Top 7 Songs With Nineteen In The Title

songs with nineteen in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with nineteen in the title

The number “nineteen” conjures up images of feelings, romance, and adulthood. This is the time when you have just turned nineteen and are one year away from turning twenty.

You have reached the pinnacle of your adolescent years and are on the cusp of adulthood. Teenage relationships are at their most fraught, and as a result, many people make several blunders during this period.

We hope that these “nineteen” title songs will bring back fond memories of your earlier years, as well as the realization that you can only look back on your progress as a more mature individual and reflect on how much you have changed.

Below are some of the best songs with nineteen in the title

1. Steely Dan  ~  Hey Nineteen

This is definitely one of the best songs with nineteen in the title.This amazing song by Muddy Waters tells the story of a guy who sits down at a Boston college bar and strikes up a convo with an undergraduate. He tries to woo her with how cool he “was”.

At some point, He is a little confused that she is not familiar with an icon like Aretha Franklin and with the fact that although hip on the inside, he appears to be older. She soon grows weary and slides on down the bar. Leaving him to reminisce internally and finally medicating himself with some Columbian and Cuervo.

2. Nineteen by Tegan and Sara

Tegan And Sara - Nineteen

This song, as I hear it, is about reflecting on the first significant love of your life. They will always hold a special place in your heart, even though you have grown up and gone in different directions since you were together. “returned home to the place where we had first met.”

A portion of the song is dedicated to remembering the process of leaving behind and moving on from something that was once very significant to you to continuing maturing as a person.

In many ways, you are still uncertain about what you had back then, and you wonder if the significance it held in their lives was comparable to the significance it held in yours.

But you have developed into an adult. You can no longer call this person a friend because you do not even know them anymore. “I feel you in my heart, and I don’t even know you.” You are aware of the significant amount of growth that has occurred in both you and them.

You are aware that the person you were in the past was very different from the person you are today, but a part of you still wishes that you could get back in touch with them. You have come a long way from the timid young lady who clutched to someone for comfort because she felt like she was all by herself.

This song is filled with so much emotion for me, definitely one of the best songs with nineteen in the title, and it is truly stunning.

For me, it is about reflecting on the path that led you to this point in your life and wondering what became of someone who was once a very significant part of your existence.

Also, I am curious as to whether it was really real, or whether you were just too young and too messed up back when you lived in your hometown for anything serious to have ever happened to you.

3. Not Nineteen Forever by The Courteeners

The Courteeners - Not Nineteen Forever (Official 4K Music Video)

Yeah, I think this song explains the different way people think, how women are supposed to be more mature at their age than guys. And how he, in his immature way of thinking, wants a short-term relationship with no strings while the slightly older woman, who is a lot more mature, wants a long-term one with guarantees (probably with a view of getting married).

Both of them want their plan in this relationship to work out “both of them doing all they can”. But they have different views, so it won’t work.

The woman is expecting the guy to woo her in a mature fashion “Asked me would I like to go for tea and toast” and is not impressed with the way he does it “Asked you once, I asked you twice, I asked you four times If you’d like to dance to that song”“.

So she told him that he’s not nineteen forever and he’s got to pull himself together and act more mature. And I agree with ak12 about the bands being his mates who support him and give him advice and stuff.

4. “Nineteen Stars” by The Meg And Dia Band

Meg & Dia Nineteen Stars

For me, this song is about a guy who is in a relationship and is wanting to get away from it, but then at the same time, he just doesn’t intend to leave it for good.

Throughout the entirety of the song, she is pleading with him to show her any evidence that he cares, even if that sign is wrath.

Because he is attempting to avoid something which she desires, and because she is so familiar with him that she is aware that he does not genuinely wish to leave, she is hoping to be able to keep him there. However, burdens her in the end because she can not stop thinking about it.

5. Nineteen Stars by Meg & Dia

Meg And Dia - Nineteen Stars

There is no mistaking the subject matter of this song. It is about killing oneself. “bare feet in the summer, open windows at night,” the person says to their buddy as they try to persuade them not to terminate their life but they still need their buddy and there are reasons to live for in this world. Things that are not particularly significant yet nonetheless manage to bring a smile to your face.

6. Nineteen by Smog

My interpretation is that this song is about two people who give up their virginity to one another, not out of love or any other sentiment as mushy as that, but rather just because they want to have sex with one another.

After this experience, which did not measure up to both of their preconceptions, they rapidly severed whatever bond they had with one another.

7. Nineteen Seventy Four  by Cursed

Nineteen Seventy Four

My impression of Chris’s lyricism has always been that he puts a lot of effort into it. This song makes a blatant joke out of the concepts of a biological dad and a father of the Congregation, while also implying that there is no connection between the singer and either of those figures.

In a broader sense, it explores the concept of the family as an institution and how society determines how we should act within the context of the family. But then the question arises, what if we are unable to relate to that for whatever reason?

For instance, suppose you come from a dysfunctional family that has brought you nothing but misery throughout your life. It is thought-provoking to consider this.

It appears that he makes extensive use of that concept throughout the lyrics of Cursed, as well as in his contributions to Burning Love.