Are Schilke Trumpets Good? (Explained)

Are Schilke Trumpets Good? (Explained)
Written by Corey Morgan

Are Schilke Trumpets Good?

One of the many types of brass instruments, the trumpet is utilized in a wide variety of musical styles. Depending on the context, the trumpet can play a supporting role or take the lead in a variety of musical genres and settings, such as orchestras, chamber music ensembles, big bands, jazz, funk, rock, and more.

Because of its widespread use and adaptability, there is an abundance of choices available for trumpet players at all levels, from beginners to intermediates to professionals. This is not only the case with solo trumpet makers but also with major brands of trumpets and with individual instruments.

Because there are so many options available, it is helpful to be familiar with the best brands on the market.

Even though the brand is not even close to being the most important component of a trumpet, it is nonetheless important to consider it for the sake of general knowledge and judgment. In this article, we would review the Schilke brands as well as the Schilke trumpets and whether or not they are worth the cash.

The Schilke Brand

In 1956, Renold O. Schilke laid the groundwork for what is today, Schilke Music Products. At the moment, the headquarters of the corporation may be found in Melrose Park, which is located in Illinois, the United States.

Even in modern times, the time-honored practice of experienced craftsmen and -women passing on their knowledge to younger generations is carried on. As a result, each Schilke trumpet that makes its way out of the factory is a one-of-a-kind artifact that is prepared to make history. If you are looking for the best, you should patronize the Schilke brand right now.

The Schilke Musical Products

Schilke Music Products has been at the forefront of defining a generation of professional brass playing in both live performance and recording for more than 60 years.

The Schilke Company is widely acknowledged for producing the highest quality built brass instruments and mouthpieces available anywhere in the world. These brass instruments and mouthpieces are known for their exceptional intonation, response, and projection.

The trumpets made by Schilke Music Products are considered classics because of their focus on ergonomics, intonation, and superior construction. Because each instrument is manufactured and hand-fitted by the most experienced craftsmen in the world, Schilke has established itself as the instrument of choice on the concert stage.

The astounding variety of Bb and C trumpet models available with a wide range of bore and bell options provides the expert trumpeter with a wide range of tonal color and dynamic range. Because of their revolutionary effects on the trumpet, the Eb/D, G/F, and piccolo trumpet models are universally regarded as the best specimens of their respective types.

Are Schilke Trumpets Good?

Schilke makes each instrument by hand with the attention to detail and cares for craftsmanship that one would expect from a custom builder. These instruments are referred to as “Custom Built.”

Every component is manufactured at their plant in Melrose Park, which is located in Illinois in the United States. They start by putting together a valve block and then work their way out from the casing. Their valves and slides are fitted to the most stringent tolerances, which is the industry standard for their particular business.

Their manufacturing process involves hand-fitting each brace, hand-securing each strap, and hand-scraping each joint. The combination of these time-honored traditions results in the creation of instruments that are one-of-a-kind in their elegance, well-balanced and comfortable to hold, and, most importantly, outstanding in terms of their playability and tone quality.

Today, Schilke Mouthpieces for Brass are crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as they were in the past. Every mouthpiece is meticulously hand-finished using the instrument’s original tooling and models as a point of reference.

This provides the musician with a selection of mouthpieces that are both comfortable to play and place an emphasis on the instrument’s sound quality. A great number of their models continue to be exclusive in the marketplace and defined within the scope of their particular category.

Schilke’s culture of innovation and invention is alive and well, as seen by the company’s ongoing release of new mouthpiece models designed to meet a particular demand or broaden the range of available possibilities.

The preservation of these traditions and old-world workmanship offer the thread of continuity that has generated the “Schilke Mark of Excellence” in manufacture and brass performance anywhere in the world for more than half a century.

How reputable are Schilke Trumpet

According to former employees, the popularity of Schilke B flat and C trumpets is reputed to be greater outside of the United States than it is in the country itself. Schilke’s market is located all over the world. The tiny trumpets are the standards used across the world, and Schilke’s reputation in the United States was based on the company’s ability to dominate this market.

The horns are a little bit more expensive than the mass-produced instruments from companies like Bach and Yamaha, but given the quality of their manufacture and the durability of Schilke instruments, the amount of difference in cost is minimal when amortized over the useful life of the instruments.

Upon inquiring about the age of a Schilke trumpet, the owner of the Vermont Trumpet Exchange, Richard Dundas, who has purchased and resold a great number of Schilke instruments, responded by stating that the age of the instrument was unimportant and that only its condition mattered.

A horn that was thirty years old but was still in excellent condition was considered to have the same value as a horn that was only five years old but was also in excellent condition.

It is common practice to ask for a higher price for an older model of Schilke when selling it. It is more likely that Schilke trumpets and cornets will increase in value after being used for a few years (to reflect the increasing pricing of new ones) than that they will decrease in value.

Who Are Schilke Trumpets Designed For?

Schilke trumpets are designed primarily for advanced and professional-level musicians. Because this manufacturer does not produce instruments suitable for beginning or intermediate performers, you might discover that playing a Schilke is too difficult for you.

However, because it focuses on professional instruments, there are a large number of possibilities available for comparison. You should try out a couple of Schilke instruments when you are ready to upgrade to a professional model.

You can select the key that is most suitable for your requirements from the options of Bb, C, Eb/D, and G/F trumpets that are produced by this organization. You can give Schilke a shot if you are looking for something to play in either the jazz or classical genres.

How Versatile Are Schilke Trumpets?

Schilke trumpets are typically quite versatile, as a result of the fact that the models are designed for pros. One may be used for playing by themselves or with a large ensemble, and the brand can be used for a variety of musical styles.

They are a great improvement for players who want a little bit more control over the sound of their instruments. Your playing experience can be further customized with one of the many Schilke mouthpieces that are readily available.

How Expensive are Schilke Trumpets?

The fact that Schilke trumpets are designed to perform well in professional settings makes them often more expensive. The most basic model may be purchased for approximately $2,800, and the price increases from there.