Is Taylor Swift A Good Guitar Player? (Find Out Here)

Is Taylor Swift a good guitar player
Written by Corey Morgan

Is Taylor Swift a good guitar player? Yes, Talor Swift is a good guitar player.

She is one of the iconic and most celebrated songwriters and vocalists of our generation. When it comes to instruments, Taylor is known for her versatility in the music industry.

She showed interest in musical theatre at the age of 9 and just after that, she performed at four berks Youth Theatre. Thereafter, she began her vocal training and by the age of eleven, she had already started her musical career. Taylor features in many genres of music so it’s only natural that she’s able to play key instruments of those music genres.

Does Taylor Swift play the guitar?

 The answer is affirmative! Taylor plays the guitar. Just soon after she began her career path in music at the age of 12, she started learning the guitar. She was taught how to play by Ronnie Cremer- a repairman and a local musician. Yeah! That’s how much experience she has with the guitar. Do you know her song “Kiss me ” was the first song she played on the guitar? You should look it up. It’s euphonious!

How well does Taylor play the guitar 

Taylor plays the guitar beautifully. With the fact that she started learning the guitar early, there’s no way she’d be average by now – even given the fact that she focused more on singing than on learning the guitar. She has showcased her talent with the guitar in several of her live stage performances and songs.

Reasons why Taylor Swift is a better guitar player than you know

She once said in an interview that her favorite guitarist was Paul Sidoti. There’s no way she can’t be learning from him, trying to measure up. Therefore, she might actually be better than everyone knows.

You might think that makes her less or a musician but then, how many musicians can even hold the guitar how much more play it? How many can play it to her level? I think so too! Just a handful of them. Taylor employs simple chords in her songs and she’s able to deliver them perfectly on stage whilst dancing and singing. That’s just above average.

Truth is, although she lacks professionalism in playing the guitar, Taylor still remains a good guitarist for a number of reasons.

Let’s review them accordingly:

  • Have you watched her perform before? If you have, then I think that’s enough reason to clear your doubts. Swift is an excellent performer and vocalist. Even when she plays the guitar, she’s still seen moving in a coordinated manner, flipping her hair and dancing, all of these doesn’t affect the emotion she conveys with the Amidst all that, she still has her tunes and notes in tact
  • Her masterful delivery of Using the arpeggio isn’t something an amateur would be able to pull off. Even intermediate players at some point have difficulties in it. But Taylor is able to pull these stunts without breaking a sweat. In some of her performances and one of her songs “Death by a thousand cuts”, her delivery was phenomenal.
  • She has a consistent solid rhythm. Swift maintains a solid rhythm when playing even whilst she’s That’s an incredibly amazing stunt to pull off. Average players can only last a few seconds – that’s if they can do it at least, but she’s able to keep up with this for minutes whilst performing.
  • She’s able to play the electric guitar It’s not news that electric guitars are one of the most difficult types to play. Imagine what mess you’d make of an amateur guitarist who’s playing the electric guitar. Swift has proved beyond reasonable doubts that she’s able to cope with that. From her live performances to her home videos, it’s a fact that she’s able to use and play the electric guitar with no frictions at all.

Is Taylor Swift a Famous guitar player?

 Taylor is a seasoned songwriter, and vocalist. The fact that she plays the guitar doesn’t make her a professional guitarist and as such she’s not recognized as one.

As musicians, one is expected to be able to play one or more instruments because music is diverse and you do not know when such skills will be required of you. Taylor is definitely above average when it comes to playing the guitar but she’s not famous for it.

Why do people think Taylor can’t play the guitar?

 Some fans and critics out there sometimes conclude that Swift can’t play the guitar. Others, in a bid to support their claims, make references from her music.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why they assume this:

  • She uses simple chords. Yeah! That’s a fact. Taylor uses mainly 3 simple chords in her music and that’s not up to par for pop songs and doesn’t match her reputation as a pro guitarist
  • Taylor constantly uses capo. A capo is a device that is used to transpose notes and shorten lengths of strings hence increasing its This is often used by beginners who still can’t play above the “G” and “C” key
  • Taylor rarely shreds. If you’ve noticed from her songs and live performances, it’s observable that she lacks shredding and focuses more on the solo and lyrical.

What other instruments does Taylor Swift play?

Although she’s mostly seen playing the guitar on stages – which is the first musical instrument she learnt, Taylor has diverse knowledge about other instruments.

She’s been seen playing the Banjo, Ukulele, and Piano. Taylor had a strong-footed musical training and an in-depth knowledge in instruments. It’s hard to come by an instrument she hasn’t played or already mastered (if she has interest in learning them).

Final thought on is Taylor Swift a ood guitar player

Taylor plays the guitar wonderfully and she’s still in the learning process so there’s hope that someday, she’d be a pro. However, her knowledge of the guitar is vast. She’s able to communicate a whole lot of emotions with the guitar. The fact that she is able to play the electric guitar effectively is quite amazing because it has no strings and difficult to play rhythm.