5 Top Songs About Crossroads In Life

Songs About Crossroads In Life
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Crossroads In Life

We’ve all been at crossroads – in every step we take, in every situation we face. Life presents us with many opportunities and deciding what’s best for you may pretty much leave you at a crossroads.

When you get to a crossroad in your life, it can completely alter your path, and it can cause you to halt dead in your tracks. When you find yourself at a crossroads in life, it may be a highly difficult and sometimes emotionally trying period for you.

Some people will make an effort to avoid confronting a difficult decision or a crossroads in their lives. However, it is not easy to just ignore or pretend that a crossroads is not present in most situations. When you find yourself at a crossroads in life, the decision that you make regarding your next move will be very important.

This is because there’s a consequence to any choice you make. In today’s episode, we’ll be reviewing a list of songs about crossroads in life and I hope it guides you to the best possible future you deserve. Enjoy!

1. “Where Do We Go From Here” by Filter

Filter - Where Do We Go From Here (Official HD Music Video)

The title “Where Do We Go From Here?” is a reflection of the despair that many young people feel regarding the decisions and courses of action to take regarding their future. The narrator is not particularly happy that “he met you,” which refers to society and the world in general.

This is because of the “half-truths” that are spread by the media as well as the spreading lies of societal trends. Because of the things in the world that leave him feeling “scraped and bruised” and the toxic relationships in his life that leave him feeling “wheezed,” he is driven to find some way to flee from his current situation.

All of this “makes him want to go away,” but as the chorus insists, “stop dreaming about the shiny gun,” suicide is not the answer to his problems.

This song truly captures that moment when everything around you reeks of insincerity, lies and negativity and you’re at crossroads, why you, what to do, and where to begin from?

However, it still is inspirational in the sense that suicide is never an option; emphasizing on the need to stay strong. This is one of the songs about crossroads in life that reflects on a lot of things.

2. “Crossroads” by Don McLean

Don McLean - Crossroads

Lyrically, “Crossroads” by Don McLean is one of the best songs about songs about crossroads in life. This is a pretty wonderful song. In my opinion, it encapsulates the challenges and confusion that one faces throughout their lifetime.

This song gives the impression that even though he may have encountered struggle in the past, he does not harbour any regrets about it. A pretty powerful song about coming to terms with one’s history and living in the present.

The song “Crossroads” is about the ways in which each of our lives can go in different directions (in search of happiness and fulfilment). Though so many of us “find they’ve gone the wrong direction”, in the end, it was an adventure through life “so there’s no reason for going back”.

Since we will eventually end up in the same place regardless of the path we follow, it does not really matter which path we take. We all move in the “wrong direction,” resigning ourselves (because we do not have a choice) to lives and histories whose ultimate significances are inaccessible to us at any time in the future. What is significant are the times when our lives cross paths with the lives of others along this twisting path.

3. “Vienna” by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Vienna (Audio) (Official Audio)

While you’re to make sense of what you want to achieve in the midst of the situation you’re in, you are also trying to make sense of life and what it is all about. The name “Vienna” is meant to be interpreted as a metaphor for the life that lies in wait for you and that you must live.

The central theme of this song is to take it easy and accept the fact that life’s mysteries cannot be unravelled; things are just the way they are. Billy Joel has reached that realisation in his own life, and he is providing all of us with a clue about how he feels about it.

In addition, I believe that the song makes a statement about the importance of living in the present rather than focusing on achieving a specific goal in life as quickly as possible. Because we tend to race through the days of the life we have, out of fear that we will not have enough time to achieve everything we want before our time is over.

Therefore, I believe Billy is attempting to advise the listeners to ease up on themselves and simply learn how to take things one step at a time. Physically, Vienna has always been a crossroads over the course of history; this implies that you should prepare for the struggles in the path and take some time to deliberate about the choices you make in response to them.

4. “Duality” by Slipknot

Slipknot - Duality [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [HD]

According to my viewpoint, the song is about a person who is forced to make a choice but is unable to do so because every available alternative appears to be problematic. Destiny will always play a role in directing this person’s life, but the person’s desires do not always align with what destiny has in store for them.

For the most part, the song is about making choices in life, despite the knowledge that they may pain you, and coming to terms with the idea that fate will always control your life in some way, shape, or form.

5. “I Want To Live” by Skillet

Skillet - I Want To Live [Official Audio]

This song is about reaching a crossroads and making the decision to go on the path that leads to life. It is about being reborn and receiving a fresh lease on life through Jesus Christ (“now I am free to start again”).

This song is nothing but adoration and praise! It is possible that he came dangerously close to death; now, he is asking to God for forgiveness so that he can start over and write a new chapter in his life.