5 Great Christian Songs About God’s Compassion

christian songs about compassion
Written by Corey Morgan

Best christian songs about God’s Compassion

Another one of God’s strong characteristics is his capacity for compassion. Something significant took place at each and every one of the times that Jesus was moved to compassion. “And when Jesus went out, He saw a huge multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them…” [“And when Jesus went out, He saw a great number] (The Bible, Matthew 14:14).

It is human nature to be driven to pity when confronted with a challenging circumstance; nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that sympathy is not always what is required. Sympathy acknowledges the difficulty or suffering you are experiencing, but it does not concentrate on finding a solution or assisting you in moving on.

Together with the grace of God, compassion is a potent energy that enables you to activate God’s answers for your life. Below are some Christian songs about compassion you should listen to.

5 Christian Songs About God’s Compassion:

1. Amazing Grace by John Newton

Amazing Grace (John Newton)

The words to the chorale “Amazing Grace” were written by John Newton an Anglican clergyman who lived from 1725 until 1807. The hymn was first published in 1779. It is a very well-known hymn, especially in the United States, where people sing it for a variety of reasons, including religious and nonreligious ones.

“Amazing Grace” is among the very popular Christian songs about compassion in the English-speaking world even up to our present decade because it conveys the message that obtaining Gods forgiveness and redemption are achievable despite the sins that we have committed and all the evil that we might have done, and that the soul of anyone can be saved and delivered from despair through the mercy of God. This song was written by John Newton and published in 1889.

2. How He Loves by David Crowder

David Crowder*Band - How He Loves (Official Music Video)

Why do certain narratives or songs (such as this one), which we really can’t understand, tug at our hearts in a manner that we can’t explain? because they convey the unending narrative of God’s love for humanity, to which we are biologically predisposed to react positively.

But considering that the hymn is talking about the love of God, and that this love was most fully exhibited by the life of Jesus and his death on the cross, I find it impossible to conceive that it is talking about anybody other than Jesus.

The most complete manifestation of heaven colliding with earth is when God Himself comes down from heaven and takes on the form of a human so that He can reveal to us what He is like and show how much He loves us by giving His life for us.

Our past mistakes and failings are not something we are supposed to linger on. God took the punishment that we deserved upon Himself for our misdeeds; we are not required to punish ourselves in any way. “He loves us” in every sense of the phrase; His affection for us is not conditional on how well we behave.

3. Come To Jesus (Rest In Him) by Keith & Kristyn Getty

Come To Jesus (Rest In Him) by Jordan Kauflin and Matt Merker | Lyric Video by WordShip

This song encourages those who are worn out and carrying great burdens to bring their burdens to Jesus, who invites all of us to find rest in himself. He gives us serenity with regard to being a savior and a redeemer, and He does so in a lovely way.

The second verse continues by calling out to people who are buried deep in iniquity and sin, encouraging them to come out to Jesus. It also says that God pursues us in order to bring hope and forgiveness to all of us who heed to his call.

As evidence of his kindness and compassion toward his children, Jesus shed his blood on the cross and made it available to everybody in order to demonstrate his forgiveness for all people.

The chorus, despite its brevity, focuses on the compassion and love that God has for his children and on his willingness to take us back into the family no matter how far we may have wandered from him.

In addition to this, it discusses the extent of God’s love for his people and the intensity of his devotion for us. To sum everything up, it closes by convincing and encouraging all of us to come to Jesus so that we can experience peace.

4. Great Is Thy Faithfulness by William M. Runyan

Great Is Thy Faithfulness {with lyrics} - //Thomas Obadiah Chisholm\ ++William Marion Runyan++

These song makes a direct allusion to Lamentations chapter three verses twenty-two through twenty-four, which discuss God’s loyalty and compassion toward this people.

To have a genuine experience of the Lord’s dependability, it is not necessary to escape a situation in which your life is in jeopardy or to witness God’s miraculous supply in the midst of the gravest of financial difficulties. God’s unwavering fidelity can be demonstrated in the smallest of details as well as the most catastrophic of catastrophes.

The tune “Faithfulness” was composed by William M. Runyan, and the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” was penned by Thomas Chisholm and set to that music.

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference included John Piper as one of their keynote speakers in 2018, and Austin Stone Worship was asked to lead the event. Piper believed that the concluding song did not quite fit the theme that was being conveyed by the lecture, which was about the marriage that exists between God and His entire church. Therefore, in order to better fit the context of his lecture, Piper modified verses 2 and 3 to what we have today.

The lyrics to this song are pretty obvious from the song’s title; nonetheless, in order to provide additional clarity, the song speaks of God’s eternal faithfulness and his unfailing compassion toward people, neither of which varies based on the time of day or night but instead is always the same.

The lyrics go on to talk about how new and fresh the mercies of God are each day, as well as how he provides all we could ever want in our lives.

5. He’s Always Been Faithful by Sara Groves

He's always been faithful by Sara Groves

This song is an honest expression of gratitude on Sara’s part to God for his unwavering love, fidelity, and kindness shown to her throughout her life.

Sara was motivated to write this incredible song by the event that had just occurred in her life and in which God had shown his faithfulness to her. After reading over the lyrics on their own, I came to the conclusion that this piece of music is not one of the typical songs that require a significant amount of time to produce, but rather one that was written based on the genuine feelings of the singer’s heart.

In this song, Sara sings about how she had never been through difficult circumstances without God coming through for her, a problem or trial she had been through without God recycling it to her favor.

In other words, she had never been in a position where she had to rely on herself to get through something difficult. She continues by claiming that God has never let her down in any way, and that she does not regret serving him in any capacity.