5 Great Songs About Hating Someone You Love

songs about hating someone you love
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Hating Someone You Love

You are probably familiar with the saying “there is a thin line between Love and Hate”. The concept of toxic relationships is not new to anybody now. Most of us have experienced this toxic relationship or may know someone in a toxic relationship. Most times you hear people say things like “why don’t you just leave”, ” why don’t you move on”, and “why stay where you’re not wanted” but it is not that easy. Love can be very complicated even when you’re being abused.

Many artists have similar experiences and most of them put in their songs so that their fans know what’s up with them. Plus, I’ve heard it helps heal the pain. We’ve compiled a list of songs about hating someone you love.

1. Rihanna And Eminem-Love The Way You Lie

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Ranking first on our list of songs about hating someone you love is Rihanna – Love the way you lie. The song is about being caught in a toxic, love-hate relationship. Despite being one of Em’s older songs, it is still a hit and should be on everyone’s playlist.

Because of Rihanna’s public relationship with Chris Brown, the song explains a toxic relationship.

The vivid imagery evoked by Eminem’s songs speaks to anyone who has been through a bad relationship, even if they haven’t gone through it themselves.

A line from Eminem’s verse explains that even though they have issues that make the relationship too toxic to stand, he can’t bear losing her.

With Eminem’s harsh voice and Rihanna’s silky vocals, this song has a pull-in and pull-back dynamic that is enhanced by the contrast.

The song suggests that Rihanna’s life has been entwined with abuse, and she can’t imagine living without it in any other way.

2. “Leave me alone” by Ariana Grande

Next on our list of songs about hating someone you love is “Leave me alone”. The song is about a relationship that you know is detrimental to your well-being, yet one that you keep returning to.

Sold it sounds like a person who’s enticing because they’re so difficult to get hold of. The problem is that, despite your awareness that this is a poor situation, you will get dragged right back in.

Most of us have been in situations similar to this. The sense of questioning everything and wondering how to know when it’s time to walk away from a situation is a common one. So much effort and passion have gone into this that you’re not thinking clearly. As we see in the prechorus, the only way to truly put an end to it is to cut it off totally.

This song is about Grande coming to terms with the fact that she can no longer be with the man in question. Although it may cause her short-term discomfort, she must do it because it is the only route forward in the long-term

3. Kiss It Better

Rihanna - Kiss It Better (Explicit)

The song talks about reuniting with an ex. Rihanna openly states that she misses her ex and wishes he will come back into her life.

During their time apart, she sings about not being able to feel the joy she used to when they were together because she hasn’t seen any sunshine. It doesn’t matter whether he was abusive to her or yelled at her, she tells her ex to come back since his love is addictive.

To help this man who isn’t quite as eager to get back together as she is, the singer advises him to swallow his pride, as she believes he was as affected by the breakup. In the third verse, however, it appears that her ex-lover is still undecided about rekindling their relationship.

“Kiss It Better” focuses on the realities of leaving a relationship only to discover afterward that the person you let go was all you needed. It perfectly exemplifies the adage, “you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it,” which is so true.

4. Farewell by Eminem

Farewell [Official Audio]

There’s little doubt that Eminem’s song “Farewell” is a love letter to someone special in his life. However, it’s more believable that this song’s focus is on his relationship with his girlfriend.

There is a love/hate relationship between the two of them. It could also be that, as we see in the second verse, his sweetheart’s feelings of adoration are opposed by a desire to injure her. But at the end of the day, he is madly in love.

However, it is this love that is the issue. What’s more, how come?

It’s because Eminem is enmeshed in a relationship that’s wreaking havoc on his mental and emotional well-being.

Even if he may be a lousy partner and they may quarrel a lot, he seems to have realized that this woman is his soulmate in the end. In the end, Eminem wants to say “farewell” to a bad relationship. However, he lacks the courage to do so.

5. Rihanna-Unfaithful

Rihanna - Unfaithful (Official Music Video)

“Unfaithful” is about a relationship that falls apart because a woman cheats on her partner, even though her partner knows about it. Rihanna’s voice adds drama to this song with its cracks and high peaks. The song was beautifully sung by her.

The first few lines show that she likes to do wrong things. She finds it hard to do the right thing, so she often does something “wrong.” She can’t stop feeling bad about what she did, so her sadness takes over her.

What the song is all about: Her partner knows that she cheats on him, but she keeps doing it. She knows that it’s the kind of thing that makes a man’s worst fears come true. Her leaving shows that he is dying on the inside.

In the chorus, there is a lot of talk about how bad the girl has been acting. She wants to make her partner feel better, but she doesn’t want to be the reason why they break up.

In the second verse, it talks about where the couple is. Even though her partner knows she’s lying, she keeps making up stories about her “girlfriends.” When the partner asks if she wants to stay out late, she says no.

The bridge helped the couple get out of their trouble. Lack of trust caused love to fade. Without these two things, there would be no such thing as a false or pointless relationship.