5 Top Songs With The Word ‘Million’ In The Title

Songs with 'Million' in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs with ‘Million’ in the title

Numbers can be very significant. It shows value in quantity and quality. That would mean, that the bigger the number, the greater the value or worth, and the smaller the number, the lesser the value or worth.

To make this a bit more practical, let’s see an example; the statement, “you’re special” and the statement, “you’re one in a million” literally mean the same thing but don’t make you feel the same way.

Lol,  stay with me, someone saying “you’re special” is kind of regular and you might even feel regular, but when someone says, “you’re one in a million”, you feel special. It means you’re unique. It means, gather a million folks, and no one can compare to you. It makes you feel valued.

We’ve compiled a list of songs with ‘million’ in the title. Some of my favorites are also on the list.

Top Songs With ‘Million’ In The Title

1. 100 Mill by Jermain Cole (J. Cole)

J. Cole - 1 0 0 . m i l ‘ feat. Bas (Official Audio)

After going mute for a long time, Cole comes back to the spotlight with the ‘off-season album’ in 2021. Personally, the album convinced me that he wasn’t capping on his song ‘1985’ when he said,

“I’ll be here forever ’cause my skill is tip-top”

In his song ‘100 mill’, J. Cole raps about how he’s still one of the ‘Reals’ of the game even after being so successful in the rap game.

“Sadly I can’t say the same for you ni**as

A couple of dollars be changing you ni**as”

If you’re a fan of hip hop, you’d know how rappers switch up quickly after hitting the spotlight but Jermaine Cole is different.

Cole is one of the most popular rappers in the world, and his earnings from music are quite likely to have reached $100 million.

“100 mill and I’m still on the grind…”

This song is about not losing your desire, drive, and enthusiasm for the things that got you there in the first place, no matter how far you get in life, how successful you become, or how much money you make.

2. One in a million by Ne-yo

Ne-Yo - One In A Million (Official Music Video)

Ne-Yo never fails to deliver. If you’re a dude reading this, I assure you, if you use this song to ask your crush out to prom, she won’t say no.

I have heard a lot of songs with ‘millions’ in the title but this particular song with ‘million’ in the title will surely sweep any girl off her feet and into your arms.

On this track, Ne-Yo sings about how he’s been around the world and his ‘experience’ with other girls but there’s this particular girl that gets him like no other– she’s one in a million. Which girl wouldn’t want to hear that!

‘One in a million is a tune from Ne-Yo’s 4th studio album Libra Scale, which is written in the style of a screenplay. Jerome, Clyde, and Leroy, three garbage workers, are given everything they could ever want, including superpowers, in this song.

There is, however, a catch: they are unable to fall in love. When Jerome falls for Ms. “One in a Million” Pretti Sinclair, a lively no-nonsense bombshell, she contracts a strain of his superpowers and suffers an adverse response that effectively drives her insane. Jerome meets the sardonic Pretti for the first time in this song, and her welcome is anything but warm.

3. 100 million by Birdman

Birdman - 100 Million ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

Now, Birdman, like any other black man who grew up in the cold streets of the ghetto, would consider spending a 100 grand comfortably a big deal, I mean, who wouldn’t, it’s a 100 grand!

The number two single from Birdman’s third studio album, “Five Stunna”, is “100 Million.” Cool & Dre produced the music, which features Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne.

The chorus is performed by Dre, and the intro and outro are performed by DJ Khaled, but neither is credited. The song talks about what Birdman considers to be a huge achievement: spending $100 million.

The song became the 69th track on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and the 18th on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne is sampled in the song.

4. One In A Million by Aaliyah

Aaliyah - One In A Million (Original Video)

“One in a Million” by Aaliyah is essentially a love song. What Aaliyah is essentially saying is that her ‘ride or die’ love is “one in a million.” Or, to put it in perspective, she thinks him to be unique. And she feels this way because of the way he makes her feel.

This is Aaliyah’s second album’s title song. On August 27, 1996, it was dropped as part of that project. It was also dropped as the number three single from the album by Atlantic Records and Blackground Records a couple of months later.

Timbaland produced this song, which he also co-wrote with Missy Elliott, another music legend. While many Aaliyah fans are aware that she frequently collaborates with Timbaland and Missy, this was one of the first songs she recorded with them. And the album’s overall success is claimed to have aided in the success of all three of them.

5. A Million Dreams by Pinky

P!nk - A Million Dreams (Official Lyric Video)

Pinky gives “A Million Dreams” her spin, and it’s just as emotional as the original version by Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, and Michelle Williams.

In fact, in Pinky’s skillful hands, the song soars even higher, effortlessly transitioning from a show tune to a heartfelt pop ballad. There’s also a cute behind-the-scenes video of Willow Sage Hart, the superstar’s daughter, singing along.

The original version of The Greatest Showman has already sold 4.5 million copies worldwide. While it’s best not to mess with a true phenomenon, this record is building up to be a winner. Panic! at the Disco is another potential highlight.

Another reworking of “This Is Me” by Kesha, Keala Settle, and Missy Elliott, as well as Panic! At The Disco’s take on “The Greatest Show,” Kelly Clarkson’s version of “Never Enough,” and another reworking of “This Is Me” by Kesha, Keala Settle, and Missy Elliott.