10 Great Songs About Being High Class

Songs About Being High Class
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Being High Class

Much of what we do, what we wear, where we live, and even who we choose to marry is driven by the need for financial security.

It’s not surprising that monetary concerns are often the subject of musical compositions. Artists in need always seem to be lacking it. It’s not simple to maintain one’s wealth even after achieving it. Let’s look at some songs about luxury and being high class, shall we?

10 Songs About Being High Class

1. Luxury By Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion - Luxury

First on our list of songs  about being high class is”Luxury” by Jon Bellion. This song warns against the vanity and insecurity that result from valuing material possessions above experiences and relationships.

The song’s lyrics ruminate on the notion that no matter how hard we try, we will never be happy with what we’ve got. The result is that we pile up more and more debt and never feel fulfilled.

The song also cautions against the peril of boasting about one’s wealth, which might drive others away and fuel envy. All things considered, “Luxury” serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of letting stuff rule one’s life.

2. Diamonds By Rihanna

Rihanna - Diamonds

Next on our list of songs about being high class is “Diamonds,” performed by Rihanna, has been a worldwide phenomenon since its debut in 2010. This tune is a celebration of fine living, and its lyrics describe the perks of living large.

The lyrics focus on luxurious possessions such as sports vehicles, high fashion, and precious jewelry. The song also touches on the more superficial parts of high-class living, such as hanging out with attractive individuals and frequenting posh establishments.

The song seems to be about the material benefits of affluence on the surface and explores the more intangible feelings associated with such a lifestyle. It’s evocative of isolation in a crowded place and a desire for more in life than what we have at the moment.

3. YOSEMITE By Travis Scott

Travis Scott - YOSEMITE

YOSEMITE is a lavishly lavish track penned by Travis Scott. The lyrics cover a wide range of topics related to high life, including flashy automobiles, jewels, and mansions.

Some individuals can afford them, while others can’t; this disparity is also addressed in the song. But the song’s underlying message is that opulence is not a privilege reserved for the wealthy.

The song’s rhythm is incredibly soothing, which contributes to an air of opulence. Furthermore, Travis Scott’s voice, enhanced with Auto-Tune, conveys an air of affluence and achievement. In sum, YOSEMITE is an exceptionally sumptuous and pleasurable tune.

4. Rich Is Gangsta By Rick Rossa

Rick Ross - Rich Is Gangsta (Official Video)

For “Rich Is Gangsta,” imagine Tony Montana with Marlo Stanfield and a dash of Luke Cage’s invulnerability, and you have a man who is both wealthy and a target.

When Ross calls for a battle, you can almost feel the determination of a warrior who knows that his leader can’t afford to die. If John F. Kennedy had lived through November 22, 1963, he would probably tweet something along the lines of “Death to you fuckboys, on my fourth Bentley.”

Even though “Rich Is Gangsta” isn’t motivated by ostentation, the Black Metaphor production is as gorgeous as a herd of grazing unicorns. There’s a sample from Average White Band’s deep song “Soul Searching” mixed in with the drums and trumpets, and the result is an infectiously lush beat.

5. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Music Video]

The musician knows how to woo women with his wealth.

Lyrics like these might work well in a love story centered on a wealthy man. Gold jewelry flashing so dazzling, Strawberry champagne on ice, and the catchy lyric “Lucky for you that’s what I like, that’s what I like” make this song about wealth one of the most memorable ever written.

6. ChunLi By Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li

Nicki Minaj’s song “Chun-Li” focuses on opulence. There is a lot of mention in the lyrics of flashy lifestyles marked by expensive clothing, flashy automobiles, and extravagant parties.

Minaj boasts in her song that she is completely self-sufficient and that she finds fulfillment in acquiring more and more material goods. It’s impossible not to hum along with this song, which is both memorable and infectious. There’s more going on here, though, and it has to do with the value of the excess.

Minaj’s message is a welcome one in a world when so many people are struggling to make ends meet: it’s vital to take time to appreciate the good things in life. This tune is a celebration of all things fine and luxurious, and it’s guaranteed to put a grin on your face.

7. High Fashion By Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch - High Fashion - feat. Mustard (Music Video)

Luxury is the subject of “High Fashion,” a song by Roddy Ricch. At the outset of the song, he declares his undying devotion to luxury labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

He then elaborates on how much he enjoys lavishing his resources on things like high-end apparel and flashy automobiles. He boasts in the song’s chorus that he is “dressed to kill” and has “got that high fashion taste.”

The song’s purpose is obvious: to flaunt Ricch’s wealth and success. If you enjoy listening to songs about expensive goods, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Of course, you probably shouldn’t listen to this song if you’re not into opulence.

8. Heating Up – Gunna And Lil Baby

Lil Baby Feat. Gunna - Heatin Up (Official Video)

The song Heating Up by Gunna and Lil Baby is an ode to lavish living. The two spit rhymes about their high-end wardrobes, fancy automobiles, and private aircraft.

Despite the song’s apparent affluence, it does have some introspective passages. Lil Baby talks about his upbringing and his accomplishments in the same verse.

Despite his newfound prosperity, he emphasizes the value of keeping his feet firmly on the ground. As a whole, Heatin’ Up is an ode to opulence that also serves as a reminder that achievement can originate from any situation.

9. Icey – Young Thug

Young Thug - Icey [Official Audio]

Young Thug flaunts his success and wealth in the song “Icey.” He boasts about his jet, fancy automobiles, and watch covered in diamonds over a seductive trap rhythm.

Young Thug throughout the song about how he finally made it big in the rap world and is now living the good life. There’s no disputing that “Icey” is a catchy and enjoyable single that depicts the excesses of the present hip-hop lifestyle, but some listeners may be turned off by the song’s focus on material goods.

10. Fashion Killa – A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa (Explicit - Official Video)

A$AP Rocky’s “Fashion Killa” The Rocky song is all about being high class. Rocky raps throughout the song about his love for luxury things like designer clothing, fast automobiles, and flashy jewelry.

He makes it abundantly evident that he has no interest in commonplace things. On the contrary, he demands nothing but the best.

The music production also reflects this song’s emphasis on opulence. The rhythm is silky and the melody is sophisticated. It’s easy to hear how Fashion Killa’s music promotes a certain way of living just by listening to it.