Top 10 Songs With The Name Monica in The Title

Songs with the name "Monica" in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with the name “Monica” in the title

Many people give their female children the name Monica, which is thought to have originated in Greece. It is cognate in Greek with the term “solitary,” which means “alone.” Additionally, it derives from Latin, where it was used to signify “to advise.”

This charming name is also associated with the ethereal setting of Santa Monica, which is a well-known area that has won the affection of a great number of people. It is a unique name, and as such, it is deserving of unique respect.

This gorgeous and melodious name has enchanted a great number of songwriters and lyricists, and many have included it in their work as a result.

We have collected a list of songs with the name Monica anywhere in the title for all of those who, like us, are completely fascinated by this name. Examine the list to determine the level of impact that this particular name has had on the field of music.

10 Songs with the name “Monica” in the title

1. “Monica” by The Kinks

The Kinks - Monica (Official Audio)

Love and commitment are the subjects of the lyrics to this folk-rock tune from the 1960s. The lyrics tell the story of a woman named Monica who works as a prostitute.

Even though most people, given her line of work, would not anticipate her having a happy ending, the song continues to discuss how love triumphs over all other obstacles, and how Monica eventually meets someone who loves her.

We may say that she is fortunate in a sense because love does not impose standards on its recipients.

2. “Santa Monica” by Everclear

Everclear - Santa Monica (Official Music Video)

This title from the genre of vengeance rock has a tragic backstory. During Alexakis’s younger years, it concerns the sudden death of a person who was very close to his heart.

His feelings of anguish and heartbreak are conveyed through the lyrics of this song. The audience is left with the takeaway message that even though unexpected things can happen in life, one must not give up hope and keep moving forward with a positive perspective.

3. “Santa Monica Sunrise” by Roman Road

Roman Road - Santa Monica Sunrise (Official Music Video)

This pop tune has a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head. Despite this, the singer seems to be brooding over a failed romantic connection underlying this upbeat melody.

The main character in the song is getting worn out by all of the efforts he or she is putting into attempting to make things work.

He is now of the opinion that there will be periods in one’s life when one must determine whether it is necessary to let go of something or to cling to it. As a result of this, he concludes that it is rational to cut ties with an unhealthy romantic partnership.

4. Santa Monica Dream by Angus and Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream [Official Music Video]

Coming last in our list of the best songs with the word “Monica” in the title, I see this song as being about a once-sweet love that has now turned sour due to being separated.

In the song’s opening lines, she fondly recalls the city of Santa Monica, where she and her partner had lived, as well as specifics about that city, such as the flowers in the parks and the paintings on the walls.

The theme of lost love becomes clear in the second verse: at first, they were inseparable; wherever she went, he went with her; conversely, whenever she was somewhere, he was absent. Finally, in the last two lines of the stanza, it is clear that they are no longer together because he was somewhere and she was nowhere.

She has a strong desire for him, but she refuses to take any action to get it.

Stunning music!

5. “Monica Freestyle” by Midget Malik

Midget Malik - Monica Freestyle [Official Music Video]

Another entry with a serious topic is this hip-hop rap song, which has rapping. The lyrics of the song describe a worried person who attempts to persuade Monica not to waste her life by doing something reckless. It would appear that the woman is susceptible to the allure of the material things that this world has to offer.

On the other hand, the narrator cautions her that getting involved in that kind of life is not something she should do since it is not worth it. Does Monica heed the warning that has been given to her? To find the solution to that question, listen to the music.

6. “Santa Monica Sunshine” by Sweet

Santa Monica Sunshine

In contrast to the other songs on this list that are about specific people, this one is all about Santa Monica. As the narrator of the song embarks on an amazing journey towards this lovely goal, he sings a song about the happy and beautiful experiences that he is making along the way.

You will feel like hitting the open road after listening to this tune. Now that I think about it, why do not we get together with some of our other pals and make it happen?

7. “Monica Gems” by The Horrors

The Horrors - Monica Gems -

This song is about having a deep appreciation for someone from a distance. In this story, the main character has feelings for a woman named Monica Gems. On the other hand, it seems as though the woman has her mind on something else.

As a result of the fact that she does not pay attention to the people around her, the only thing her admirers can do is watch her.

Even though Monica Gem is completely unaware of them, the gentlemen in this area make attempts to attract her attention. Listen up, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes it is beneficial to take a look at it.

8. “Leaving for Monica” by Rakib Erick

Rakib Erick - Leaving For Monica (Music Video)

This song is an alternative rendition of the indie rock genre, and it is about a romance that is about to come to an end.

The narrator is aware that his beloved would eventually leave him, even if he may still have some lingering affections for her.

The main character is aware that her boyfriend is having an affair with another woman named Monica, and she knows that it is only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down around them both.

9. “Sing Monica” by Phish

This lively and infectious song tells the story of a man who is head over heels in love with a woman named Monica. Through the words, he expresses his admiration and gratitude for her.

The upbeat nature of this song is complemented by Monica’s ability to share his enthusiasm for her. The song is a celebration of the fact that love is valued to the point where it deserves to be celebrated with music.

10. “Santa Monica Nights” by David Hasselhoff

Even though David Hasselhoff is well-known for his acting career, some people are surprised to learn that he is also a talented vocalist.

This love ballad describes all of the intimate and romantic moments that the couple shares together in a stunning setting that is replete with palm trees and hazy moonlight.

This wonderful tune was recorded in Santa Monica, California. The song is a warm and fuzzy method to bring back happy memories of the past.