5 Great Songs About Bartenders

songs about bartenders
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Bartenders

In bars, bartenders are just as important as chefs. You may order just about anything from these experts – just tell them what you want.  If you have run out of selections or just want to try something new, the bartender will always have something bubbly on hand to suit your tastes.

Many songs have been penned in praise of bartenders, and these songs can either be romantic (since bars are the perfect place to meet a potential partner) or bartender-like (suggesting that they know exactly what is excellent and can provide exactly what you need at the time you need it). As one would expect, this covers a wide range of genres. Let us get this party started!

5 Songs About Bartenders:

1. Lana Del Rey’s “Bartender”

Ranking firs of list of songs  about bartenders is “Bartender” by Lana Del Rey is about a romantic relationship that Lana had with a certain someone. It seems as though the song is serving a dual purpose by not only offering a nod to the aforementioned relationship but also acting as her disapproval of paparazzi.

That is to say, Del Rey has been very careful to conceal this particular relationship from the scrutiny of the press to avoid any negative critics from the public.

But looking at the situation as a whole, it appears to be the kind of flirtatious affair in which she enjoys playing love games with the bartender. They appear to run into one another frequently in a variety of social contexts, including “parties.”

However, Del Rey does not want it brought to anyone’s attention that they are in fact dating each other. In fact, their relationship seems more like a long-term booty call, one that Lana has no actual intention of ever making public

However, this does not rule out the possibility that the love is genuine. There is no question that the singer has feelings for the bartender. However, she has decided to keep those feelings a secret for the most part to protect herself from unwanted attention as well as for her own personal reasons, which include the desire to have fun.

2. “Bartender” by Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band - Bartender

The lyrics of this song centre on God and the narrator. Matthews sings in the song about trying to find redemption at a bar in heaven where God is the bartender.

This song was recorded by the band during their “Lillywhite Sessions,” which consisted of a collection of tracks that were recorded with the producer “Steve Lillywhite” but were ultimately decided not to be released by the record company or band members because they were deemed to be too gloomy.

The sessions were distributed illegally all around the world after being posted online in an unauthorized manner. After more than a year had passed since the songs were initially recorded, the band decided to finally release them as part of an album because the reactions from fans were so enthusiastic. The new production was now called “Busted Stuff”, and it was essentially a re-recording of the sessions that came before it.

Before it was even officially released, this song has been performed live several times at various concerts. It is one of the songs on the album that had already been performed live and was a fan favourite before it was even included on the album.

3. “Whiskey on You” by Nate Smith

Nate Smith - Whiskey On You (Official Music Video)

Have you ever been left feeling so devastated by the end of a relationship that you turned to drinking to numb the pain? If you have ever had the impression that you are the only one dealing with a particular problem on a regular basis, you may relax knowing that you are not the only one because a sizable number of other individuals also face the same challenge.

Nate Smith, a singer, is a good example of this type of person. His song “Whiskey on You” provides some insight into this precarious situation, which no one would like for themselves.

We learn through the lyrics of the song that Smith has been spending a lot of money, time, and probably even his health on booze in an effort to numb the pain that has been brought on by the absence of his former girlfriend in his life.

Thankfully, he realizes that it is not worth it because there is nothing that can be done to change the past. Additionally, his ex-girlfriend did not take much time in finding someone else to date.

4. “Drinking Alone” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Drinking Alone (Official Music Video)

If you’re a fan of Carrie Underwood, you should be familiar with this song because it stands out — its theme is spectacular. This song is set in a bar. And Carrie (the vocalist) is talking to a guy who enjoys drinking.

Simply put, she makes it abundantly clear to this guy that she would like to share a few drinks with him. In other words, she expresses interest in going out for drinks with him.

However, there will be no romantic relationship of any kind developed as a result of their interaction with one another. Rather, she has essentially seen that he, just like herself, is present in the bar by himself and appears to be depressed.

She learns that he, too, is nursing a wounded heart at precisely the same time that she is dealing with the emotional fallout of a failed romantic relationship.

In the end, the central theme of this song is based on the idea that the two of them have a greater possibility of overcoming the emotional anguish that they are going through. And they can accomplish this by, to put it more bluntly, chilling out together as opposed to attempting to deal with the issues on their own.

5. “Bartender” By Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum - Bartender (Official Video)

Concluding our list of songs about bartenders is “Bartender” by Lady Antebellum is a song that reflects on the trials and difficulties that come with working in a bar. The story is told by a female bartender who is the narrator.

She describes how difficult it was for her to fend off the advances of her male customers. She goes on to detail the “dangerous” game that she plays with them, in which she woos them and induces them to enter into a relationship with her before ultimately rejecting their advances. In the end, she concludes that she wants to give up her job and walk away from the bar scene forever.

The song “Bartender” by Lady Antebellum is a cautionary story about the risks of giving in to temptation, and it advises listeners to be conscious of their own behaviours and desires in their own lives.