6 Great Songs With Short In The Title

Songs with short in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with short in the title

Listening to songs containing the word “short” in the title is rather remarkable. Although not particularly well-known, I can relate to most of the songs on this list on a personal level. We have chosen to include some songs having the word “short” in the title on this page. They are worthwhile because the majority of them concentrate on societal problems like discrimination.

6 Songs With Short In The Title:

1. “Short People” by Randy Newman

Randy Newman - Short People (Official Video)

Ranking first on our list of songs with short in the title is this memorable melody from the past, “Short People” by Randy Newman. This is the kind of tune that, if you were to hear it even once, you probably wouldn’t be able to forget for the rest of your life. At least in terms of how the chorus conveys it, the song’s message appears to be very straightforward.

The singer is more or less comparing having a “short” stature to having a curse placed on one’s body. And taking into account the fact that “Short People” was, in fact, successful, a great number of people found the song’s discriminatory message to be quite irritating. For instance, organizations that advocate for people of a shorter stature staged protests against the song; as a direct result of these protests, it is rumored that Randy Newman’s life was even put in danger.

The singer and songwriter, on the other hand, has asserted that this music is “completely a farce.” Or, to put it another way, the lyrics are meant to focus attention on the hatred that some people harbor toward those who aren’t of average height. To be even more explicit, they are intended to do so in a comic manner.

To set the record straight, at the period in question, Newman had already made a name for himself as one of those categories of artists who engage in the practice of addressing serious topics through the medium of satire, such as by playing the part of contentious characters.

2. “Short Kings Anthem” by blackbear & Tiny Meat Gang

Blackbear & TMG - Short Kings Anthem (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Blackbear and Tiny Meat Gang’s song “Short Kings Anthem” is all about praising and celebrating short men, as the song’s title suggests. When people refer to “short guys,” they are essentially referring to those whose height does not exceed “5 feet something.”

Despite the fact that the artists portray themselves as being exceedingly brief, the song is dedicated especially on them and their outstanding accomplishments. And the majority of the things they boast about participating in are of a sexual or romantic nature.

The rappers, however, claim that there are a number of other advantages to not having an excessively tall stature. One of these benefits is the ability to fly in a class designated as “economy” yet “still (having) leg room.”

Therefore, taken as a whole, this is a comedic rap song in which Black and Tiny Meat Gang position themselves as being “short kings.” By this they mean that they are great and powerful men despite not possessing what is considered to be an ideal height by society. This song is intended to serve as a “anthem,” in the sense that it is an overarching goal to short men all over the world. This is alluded to in the outro of the track, which also makes this point clear.

3. “Long Story Short” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - long story short (Official Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift is an artist who is recognized for delving into the intimate details of her romantic relationships in a song or two. And when it became public knowledge that she dropped “Evermore” (a surprise-release album), most critics anticipated more of the same from her.

Taylor Swift uses the song “Long Short Story” to reflect on her own personal redemption in the wake of the events that transpired in 2016, which caused significant damage to her reputation. In July of that year, a video was uploaded to the internet showing a phone call that had taken place between the Pop Princess and Kanye West.

This led to her public humiliation. Swift had previously denied endorsing his lyrics and criticized the tune as having a “strong misogynistic message.” However, the tape appeared to show the singer giving her implicit assent to references to her made by Yeezy in his “Famous” cut. Swift makes a reference in this passage to the backlash she received from the public after the incident.

Around the same time, Taylor Swift ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, who is a DJ and record producer from Scotland. She threw herself headfirst into an affair with the English actor Tom Hiddleston, which provided her with a welcome distraction from the mental and emotional strain she was undergoing at the time.

Swift’s public profile suffered more damage as a result of the string of failed romantic partnerships she has been involved in. Then, she fell in love with the English actor Joe Alwyn; this time, Swift discovered a secure haven and genuine comfort where she could rebuild her emotional health; and finally, she released her debut studio album, 1989.

4. Five Short Minutes of Love by Jim Croce

Five Short Minutes

Croce’s final CD, issued just before he died in a plane tragedy, includes this song. The Plaster Casters were infamous music fans who made genitalia of rock stars into plaster casts. Just days before he passed away, Croce wrote this song.

Cynthia Plaster Caster, the group’s leader, was hailed by Frank Zappa as a brilliant conceptual artist and the subject of a Kiss song. In the story told by Croce, the singer winds up in jail and receives a sentence of twenty years for something that only provided him five minutes of statutory pleasure.

5. Short Movie by Laura Marling

Laura Marling - Short Movie

This song is featured on Laura Marling’s fifth studio album and serves as the album’s title track. The album was recorded in London with regular collaborators Matt Ingram and Dan Cox, and it was inspired by the singer-attempts songwriter’s to find a sense of stability after permanently relocating to Los Angeles in 2013. The album was recorded in London with frequent collaborators Matt Ingram and Dan Cox.

The design team Art & Graft is responsible for the creation of the animated video. When it was selected as a Vimeo staff pick, a lot of people started paying attention to it.

Laura Marling’s adventures in the United States are chronicled on her CD “The Short Movie,” which is a reflective musical travelogue. She told Q magazine that “it has quite a lot to do with the immensity of the country that are finding myself in,” and that “the type of observations therein” were a contributing factor.

6. The Science Of Selling Yourself Short by Less Than Jake

The Science Of Selling Yourself Short (Video)

This song is about the individuals who allow their own indifference and self-loathing to take control of their lives and make all of their decisions for them.

Their pessimistic outlook stops them from realizing their full potential or accomplishing anything worthwhile, and it also has the potential to drive everyone around them down to the same level.

The song was released during a time when the emo sound was quite prominent and there was a lot of moping around and feeling sorry for oneself in popular music. A fantastic alternative was the band Less Than Jake, with their high-energy ska-rock sound.

Roger Manganelli, the bass player for Less Than Jake, provided the lead vocals for this single, and Chris Demakes, the guitarist for the band, provided the vocals for the bridge. Vinnie Fiorello, the drummer for Less Than Jake, is the one responsible for writing the band’s song lyrics. Demakes refers to Fiorello as “the Phil Collins of our band.”