5 Lovely Songs About Beauty

songs about beauty
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Beauty

Everyone wants to feel beautiful, and one of the best ways to do that is by listening to songs about beauty. Whether you want an empowering melody or a passionate plea for self-acceptance, these songs will affirm your inner beauty. This list of songs about beauty will help you rediscover your confidence and leave you feeling more beautiful than ever before.

These songs about beauty are sure to leave you feeling empowered. Listen to these tracks whenever you need a little boost of confidence—you’ll be surprised at how much they impact your various senses. After all, there’s nothing quite like music to inspire our souls with its raw, unbridled passion.

1. “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” by Mika

MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (Official Music Video)

A song for all the strong women out there, “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” Micah and I think your curves make you stunning.

The documentary about a large American woman’s visit to a club named “Butterfly Lounge” by Victoria Wood provided Mika with the motivation he needed to write his song late at night. This is the first BBW-friendly club in the Golden State. Mika encourages genuine men to go to “Butterfly Lounge” and pick up “a large girl” in the chorus.

Moreover, Mika was raised by a mother who is large in stature, so he saw firsthand the abuse she endured due to her size. This prompted him to write the song even more.

The song opens with a line about how “huge balloons” (chubby women) feel embarrassed about their bodies. The singer, however, tries to bolster their spirits by telling them they are attractive. When he sees that they’ve asked for a “diet coke,” he screams at them to stop since he doesn’t want them to alter their appearance in any way.

Mika then tells us about the bar or club of his dreams, where plus-size ladies are welcomed and celebrated. So, when he found out about “Butterfly Lounge,” he was ecstatic. In the shape of the “Butterfly Lounge,” his wildest dreams had come true.

2. “The Lady in Red,” song by Chris de Burgh

Chris DeBurgh - Lady In Red

While this song was successful commercially, it was not a massive smash. Nonetheless, it remains one of the late 1980s’ most iconic melodies, the kind of music that stays with you forever once it enters your head.

This is a love song, but it’s about more than just the singer being impressed with the singer’s girlfriend’s great red dress. Instead, it seems as though these two are a couple already. And, if you will, human nature is such that after a relationship is well-established, we tend to take our partners for granted.

Chris seems to have forgotten the attractive qualities of his wife. But this evening they are somewhere else, maybe at a party or other gathering where socializing and dancing are encouraged.

Also, it seems like every single guy in the house is after the addressee. The vocalist is blown away by her attractiveness, but he now has hard proof that he is not alone in thinking so.

This means that the core message of the thesis is that the author is fortunate to have found such a beautiful life partner. It’s as if the singer has fallen in love with the recipient all over again, stunned by her beauty and jealous that so many other men are interested in her body. People’s minds can be strange at times.

3. “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Official HD Video)

While it may seem like Aguilera has it all, the singer still experiences self-doubt. She’s happy and going about her day as usual until something bad happens and the negative thoughts start to dominate her mind.

As her insecurities grow, she may feel as though she is suffocating. I know firsthand how hard it is to give in to your inner toxicity and how empowering it is to finally break free.

The good news is that she resolves to pick herself up after realizing the harm she’s doing to herself by allowing the negativity to dampen her spirit. Aguilera shrugs it off and realizes that her beauty can overcome the negativity she experiences from within and without.

This implies that physical attractiveness is only part of what makes a person beautiful. Thus, Aguilera has come to appreciate her inner and outer splendor. This provides her with the strength to rise above the negative comments and thoughts that had previously held her back.

4. “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt

James Blunt - You're Beautiful (Official Music Video) [4K]

If the song “You’re Beautiful” gets stuck in your head, it might never get out. That’s just another way of putting “wildly popular.” Most people who hear the song assume they know its meaning—that the singer is gushing over his or her crush’s attractiveness. This is, indeed, the bare bones of the storyline for this piece. The song “You’re Beautiful” has a catchy melody, but the underlying plot could be off-putting.

The lyrical content of this song is inspired by an actual meeting that James Blunt had with his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, she is the intended recipient. They ran into each other on the London underground system one day. And he was “high” enough at the time for her to pick up on it.

The first stanza also reveals that she was already on the move with another man when he first laid eyes on her. She “smiled” at him, and that is also mentioned. Now that she’s done something so small, and he’s fallen in love with her all over again, he thinks they must have “shared a moment.” And so, despite already being in a relationship, the singer goes ahead and comes up with “a plan.”

That might also be read as a statement that he intends to pursue a relationship with her regardless of the obstacles. In the chorus, when the narrator admits that he doesn’t “know what to do” after seeing her in public, this idea is brought to vivid life. Therefore, it is possible to read his feelings for her as obsessive. The character James Blunt portrays in this song is a “stalker” who “should be locked up or put in prison,” as he expressed it himself in an interview.

This is not to say, however, that he physically followed his ex everywhere. Instead, the shock of seeing her in that situation was what triggered a flood of strong feelings in him. Lyrics for this international smash hit were written in just two minutes because of the intensity of his feelings.

Thus, “You’re Beautiful” is an exceptionally engaging song. This is a heartfelt if insistent, love song. However, the author himself has said that the message being delivered is harassing.

5. “Beautiful” by Bazzi (featuring Camila Cabello)

Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello - Beautiful [Official Music Video]

Bazzi, an American singer-songwriter, is responsible for the ballad titled “Beautiful.” Camila Cabello, an American singer who was born in Cuba, has also contributed her voice to the song.

These heartfelt words pay tribute to the singer’s significant other throughout the ballad. The subject of the song is referred to as a “beautiful angel” by the singer in the chorus, and the singer says that the subject’s “imperfections” are lovable from “every viewpoint.”