8 Great Songs With Deep Messages Or Meanings

Songs With Deep Messages Or Meanings
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With Deep Messages Or Meanings

Music may be heard just about anywhere, but there is a lot more going on in these songs than just catchy melodies. Some musicians choose to be plain, while others employ lyrics that contain coded meanings. Music is fluid therefore, it’s possible to have more than one meaning to a song due to its lyrics, style of play and possibly music video.

Music is a means for these great artists to convey deep messages or make the public aware of their stand on some controversial topics without necessarily facing them head-on.

Everyone has at least one song in their playlist whose lyrics they misunderstood and later discovered had a whole different meaning. So, I’ve compiled the best list of songs with deep messages or meanings to clear out the misinterpretations out there. Enjoy!

8 Songs With Deep Messages Or Meanings

1. “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Official Video)

If you were to listen to the song for the first time, your initial thought might be that it is a love song; nevertheless, the true lyrical meaning refers to something else. “Can’t feel my face” is a phrase that accurately describes the sensation that one gets when they have consumed an excessive amount of a particular substance and their face loses its sensation (becomes numb).

The artist used figurative language to convey his relationship with the drug, comparing it to a romantic relationship with a woman. It is more like the narration of a drug addict than anything else. Therefore, the next time you dance to this song, keep in mind that you are dancing to the recollections of a former drug user.

2. “Let It Be” by The Beatles

Let It Be (Remastered 2009)

If you are familiar with Paul McCartney, you can probably figure out what the song is about just by listening to it. Although it is not explicitly stated in the song’s lyrics, Paul’s late mother served as the song’s inspiration.

Because she passed away at the young age of 14 from cancer, he was inspired to write this song. Mary was also the name of his mother’s mother. When asked if the song was making any sort of reference to the Virgin Mary, the Beatles responded by saying that the meaning of the song was entirely up to the fans.

3. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) [Official Music Video] [4K UPGRADE]

This is yet another amazing song with a deep message but is commonly misinterpreted by many. This is a popular choice for playing at farewell events such as funerals, graduation ceremonies, weddings, and other festivities.

The song’s lyrics are appropriate for these events because they symbolise moving on to the next stage of life. However, the main vocalist claims that the song was created during a time when he was feeling angry and bitter after a breakup.

At the time, his girlfriend was relocating to a new city in Ecuador. As a way to convey his ire, he chose to give the song the title “Good Riddance.”

4. “Blackbird” by The Beatles

Blackbird (Remastered 2009)

This is another one from The Beatles. The Beatles are known for their creativity in music. It’s just amazing how they come up with these breathtaking songs from situations.

There are multiple songs by The Beatles that contain cryptic messages. This song is not about a bird with fractured wings; rather, it is a metaphor for something else entirely. It is discussing the civil rights struggle that took place in the United States.

This should make it clear to you that whenever you listen to one of the band’s songs, you should always be on the lookout for the song’s hidden meaning. You might, however, just take the words as they are if you do not feel like letting your mind wander.

5. “Harder To Breathe” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - Harder To Breathe (Live At Santa Barbara Bowl / 2005)

At first listening, one might mistake this song for a hot love song about a troubled relationship. However, if you delve further, you’ll discover that the song is about the pressure that the band was feeling from their record label at the time.

The record label needed an additional 11 songs for the album that was released in 2002, and this was one of those songs. It sheds light on the pressures that come with working in the music industry.

People were able to uncover the inspiration of the song as well as its deeper meaning after successfully having multiple interviews with the artist.

6. “In The Air Tonight” by  Phil Collins

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video)

Following his resignation from Genesis, Phil released his debut single under his own name, titled “In The Air Tonight.” The frightening monologue of what seems like a man refusing to save someone who is drowning is heard at the beginning of the song.

But later on, Phil Collins disclosed that the song was actually about something else. This is an insight into his divorce, showcasing the bitterness and rage that accompanies the breakup of a relationship.

7. “Like A Virgin” by Madonna

Madonna - Like A Virgin (Official Video)

This song is not about losing one’s virginity, despite what the overwhelming majority of listeners believe. The writer’s relationship is the key to understanding the deeper meaning.

The failed relationship that Billy Steinberg was in left him emotionally broken, and he used those experiences as the basis for his writing. After the emotionally taxing relationship, he found that entering into a new relationship gave him a sense of renewal. The way he dealt with the crisis served as the inspiration for the song.

8. “Chandelier” by Sia

Sia - Chandelier (Official Video)

This list won’t be complete without Sia’s Chandelier – an amazing song that’s in every aspect, breathtaking. “Chandelier” is not only a masterpiece in its lyrical composition but also in its sound production.

Sia totally killed it; effortlessly hitting those notes and the melodies were golden! When this song first came out, the general thought was that it should be played at parties. People would always misinterpret songs with deep messages and this wasn’t an exception.

However, Sia opened up about her battles with alcoholism and addiction. After her lover was killed in an accident involving a cab, she began abusing alcohol and drugs as a means of coping with the tragedy. She conveyed all of her feelings through the song. Despite this, it’s seen as one the most popular party songs in the history of pop music.