Are Mendini Trumpets Good? (An Honest Review)

are mendini trumpets good
Written by Corey Morgan

In this article, we would be reviewing Mendini trumpets, putting up an all-round examination and considering the cost, quality, features as well as so many other things.


The Mendini trumpet is a product of Cecilio instruments; a China based company run by Siufong Wu and Kenneth Khuong. They are all known for producing quality musical instruments at a relatively low cost.

With a mighty board of musicians as advisors, the company produces top-notch instruments. Mendini trumpets are more of a beginner and advanced trumpet going by its simple build and quality.

They produce different brands of trumpet ranging from.beginners to advanced, The Mendini MTT-L Bb is a popular beginner’s trumpet produced by Cecilo instruments.

Mendini Trumpet

FIrst, Mendini Trumpets are made specifically for beginners and advanced trumpeters. it falls in the category of the B flat trumpets although a minor deviation does occur most often with producing C trumpets, but they are mainly in the B flat range.

These trumpets are intensively scrutinized. Only after production, they undergo rigorous testing, first in China where they are produced before they are further shipped  to the United States for final touches after which they are packaged. All of these sum up for the excellent beginner’s sound experience they give out.

How good are the Mendini trumpets

We would be considering a number of things here.

  • Features/ Build

The body is made of alloy; a combination of copper and zinc with copper taking up most of the space. The gorgeous bodily look of this brand of  trumpets can be traced to its finish, it is finished with either  golden lacquer or it is nickel plated.  Amazing right? The gold and nickel  gives it just the perfect look. Anybody would fall for this trumpet at the first sight. It also comes with different finish options, just the way you love it.

  • Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the trumpet is tuned in the Bb range. Phosphorus copper and lead mouthpipe as found in high grade expensive instruments.

The mouthpiece is usually a silver plated 7C mouthpiece, which gIves off a rather stunning sound depending on the breathing technique employed on the mouthpiece, just the perfect mouthpiece for any genre you intend to play with it. Guess what? The mouthpiece handles the majority of the technical work done on this trumpet.

  • Boresize

Mendini trumpets have a boresize that ranges from 0.45 to 0.475, with the smaller bore size taking the lead as a little amount of energy is needed to produce the perfect sound with it. Combined with the flare, Mendini trumpets come with a 5-inch bell size, an added advantage. With a belsize of this amount for such an inexpensive product, be sure to produce a flawless vibratory sound with this instrument.

  • Valves

The valve is another very important part of the trumpet that determines how good it is.  This brand comes with three white inlaid mother of pearl keys and three valves of smooth action.

The major problem with Mendini trumpets comes from the valves and piston, which are of Monel brand, which means the valves are of low quality, this issue would encourage sticking of the keys and would require constant maintenance.

  • Quality

We can say that the Mendini trumpets are of great quality. Given that its production is inspected by professional musicians, it is double tested by professional luthiers to ensure that they match the company’s standard and maintain its quality.

Mendini trumpets are very powerful instruments in the right hand. Their very popular beginner’s trumpet: the gold- lacquered Mendini MTt-L trumpet is a perfect example of quality at an affordable price, as it ia is not only easy to play, it gives off just the perfect sound with little effort, and as such it has earned the Mendinis product its huge fame.

Comparably, although it is flashy and all that, you should not still expect it to have a sound as quality as the one produced from more expensive brands like the Bach series, trust me, there is a huge difference.

  • Brand reputation

Cecilio Is a highly respected company and so are its products. Mendini trumpets are recognized by several musical institutions as a brand that gives you all you would expect in a much expensive trumpet at a very low price still with almost the same quality with different spec ranging from beginners to intermediate and then advanced models.

About 80% of its users commend the company for producing this instrument. If you buy any model of the Mendini trumpet, then you should be rest assured that you would be getting a quality product.

  • Warranty

All Mendini trumpets come with a one-year warranty, this shows that the manufacturers are confident that their products would stand the taste of time. The warranty covers problems arising from manufacturing defects. Most trumpets of this range do not come with this type of warranty.

  • Affordability

Have you heard of the Mendini brand and what they are very good at? If not, then it’s affordability. Mendini trumpets are the award-winning low price, high-quality trumpet producers.

Mendini beginner’s trumpet can be got as low as over $100, but if you buy from an online store, you could get it at almost $169. Cheap, right! If you are considering an affordable brand then you are covered if you decide to try out any of the Mendini products, they give the cheapest product in the market.

  • Durability

Mendini trumpets are quite durable as they can last up to some time. Cheaper Mendini trumpets can still produce the same quality of sound if picked up after three years and cleaned properly. But you shouldn’t expect too much from a trumpet as low priced as this. It could wear over time.

As we said earlier the first part of the Mendini trumpet to become problematic is the valve as it is made of a less expensive quality. Also, these trumpets are prone to easy wear and tear, their lacquered body and elegance could fade away easily with constant tripping of the players sweat on it.

They are quite durable, but not as much as trumpets of higher prices.

  • Sound production

Deciding if a trumpet is good enough, all narrows down to its sound production. All of its design and features are all put in place just to be sure it produces just the right sound. We can say with confidence that Mendini trumpets produce one of the best sounds at least for its price.

The horns and vibrato help to give it a heart piercing sound. It is important to know that Mendini trumpets have to be upgraded if you still intend to maintain the quality of sound you receive.

It is almost impossible to compare Mendini Trumpets with Yamaha trumpets. Yamaha trumpets are of higher quality and sound which is expected of them because Yamaha trumpets come at a higher cost.

  • Packaging

Mendini trumpets come with an exquisite packaging with few added ‘extras’ which includes gloves, and a cleaning kit (valve oil, brushes and a little piece). It also comes in a sturdy case and a highly padded interior to keep it protected.

Mendini trumpets are just only good if you are considering a low cost and affordable trumpet, but getting a trumpet costing over a thousand bucks would have been way better.