6 Top Songs About Fornication

Songs About Fornication
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Fornication

Fornication is a basic human emotion. In that precise instant, nothing else matters. Forget the warm and fuzzy feelings of selflessness that love typically brings on; lust is all about what you want now.

Even in the context of a loving relationship, which is often seen as contradictory, it can exist. Still, “unrequited sex”—the desire to be with someone but the absence of any actual relationship—is the most common form of Fornication.

Songwriters have been moved by this kind of pressure to chronicle the potency of carnal desires for another for decades. Let’s look at some of these songs!

6 Songs About Fornication

1. Wet Dreamz by J. Cole

J. Cole - Wet Dreamz

Lyrically, “Wet Dreamz” by J. Cole is one of the best songs about Fornication. Compared to Cole, few lyricists can hold their own. Indeed, we’d argue that only Kendrick Lamar, among today’s players, comes close to matching him.

Cole has a way with words that can captivate and enthrall listeners, whether they’re hearing it on freestyle or one of his studio albums. But in this song, Cole delves headfirst into the moment he lost his virginity, spinning a tale that pretty much everyone can relate to.

The sexual tensions that develop amongst our classmates during our time there seem insurmountable by the time we graduate. With all the raging hormones going around, sex can easily become everyone’s sole focus and seep into every aspect of their lives.

This may be a normal part of maturing, but the desire for sexual satisfaction can put up a formidable mental block. Losing one’s virginity is a major life milestone for many of us. Cole discusses the moment he loses his virginity and the lie he tells to do so in this song.

2. “Sexual Eruption” by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption (dirty version)

The only reasonable conclusion for us old fogies to draw from Snoop Dogg’s lyrical innuendo is that the “sexual eruption” he mentions is an org**m.

So the method he employs to bring his partner to climax is partially discussed during the song’s bridge. It also depends on which verse of the song we’re talking about when determining who exactly that partner is.

A first example would be a guy who is also seeing someone else’s girlfriend. Snoop is screwing the homegirl behind her boyfriend’s back rather than dating her in the traditional sense. And they’re in it solely to satisfy their sexual urges.

Doggy Dogg doesn’t single out any one woman in the second stanza. Rather, he implies that he is a womanizer who “keeps (s) a bad b-ch” by his side, presumably for sexual purposes.

3. “Sexual” by Dave East (ft. Chris Brown)

Dave East - Sexual (Audio) ft. Chris Brown

The song “Sexual” is about having a good time in the bedroom, as the name implies. Dave East, supported by Chris Brown, sings primarily about a woman with whom he has a “sexual” obsession. And if you’re familiar with modern rap/R&B songs in a similar style, you know exactly what to expect from this song.

Dave, for one, is not shy about expressing his admiration for this woman’s attractive physique and obvious sexual prowess. And even though she is taken, the rapper will continue to sleep with her.

On top of that, she is a girl of refined taste who appreciates opulence, and fortunately for East, his financial situation allows him to do so. Dave gives off the impression that he is a total player who gets off on having “sexual” encounters with the ladies.

4. “Cuff It” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé - CUFF IT (Music Video)

Some analyses have concluded that “Cuff It” is a sex song, even though only the third verse is explicitly sexual. But by the end of the song, it’s clear that the vocalist has a romantic interest in mind.

The raunchy night of romance is secondary to the overall excitement she feels about the evening. A romantic evening with plenty of boozing, loosening up, and, as was hinted at earlier, thumping sex.

A one-night stand vibe can be felt here, for sure. In this case, it’s because Queen B claims that she “feels like falling in love” tonight. Not the kind of thing you’d normally say to someone you’re already dating.

Yet another possible reading of this statement has the narrator wishing to rekindle the romance with her partner by sharing an evening of carefree revelry akin to their early days. This is one of the songs about the fornication that reflects on a lot of things.

5. “Pop, Lock & Drop” by Huey

Huey - Pop, Lock & Drop It (Video Edit)

If I may be so blunt, when Huey says “popping,” he means “p***y popping,” which is just another term for stripping. Also, the phrase “locking and dropping” in the title should be understood similarly. Simply put, the song is about a romantic interest who the rapper likens to a stripper or who may be one.

To rephrase: his primary motivations for engaging with her are voyeuristic: he wants to watch her sensual dance, and he wants to have sexual relations with her.

And the lady herself seems to be someone who is down for that kind of movement, judging by details like her clothing and the setting of the song. Therefore, the title suggests that the song is about the performer encouraging the subject to engage in a series of sexually suggestive dance routines.

6. “WAP” by Cardi B (ft. Megan Thee Stallion)

Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video]

The acronym WAP refers to the phrase “Wet-A** P***y,” which is used several times throughout the song and sums up the subject matter. Cardi B makes no apologies for boasting about her genitalia and how they can keep a man interested in her long enough to get what she wants.

During a sensual encounter, the rapper brags about the following in the first verse.

  • She has incredible abilities in the sack.
  • Her erotic figure
  • How, because of her sexual dominance, she can control every aspect of her life.

She brings up the fact that, unlike conventional wives, she does not clean or cook for her family. Her unique character, achievements, and sexual prowess may have led to her marriage, though.

In the end, the theme of “WAP” is that women are not merely sexual objects but also the subjects and the leaders of sexual encounters. Additionally, they reap material benefits from their position as leaders.