranged man realizes he can’t deliver the cassette tape.

Slim responds to his fanatically dedicated fan’s letter and advises him to get help before he hurts himself, even though he realizes it’s too late. Slim has a shocking realization as he is telling Stan a recent news story about an intoxicated man who drove over a bridge with his pregnant fiancée in the trunk.

Slim discovers that the intoxicated man in question was actually Stan himself. Since then, the word “stan” or “stanning” has come to mean an obsessive devotee of a particular celebrity.