20 Top Songs About Being Honest

Songs About Being Honest
Written by Corey Morgan

Being honest is an important part of any relationship, whether it’s with yourself or another person. Songs about the power of being honest serve as a potent reminder of the value of being forthright and open.

From classic rap to modern country, there have been many songs written about being honest and its power to shape relationships. Artists such as Eminem, Dolly Parton, and John Mayer have all released standout songs about the power of being honest.
These songs captures a different aspect of the emotional toll of being honest, and each listener will find something to identify with in the lyrics.

Whether you seek inspiration or just want to bask in the beauty of being truthful, these honest songs will provide an uplifting soundtrack to any situation.

20 Great Songs About Being Honest

1. Be Honest – Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith - Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)

First on our list of songs about being honest is this stirring ballad that emphasizes the significance of being honest in romantic relationships.

The lyrics examine the anguish of being lied to as well as the annoyance of having the impression that the person you’re with is not someone you can trust.

However, there is also a glimmer of hope in the song because Jorja reminds us that it is never too late to begin being truthful with one another and that we all make mistakes.

The melody of the song is uncomplicated, but it is very effective, and when combined with Jorja’s eerie vocals, the song becomes a potent and emotionally moving piece of music.

The song “Be Honest” is an inspiring and moving reminder of the significance of honesty in all facets of our lives.

2. Shawn Mendes Honest

Next on our list of songs about being honest is “Honest” by Shawn Mendez, this song is a potent piece of work that emphasizes the significance of being honest with those around us and remaining true to who we are as individuals.

This song was penned from the point of view of an individual who has been repeatedly betrayed by loved ones. It stresses the importance of people remaining genuine and always saying what’s on their mind.

This song, with its soaring melodies, driving beats, and heartfelt lyrics, serves as a moving reminder that we should always be real with others and that we should never compromise our integrity in order to please other people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a difficult time in a relationship or if you’re just looking for some motivation to be yourself; Honesty will move you in all the right ways.

3. Honest – The Neighbourhood

Honest (Live At Red Bull Sound Space)

The song “Honest” by The Neighbourhood is about being honest with yourself as well as with the people around you.

It challenges listeners to be honest in their dealings with others and to embrace who they truly are on the inside rather than hiding behind facades and other people’s expectations. It does this by drawing on the universal theme of authenticity.

In particular, the song encourages us to shun hypocrisy and superficiality in favor of embracing our most genuine sentiments, despite the fact that the opinions of others may be affected by doing so.

This stirring anthem encourages you to ditch any pretense and always speak the truth, whether you are interacting with loved ones or complete strangers.

If you want to be taken seriously as someone who is honest in every aspect of their being, all you have to do is follow the advice given in the song “Honest” by The Neighbourhood. After all, honesty really is the best policy in any situation!

4. Baby Keem’s “Honest”

Baby Keem - Honest (Official Video)

Baby Keem, an American rapper, is the artist behind the song “Honest.” Die for My Bitch was his first studio album, and this song served as the lead single, which was released on April 3, 2020.

Keem was the one who was responsible for the production of the song, and J. Cole, an American singer, contributed some guest vocals.

The lyrics of the song emphasize how critical it is to maintain integrity in one’s relationships with both oneself and others.

Baby Keem uses the music video to delve deeper into the concept of honesty by including shots of him rapping in front of a mirror and walking through the streets of a city with his head down.

At the very end of the video, Keem shares a final message with viewers, urging them to “stay honest.”

5. Billy Talent’s song “Try Honesty.”

Billy Talent - Try Honesty - Official Video

The band Billy Talent has a song called “Try Honesty” that encourages listeners to be truthful in their dealings with one another and with others.

The lyrics highlight the benefits of integrity and integrity by describing how honesty leads to meaningful connections and meaningful relationships. These meaningful connections and meaningful relationships are highlighted by the lyrics.

This message is communicated through the use of vivid imagery, powerful verbs, and rich descriptions in order to create a sense of urgency and importance regarding the significance of the importance of being forthright.

Try Honesty is, all in all, a powerful reminder that we should always strive for honesty in every facet of our lives, as this can ultimately enrich our experiences, both personally and professionally.

6. Honesty by Pink Sweat$

Pink Sweat$ - Honesty [Official Music Video]

American recording artist Pink Sweat$ is responsible for the song “Honestly.”

The song was the lead single from his debut extended play, titled Volume 1, and it was released in 2019.

The song “Honesty” is a ballad that focuses on the value of being honest, both with oneself and with other people.

After thinking back on a previous romance, the song’s narrator comes to the conclusion that he was dishonest with both himself and his partner during that time.

He freely admits that he ended the relationship because he was too cowardly to be forthright about how he truly felt and what he required from the partnership.

The narrator grows as a result of this encounter and resolves to be more open and honest in future relationships.

The song “Honestly” is a moving and introspective piece of music that encourages listeners to be honest with themselves as well as with others.

7. Kendrick Lamar  Loyalty.

Kendrick Lamar - LOYALTY. ft. Rihanna

The idea of loyalty is one that carries a lot of weight and significance, particularly in the fast-paced and capitalist society of today.

Being truly loyal requires a person to be willing to put their own wants and desires, as well as their own happiness, on the back burner in order to put others’ needs first and provide assistance. This takes courage and perseverance.

On the other hand, being loyal can also be rewarding because it enables you to develop profound and meaningful relationships that have the potential to last for a number of years.

This is reflected in the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar’s song “Loyalty,” which investigates the questions of what it means to be true to yourself, what it means to give yourself over to another person, and how this dynamic plays out in both our personal lives and in society as a whole.

In the end, loyalty is a never-ending battle that requires us to continually evaluate our core beliefs and select paths that are not without their challenges.

However, if we persevere through these challenges with honesty and integrity, we can work together to create a more loyal and just world.

8. Chris Brown & Tyga & Lil Wayne –


Chris Brown - Loyal (Official Video) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

This song delves into the concepts of being truthful and having trust in romantic partnerships.

Brown sings throughout the song about how essential it is to be honest with both one’s self and one’s partner. She encourages listeners to be true to their own personal truths rather than attempting to live up to the expectations of others.

He reminds us that it takes two people to create a committed relationship that is founded on trust and sincerity, and he emphasizes the significance of only trusting those individuals who demonstrate the same level of honesty and loyalty in return.

In general, Loyal sheds light on what it means to be truly honest in our personal relationships, as well as the significance of remaining loyal when it comes to issues pertaining to the heart.

9. Loyal – Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle - Loyal (Lyric Video)

The singer, Lauren Daigle, explores the idea of being truthful in the song titled “Loyal.”

The lyrics discuss how honesty is the most important aspect of a relationship, as well as how it is preferable to be honest right from the beginning of the partnership.

In addition to this, she clarifies that being truthful does not imply that one is flawless and that it is acceptable to be fallible.

This song does a wonderful job of serving as a helpful reminder that being truthful is always the best course of action in any relationship.

It is essential to be honest with oneself as well as with other people if one wishes to earn trust and develop connections that are long-lasting.

This song should serve as an anthem for anyone who strives to be more truthful in the relationships they have.

10. ‘If I’m Being Honest’ by Chase Rice.

If I'm Bein' Honest

If I’m Being Honest If I’m Bein’ Honest is a song that talks about being honest with who you are and saying what’s on your mind, regardless of whether or not it will make you popular or fit in with society.

This song, which is both powerful and catchy, was written by Chase Rice with the intention of conveying a message about the importance of being truthful and standing up for what you believe in.

This song encourages listeners to stay true to who they are and say what’s on their minds, even when they are confronted with challenging situations or have to make difficult decisions.

If I’m Bein’ Honest serves as a reminder that there are times when it’s better to face the truth, regardless of how unsettling or challenging it may be, rather than to live a lie.

If you’re looking for a song that will encourage you to be genuine in every aspect of your life, then you need look no further than this upbeat and motivational track by Chase Rice.

11. Honesty song by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Honesty (Official Video)

The year 1983 marked the debut of Billy Joel’s single titled “Honesty.”

The message of the song is that it is vital to be truthful in all aspects of life, including personal relationships as well as everyday experiences.

Joel has stated that his personal experience of being caught in a lie and the subsequent guilt that he felt served as the inspiration for the song.

It is generally agreed upon that the song is an anthem for honesty, and its message has struck a chord with millions of people all over the world.

This song serves as a reminder of the reasons why honesty is considered to be one of the most important virtues, which is something that is frequently stated in discussions of morality.

If we are not honest with ourselves and with those around us, we will never be able to find genuine happiness or achieve our goals.

This song serves as a potent reminder of how important it is to always be honest, and it does so in a powerful way, this is one of the songs about being honest i find interesting.

12. Honestly – Harem Scarem

Harem Scarem - Honestly

Harem Scarem, a Canadian rock band, is responsible for the song “Honestly.” Mood Swings was the band’s second studio album, and this song served as the lead single for the album in 1992.

The band members Pete Lesperance and Harry Hess are credited with writing “Honestly,” which examines the topic of an individual being honest with themselves.

In the song, the narrator comes to the realization that he has been living a lie and makes the decision to be honest about his true feelings.

The upbeat rock song “Honestly” features uplifting lyrics that encourage listeners to be honest with themselves.

The band was able to achieve some measure of success with the song, as it peaked at number 24 on the charts in Canada.

“Honestly” is a standout track that can be found on Harem Scarem’s Mood Swings album, and it continues to be one of the band’s most well-known and well-liked songs.

13. The Chainsmokers – Honest

The Chainsmokers - Honest (Audio)

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and production team made up of Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alexander “Alex” Pall. They got their start by creating new versions of well-known songs before going on to release any of their own singles.

Their first studio album, titled Memories…Do Not Open, contains the song “Honest.”

The message of the song is to be honest with oneself as well as with other people. The lyrics emphasize the significance of being truthful in a romantic partnership, regardless of how challenging it may be.

It is a message that each of us can identify with, and it is one that touches a chord with a great number of individuals.

The song is one of the most popular songs by the Chainsmokers because it has an upbeat message and a catchy beat at the same time.

14. Honest – Major

MAJOR. - Honest (Official Video)

The vast majority of people would concur that being honest is extremely important.

After all, it’s an essential component of a satisfying romantic partnership. However, being truthful is not always a simple task. When it comes to something that has the potential to upset the feelings of another person, telling the truth can be challenging.

Additionally, there are times when we could be tempted to tell a lie in order to keep ourselves from getting into trouble.

This is the context in which the song “Honest” is best understood.

This song, which was penned by Major, is all about how important it is to be honest, even when it’s difficult to do so. The lyrics encourage us to be honest and open with one another, even if the feedback may not be what we are looking for.

The song serves as a reminder that being completely honest can be scary at times, but that it is always worth it in the end.

15. Honest—Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker - HONEST (Visualizer)

Jeremy Zucker’s song “Honest” is all about being forthright and truthful. In the song’s lyrics, Zucker encourages listeners to be authentic and to not care what other people think of them.

Because he brings to our attention the impermanence of life and the shortness of our time here on earth, he encourages us to stop living our lives on autopilot and make the most of the time we have by paying attention to what our hearts tell us to do.

We can open up new doors of possibility and give ourselves permission to fully experience everything that life has to offer when we decide that honesty and authenticity are more important to us than false pretenses and societal norms.

In point of fact, the message of this powerful track couldn’t be more timely or significant as we navigate a world in which fake news, escapism, and surface-level interactions often seem to overwhelm real truth and meaningful connections.

So, if you’re looking for motivation to live your best life with courage and authenticity, give Honest a listen today!

16. Young Bombs ft. GiGi, “Loyal”

Young Bombs - "Loyal" ft. GiGi (Official Video)

One of the most well-known songs on being honest is “Loyal”, this is a song that emphasizes the significance of being truthful in a romantic partnership.

The lyrics paint a picture of a scenario in which one person is trying to persuade their partner to remain faithful to them despite the fact that they have been unfaithful to their partner.

The message of the song is that it is preferable to be honest with each other, even if it causes pain, because it is the only way to build trust in a relationship.

This song serves to remind us that being honest with one another is an important quality to have in any relationship.

17. Christina Aguilera’s song is titled “Loyal Brave True.”

Christina Aguilera - Loyal Brave True (From "Mulan"/Official Video)

Brave, True, and Loyalty. The song “Loyal Brave True” by Christina Aguilera is centered on these three defining characteristics.

This rousing anthem recognizes the importance of honesty, bravery, and integrity in all facets of life.

This song’s lyrics, which include phrases such as “as forceful as an open turbor wound can be” and “the kind of strength that is found in love and harmony,” exhort us to be honest and genuine with ourselves at all times.

It is essential to be loyal and courageous even when facing adversity, whether you are working towards goals in your career or navigating challenging relationships in your personal life.

18. The song “Loyal To Me” by Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt - Loyal To Me (Official Video)

Nina Nesbitt’s ballad “Loyal to Me” is a moving composition that conveys the importance of being truthful with oneself within the context of a romantic partnership.

The lyrics investigate the concept that people frequently remain in relationships long after they are no longer beneficial to them because they are afraid of being alone.

However, as the song points out, this ultimately does more harm than good.

If we stay in a relationship that makes us miserable, we are robbing ourselves of the opportunity to discover real joy in our lives.

The line “If you’re not loyal to me, then you’re not loyal at all” in the song echoes this sentiment perfectly.

In the end, even if it means ending a relationship, we owe it to ourselves to be open and honest about our feelings and needs. Otherwise, we will only end up causing ourselves pain.

19. Faithfully – Journey

Journey - Faithfully (Official HD Video - 1983)

The song “Faithfully” by Journey is about being honest in your relationships and always being true to who you are as an individual.

The lyrics of the song convey the message that being genuine and honest with other people is an essential component of establishing strong, long-lasting friendships and partnerships.

This is represented by the narrator’s dedication to both his lover and his faith. These two aspects of the narrator’s life are shown to be almost interchangeable and are used as examples of what it means to be grounded and genuine.

Despite the fact that some people may find this kind of honesty to be difficult or even painful at times, in the end, it leads to a deeper connection with those around you and enables you to live a life that is more fulfilling.

It doesn’t matter if you hear “Faithfully” on the radio or perform it at a karaoke night; this song will always motivate you to be the most authentic version of who you are, no matter what.

20. Honest by Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch - Honest (Lyric Video)

Last on our list of songs about being honest is “Honest” by Canadian rock band Thousand Foot Krutch. On the rock and alternative chart in Canada, the song reached its highest position at number four.

The message of the song is to be true to oneself at all times. The lead singer of the band, Trevor McNevan, has stated that he had the inspiration for the song while he was in the shower.

Being honest with oneself is a challenge that all of us face at some point in our lives, but he explained that it seemed like such a straightforward idea.

Even though we might want to think that we have everything under control, there are always internal struggles or issues that we have to deal with on the inside that nobody else knows about.