Top 5 Songs With “Parade” In Their Title

Songs With “Parade” In Their Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With “Parade” In Their Title

Marching Parades are a lovely sight to behold. If you’re a fan of parades, and you need parade songs that will cheer you up, you’re at the right place

However, parades could have several meanings. It could be a metaphor for Death or something grave. Whatever the meaning is, depends on your interpretation of it. This list covers a wide range of songs with parade in their title so you can narrow down your choices. Enjoy!

Top 5 Songs With “Parade” In Their Title

1. “Bulls On Parade” By Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade (Official HD Video)

Rage Against the Machine is an American rock band that has won multiple Grammy Awards. This is one of the best songs of with parade in their title. “Bulls on Parade” is a rant against the various military-industrial complexes that exist around the world.

Their particular beef is with the strategies that are utilised by the industry to accomplish the overarching objective of all firms, which is to maintain a profit margin.

In addition to this, some of the implications of the United States becoming such an influential war machine are brought to light by these events. This song critiques the aggressive strategies employed by the United States military.

The album’s title, Evil Empire, is a reference to former United States President Ronald Reagan’s characterization of the countries that formerly comprised the Soviet Union.

This song makes veiled references to the despotic rulers of the globe and their never-ending drive to subjugate and murder others for their own personal benefit.

This is reflected in the choice of title; a bull is an aggressive animal that can only be stopped by using force, much like the main nations of the globe. These bulls are going on a march to acquire, and they will not stop until they get what they want.

2. “Love Parade” By The Dream Academy

Dream Academy - "The Love Parade" (Official Music Video)

This straightforward song is about a specific kind of connection or relationship in general, and it contains specifics that can only come from personal experience or through direct observation.

The first verse of the song discusses “the Love Parade,” which takes place between the months of June and September. This is the time of year when couples spend time outdoors together, going for strolls in the park or having picnics, and other activities at which they openly display their affection for one another.

Being outside with the person you love while also being surrounded by other people who are in love is reminiscent of a “Love Parade” in most places (in the Western Hemisphere), where the weather is pleasant. And even if you do not have someone you love to participate in the love march with you, you still find yourself wishing you did.

The second stanza tells the story of an older, more settled relationship in which the older man’s wife (or girlfriend) is being passionately pursued by a younger, more inexperienced man.

Despite the fact that she is married, she experiences the same level of loneliness in the presence of her husband as she does when he is absent. When they are making love together, he is able to sense that she is attracted to someone other than him.

I think what makes this song so captivating is the melody; it is not quite pop, not quite current, and not quite old… Sounding like a commercial, but simultaneously having a really personal quality. Unquestionably a top-tier offering from the Dream Academy.

3. “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade [Official Music Video] [HD]

It is essentially a song about a dying man’s perspective on life and his most cherished memory, which is of a marching band parade that he attended with his father when he was a child.

In light of the fact that his father is no longer there in his physical form, he has assured his son (the narrator) that he will remain present in spirit forever, and that his son’s remembrances and lessons will serve as a compass for him to follow throughout the “summer” of his life.

The message of this song to “move on” and “remember me” and what I have taught you, to be brave, to be strong, and to help others in spite of the fact that the world is set on death and devastation. I believe that this is the message that every father hopes to or at least thinks about passing on to his son.

4. “The Street Parade” By The Clash

The Clash - The Street Parade (Remastered) [Official Audio]

The lyrics could be interpreted as a hint towards Joe Strummer’s struggles with depression later in the 1980s, after the breakup of The Clash. These struggles took place after the band had disbanded.

Despite the fact that he seems to have been suffering with identity and being disconnected from the real reality that he was trying to reflect in songs with The Clash due to the trappings of celebrity at the time that the song was written, it seems that he wrote the song.

The thought of blending in with the crowd and escaping into a scenario in which no one would know him is undeniably attractive.

Strummer was aware of the fact that dwelling on one’s own emotions has the potential to result in a downward spiral of depression known as a “daze,” which is a conflict with one’s own self that prevents one from experiencing the joy and positive process of progressing forward by contributing to society.

5. “Soft Parade” By The Doors

The Doors’ fourth studio album,The Soft Parade, was published on July 18, 1969 by Elektra Records. It was the band’s first album to be recorded in stereo. The majority of the album was recorded after the band returned from a tough tour, during which they had very little time to produce new songs.

This is a song about how the majority of individuals go through life adhering to a predetermined plan, accepting the status quo, and never questioning why they are doing the things that they do. Jim Morrison is encouraging people to think freely and make their own judgments, rather than simply following what society tells them they should do.

According to his lyrics, “Everything Must Be This Way.” “What got us this far, To this mild equator?” We have reached the point where everyone thinks and behaves the same way.

Even though Jim’s abstract and metaphorical language can be referring to the same topic throughout, it can be challenging to understand him at times.

Many of the time, the lyrics to his songs can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and the precise meanings depend on who is doing the interpreting.