5 Great Songs About Devotion

Songs About Devotion
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Devotion

Where does one go when they’ve exhausted the possibilities of love? The ultimate expression of love is a promise of eternal devotion. It’s a promise to stick with the one you love through good times and bad. It’s more serious than a marriage promise in a lot of respects. Music treats devotion as more serious than a passing fancy, so if you hear someone singing about their devotion, you know it’s no longer a passing fancy.

This is not some superficial “friends with benefits” arrangement; rather, it is a sincere commitment sealed with passion.

Love is a strong feeling that can inspire incredible actions. If a couple is truly committed to each other, they can triumph over any challenge.

5 Top Songs About Devotion:

1. “Alive and Kicking” by Simple Minds

Simple Minds - Alive And Kicking

Simple Minds “Alive and Kicking” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about Devotion. In this song, the singer begs his romantic interest to postpone a choice until the two of them have had more time to fully commit to the relationship.

In the first few words, the author expresses his feelings of love and commitment to this new connection. However, he shows worry by asking a series of questions about what she plans to do if things go wrong. He may be worried because he thinks his girlfriend hasn’t decided to be with him no matter what.

The writer warns his partner that their unstable emotions pose a serious threat to their relationship and begs her to stay until she has done everything in her power to keep her feelings for him alive. Waiting till one’s love and devotion are solid is a theme in Alive and Kicking.

2. “Haunt Me” by Sade

Sade - Haunt Me (Audio)

The relationship between Sade and the person she addresses in “Haunt Me” is never clearly defined, which is one of the song’s most intriguing aspects.

Secondly, this may be considered a devotional song, and despite its sparse lyrics, it is one of the most beautifully written we’ve ever heard. Lyrically this is one of the best songs about devotion.

This song has a vibe that could be described as “lean on me.” Sade is basically assuring the listener that she will always be there for them if they ever have a need for her assistance in this section.

To be fair, the singer does call herself out as “a friend” to the recipient in the second stanza. It’s possible that this is a romantic desire, as platonic and romantic relationships are both possible between two people.

Sade’s declaration at the song’s outset that she is willing to be “haunted” by the recipient suggests a more amorous than platonic tone, despite the metaphor’s ambiguity.

But even if the singer and the person being addressed are romantically involved, the singer will prioritize their friendship. She hopes the recipient of her lyrics will always keep it in mind. Sade has true feelings for the person.

3. “3005” by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino - 3005

Simply said, “3005” is a love song in classic Childish Gambino fashion. Thus, the idea of eternal love represented here is not very novel. However, the performer employs some unusual analogies and words in making his remarks.

Gambino promises to “stay right by” the recipient’s “side till 3005”, which can be taken as an indication that this is a serious promise. In the context of romantic commitment, pledging one’s life to another for a thousand years is just another way of referring to that person as one’s spouse.

However, Childish has elaborated that the song is “sort of an existential thing” and isn’t really about romance at all, but rather about his fear of being alone. That’s what we mean when we say we’re talking about his style in particular.

Gambino is an unusually thoughtful and creative rapper. Even though he makes references to his riches a few times, he doesn’t come across as arrogant.

Some of the gender specificity in the show falls short, which is surprising given that Glover is asexual. While there is definitely at least one sexual allusion in the lyrics, the song is not inappropriate for work.

Whatever Glover’s intentions were when he wrote “3005”, the song’s final shape makes it clear that he’s singing to an unnamed love interest. This is one of the best songs about devotion that you should listen to.

4. “Right Down the Line” by Gerry Rafferty

Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line

It is widely believed that “Right Down the Line” is an homage written by Gerry Rafferty to Carla Ventilla, his high school sweetheart whom he eventually married in 1970, around ten years before the release of this song.

As one might expect, the singer is using music as a vehicle for conveying his affection for the recipient. He can’t seem to express these feelings in a more normal way.

In fact, the song’s opening is rather typical of a romantic ballad: the lead singer declares his undying love for the object of his affection. On the other hand, as the song develops, the focus shifts to the recipient’s love for the singer.

To rephrase, she is the one who has maintained her hold on him. She stuck by his side even though Gerry was going through the hardest times of his life.

She has been a source of motivation for him throughout his life, someone he can come to when he’s feeling down on himself. The addressee, as the title suggests, has always had his back. Simply put, the singer is praising not only his or her partner’s love in this song, but also his or her reliability and effectiveness as a lover.

5. “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller Band - The Joker (Official Music Video)

The singer in this song calls themselves the “joker” in the title. Others have noted that he is not particularly serious about anything, and so they have labeled him as such. But rather than being the dangerous sort, he seems to be someone who is overly enthusiastic about having a good time.

And it seems that the person he is currently seeing is a part of the reason why others are worried about him. They are probably warning her because they consider him a thug, a playa, or something equally derogatory. But Steve is assuring her that he is fully devoted, or “here here at home,” as the singer puts it, and is not playing around.

Despite this, Miller may be using his declaration of love as a pick-up line. In other words, he admits in the song that he is like a one-night stand, even calling himself “the gangster of love.”

That he has feelings for the person he is writing to, i.e. his present romantic interest, is possibly the piece’s thesis sentiment. When we take the lyrics as a whole, though, we can’t help but draw the conclusion that the singer may be head over heels for her right now, but that he’ll end up proving he wasn’t truly devoted anyway.