13 Best Songs Featuring The Weekend

Best Songs Featuring The Weeknd 
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs Featuring The Weeknd 

A lot of music nerds and fans, like me, have had The Weeknd on the brain ever since his new album “Dawn FM” dropped. The new synth psychedelic endeavor from the music legend from Toronto has won over fans with its cinematic blend of sounds.

Some people are just now discovering the cinematic quality of Abel Tesfaye’s (The Weeknd) songs for the first time. Though the “Starboy” has been at it for almost a decade.

The Weeknd is, and has been for some time, the most successful musician in the world. He has been successful in many ways, including developing memorable characters, producing successful albums, and experimenting with new musical styles.

13 Songs Featuring The Weeknd

1. Beyoncé “6 Inch” (featuring The Weeknd)

Beyoncé - 6 Inch (feat. The Weeknd) Lyrics

This song is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs featuring the weeknd.

Any work that an artist creates in tandem with Beyoncé is almost certainly going to be considered among their most successful. The queen featured The Weeknd on the track “6 Inch” from her full-length album Lemonade, which received widespread critical acclaim. It is exceedingly dark, sensual, and seductive; therefore, it is a fantastic match for the two of them.

In this song, Beyoncé talks about strong women who work hard, and she uses heels that are 6 inches high as a metaphor of riches and power:

The uplifting lyrics show admiration for any woman in the workforce who has put in a lot of effort to be where she is now.

The Weeknd is acknowledged not only for his vocal contributions but also as a co-writer for this song. His vocal provides support for Beyonce’s inspirational lyrics, and he also adds his own distinctive references, such as drinking Hennessy and using the drug ecstasy.

Beyoncé worked alongside the following artists to produce the song: Danny Boy Styles and Ben Billions, both of whom are producers for The Weeknd.

2. A Lie\sby French Montana (featuring The Weeknd)

French Montana - A Lie (Official Video) ft. The Weeknd, Max B

Next on our list of songs featuring The Weeknd is ” A lie” written and performed by the Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd, and it also features Max B, who has been locked up since 2009.

After working together on “Gifted” in 2013, French Montana and The Weeknd have now produced this tune as their second joint effort.

Both Masar and Harry Fraud contributed to the production of the song. The latter also provided the instrumental for “Bring Dem Things,” which included Pharrell Williams as a guest performer.

Midway through the year 2009, Max B. was found guilty on conspiracy charges that related to armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and felony murder. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison. During an interview in Los Angeles with Power 106, French described the process through which he was able to obtain a verse from an incarcerated rapper:

“This record turned out to be my winning hand. The vocals and the beat had already been recorded. After listening to this record for the first time, you’re going to feel as though Max B was there in the studio with them, because he had to be. That right there is my ideal recording to listen to.”

3. Nocturnal \sby Disclosure

Disclosure - Nocturnal ft. The Weeknd

This song was composed at Alicia Keys’ Jungle Studios in New York City, and it lasts for a total of six minutes. The sights and sounds of New York City served as motivation for the duo known as Disclosure. Guy Lawrence recounted to Billboard magazine that they had an incredible view of New York City while they were writing, and the sun was setting while they were doing it. He also mentioned that the song has a connection to the album’s title, which makes reference to nocturnal wildcats.

The song was co-written by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, and he also contributed his vocals to it. MTV News cited Howard Lawrence as saying: “He helped me recognize how beneficial it is to just let go and relax during a session. There are a lot of times when we’re pressed for time, and when that happens, Abel will just come in and [create some soothing noise]. Because of this, the song is quite lengthy.”

At one point in The Weeknd’s early career, Disclosure provided support for him at a concert in London. Spin was told by Howard Lawrence the following: “He was scheduled to perform in London for the very first time when his opening act had to cancel.

He remarked something to the effect of, “Who can just come and DJ before our set?” We went and did it. That was one of the very first occasions that we had ever seen him, but prior to that, we were already familiar with the song “What You Need” by House of Balloons.”

It was a magical experience writing the song in New York. Guy Lawrence said the following in an interview with The Sun: “Watching the sunset was amazing. It’s the only song we’ve written where the whole meaning of a track was influenced by our immediate surroundings.”

4. Drinks On Us (Remix) Mike WiLL Made-It

Mike WiLL Made-It - Drinks On Us ft. Swae Lee, Future (Official Music Video)

On the reworked version of Mike WiLL Made-song, It’s The Weeknd is featured alongside Swae Lee and Future.

The song “Drinks On Us,” which was released in December 2014 as a club anthem, is a homage to booze and their pursuit of ladies. The featured verse by The Weeknd discusses the rockstar lifestyle that he leads, which includes a lot of sexual encounters, money, and illegal substances.

5. Curve by Gucci Mane (featuring The Weeknd)

Gucci Mane - Curve (ft. The Weeknd)

In this clip, Gucci Mane is joined by The Weekend as they discuss how they were able to rid themselves of gold-diggering women who wanted to steal all of their wealth.

The vocalist from Toronto provides the first verse of the song, in which he speaks of his late night antics before taking aim at money-grabbing groupies in the hook. During the meantime, the rapper from Atlanta seemed content during the second verse to incorporate the gold-digging chicks into his lavish lifestyle.

The creepy trap beat was created by NAV, a protégé of The Weeknd’s who is signed to XO Records.

During an appearance on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, Gucci explained how the cooperation came about as follows: He remarked, “I admire the Weeknd and the whole staff of XO, as I am a tremendous fan of both of them.”

We started getting to know each other better after exchanging phone numbers and making small talk. And we were trading records and beats back and forth; he’d send me beats, and I’d send him records.

Then, at some point, he forwarded me a copy of the record that Nav had produced. It was just like getting your birthday present early or a Christmas present early.”

6. The Weeknd and Juicy J have “One of Those Nights.”

Juicy J - One of Those Nights ft. The Weeknd (Explicit) [Official Video]

Saying you’ve had “one of those nights” to a normal person denotes an evening full of pratfalls and annoyances, such as when the dog urinated on the rug or you got into a heated phone conversation with your mother.

When The Weeknd and Juicy J sing “One of Those Nights,” they are referring to a typical night of drug-fueled hedonism and joyless sex as “just another one of those nights.”

Despite the fact that “One of Those Nights” is billed to Juicy J featuring The Weeknd, it is actually Abel Tesfaye’s song, with the mysterious R&B singer providing most of the track’s creepy falsetto raps.

J doesn’t start contributing to the song in a meaningful way until the two-minute mark, and even then, it’s just for a verse before The Weeknd comes back in with another hook and the closing bridge.

It is undoubtedly less of an overt exercise in strip-club rap when compared to “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” but it is as hedonistic and suitable for some intense bumping and grinding.

7. Kavinsky, Odd Look (The Weeknd Remix)

Kavinsky - Odd Look ft. The Weeknd

The lyrics give the impression that the storyteller is interested in partying with “decent” girls because he believes that by doing so, he is freeing them from a “prudish” way of life.

The video, in my opinion, depicts this in a more metaphorical manner while maintaining the sense that he is rescuing the girl from what he views as her perilous oppression. On the other hand, perhaps I’m oversimplifying the situation.

8. “Love Me Harder” featuring Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - Love Me Harder (Official Lyric Video)

It was a significant moment in The Weeknd’s career when he was featured on Ariana Grande’s hit “Love Me Harder.” At the time, he was just beginning his career as an artist, and he was recognized more for being a favorite among critics than for being a hitmaker.

The song was released as the fourth single from her album My Everything, which was jam-packed to the brim with hits, and it was essential in assisting him in breaking through to a new audience for the first time. This is one of the best songs featuring the weeknd, you should definetly listen to it.

9. The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey in “Lust for Life”

Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (Official Video) ft. The Weeknd

It is not always possible to make sure that a collaboration between two artists genuinely sounds like a blending of both of their individual approaches, but yet The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey managed to do exactly that on “Lust for Life.”

The song and the album that it is included on shared the same name, and it was a hit (a moderate one, but nevertheless popular for a while) for both of the acts that performed it.

10. “Moth to a Flame”

Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd - Moth To A Flame (Official Video)

The Canadian R&B/pop musician contributed to the production of both the production/DJ duo’s upcoming album as well as his.

He is listed as a vocalist on their track “Moth to a Flame,” which became their most successful song after they released their return album Paradise Again. Additionally, they were involved in his most recent project, Dawn FM, producing the tracks “Sacrifice” and “Take My Breath,” all of which were released.

11. “Pray for Me” feat. Kendrick Lamar

The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (Official Lyric Video)

Kendrick Lamar did an outstanding job with the Black Panther soundtrack, which he not only performed on but also curated, co-produced, and co-wrote.

The album spawned multiple songs, with “Pray for Me” ranked as one of the most popular of these singles due to its status as a top 10 hit from a soundtrack, which is a rather rare occurrence.

The Weeknd’s contribution should not be overlooked despite the fact that the song “All the Stars” by Focus was submitted for consideration for Grammys and Oscars.

12. Travis Scott and SZA’s “Power Is Power”

SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott - Power Is Power (Official Video)

Another album, another collaboration from The Weeknd that you just have to hear. He collaborated with SZA (who is also featured on “All the Stars,” as all of the songs are connected) and the rapper Travis Scott to create “Power Is Power,” a dark-tinged techno affair that was made expressly for an album related to Game of Thrones. Even though it’s not one of his more well-known cuts, you shouldn’t take this one too lightly.

13. Doja Cat “You Right”

Doja Cat, The Weeknd - You Right (Official Video)

Last on our list of songs featuring the weeknd is this steamy track. Doja Cat was already a well-known artist when she released her third studio album, Planet Her, in 2021.

However, this album propelled her career to new heights and demonstrated that she was not a one-hit wonder.

The song “You right” was released right around the same time that the whole collection was made available, and although it came close to being another top 10 hit for the two artists, it only managed to reach position No. 11 on the Hot 100.

No matter! The song continues to be a highlight in the discographies of both artists since fans can’t stop singing along with it.