6 Great Songs With Soul In The Title

songs with soul in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with soul in the title touches you right where it hurts, in the chest. It’s a generalization, though, to suggest that all the best songs in this style are about love. It’s true that many of the greatest classic soul songs focus on emotional experiences, such as the thrill of a new love or the heartbreak of an old one.

Many, however, focus on political oppression, religious redemption, or the liberation found on the dance floor. A great soul song, though, doesn’t need to be about anything in particular; it just needs to emanate from the soul.

Our list of the best songs with soul in the title draws from a wide range of R&B genres, pop and jazz.

6 Songs with soul in the title:

1. Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”

Train - Hey, Soul Sister (Official Video)

If you’ve ever had a sudden and intense love, this is the right song for you.

It’s safe to say that at this point in the song, the protagonist is suicidal and despondent to the point of contemplating suicide. Suddenly, he’s uplifted by the sight of this girl. When they first met, she knew she had found her one true love. His “soul sister” or “soul mate” is the girl.

I believe the song is about a man who was wandering aimlessly in life until he met this girl who was just like him (you have a one-track mind like me), who gave him a “direction” and made him fall in love. The only problem is that he couldn’t find the girl anymore, so he wrote a song about how she made him feel and how he will never forget her..

2. Tracey Chapman, “All That You Have Is Your Soul”

Tracy Chapman - All That You Have Is Your Soul - 12/4/1988 - Oakland Coliseum Arena (Official)

Don’t fall prey to bogus promises. Keep who you are, and don’t give it up for petty reasons. For justice and truth, do good deeds This song is about a woman named “mama” who abandoned herself in exchange for a man’s promises. He won her affection, but in return she sacrificed her soul. It serves as a warning because mama has been burned and is now seeking for a brighter day.

3. “Soul Meets Body” ` Death cab for cutiee

Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body (video)

I don’t know if this song has an official meaning from the band, but it appears to me that the song is about a desire to feel more at ease and content in a new relationship. For example, the narrator mentions in the first verse that they desire to be at ease with themselves; this ties to the second verse discussion of removing any manifested fears they may have.

A tentative relationship is described in the third verse, with both parties fearful of learning too much about the other. However, they remain hopeful that the two can make things work.

Finally, in the chorus, the narrator reveals that he has let go of his fears and is certain that this new connection will work out well for him and his character.

4. The Yardbirds, “Heart Full of Soul”

The Yardbirds - "Heart Full Of Soul" (1965)

This is my favorite Yardbirds song; it’s dark and menacing. Yet, the song is really about vulnerability and regret.

It’s about a guy who misses his ex lover so much that he suffers from depression as a result of his loneliness. In his mind, this girl is a princess and he would be the best boyfriend she’s ever had if given another chance. Forgiveness and redemption are the themes of this song, which deals with the pain of past regrets.

5. “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul (Official Video)

This song’s composition is stunning. It’s very spooky.

It’s about losing someone close to you who you looked up to, such as a mentor, a family member, or a lover, who was so much a part of you that you don’t know how to live without them. In addition, it sounds as if they were a positive influence on your life who shielded you from potentially harmful behavior.

Sadly, it sounds as if the individual committed suicide.  Even if someone has passed on to a better place, the living are left to mourn their loss. Instead of being delighted for them, we feel sorry for ourselves.

The song has a personal feel to it, and it may have been inspired by a fellow musician.

6. ‘All about Soul’ by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - All About Soul (Official Video)

The song “All About Soul” emphasizes the value of a committed partnership. Love is vital (as are honesty and trust), but “behind the love is a greater feeling,” and that emotion is loyalty and dedication to each other, as well as the ability to inspire and inspire your partner.

The song was originally titled “The Motorcycle Song” and Billy had lyrics about riding a motorcycle along the “Jericho Road,” but he slowed it down and changed it to “All About Soul.”

This song peaked at number 29 on Billboard’s Hot 100.