5 Great Songs Inspired By The Bible

songs inspired by the bible
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs Inspired By The Bible

The Bible serves as inspiration for all we do. It’s a guide and a commandment on how to live in righteousness. Stories in the bible act as compass for Christians to tread and as instructions to follow.

Great feats in the bible drive us to do those exact things to achieve that same level of greatness. Like the story of Abraham, Isaac, Solomon and the disciples to mention but a few. Parents go as long as giving their children names from the Bible this is because of the inspiration from the life of that person in the bible.

In the same way, songs too have been sung as inspirations from the Bible; they may or may not contain bible verses but the central theme stems from Bible passages and commandments.

5 Songs Inspired By The Bible:

1. “Your Love Is Everything” By Chris McClarney

Chris McClarney - Your Love Is Everything

Ranking first on our list of songs inspired by the bible is “Your Love Is Everything ` Chris McClarney,” which was released as a Christian song in 2009 on the artist’s debut studio album titled “Introducing Chris McClarney.”

The lyrics of the song speak of God’s immense love for humanity and the various things that he has done for our own good. The love of God has made it possible for us to have life through the righteousness of Jesus, who paid the price for our sin by dying on the cross.

His love makes it possible for us to have the holy spirit, gives us the ability to know Him completely, and assists us in our everyday walk with him. Be glad for His love and the gift of eternal life that He has provided to those who trust in Him and turn away from their sins.

2. Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” 

Nina Simone - Sinnerman

In this song, the term “sinner” refers to a person who willingly and habitually disobeys God’s commandments. This song stresses on Judgement Day, the day when he will have to face the consequences of this lifestyle.

Some have argued that the singer’s condemnation of sinners in general makes this song applicable outside of the framework of the Rapture. That being said, it is worth noting that “the sea…bleeding” is a direct reference to Biblical depictions of Judgment Day.

As a whole, the plot of “Sinnerman” revolves around the sinner man’s attempt to flee God’s wrath. It is no surprise that his attempts to do so are a resounding failure. Thus, he is “captured” and told to “go to the devil,” who had been waiting for him.

To sum it all up, the narrator (Nina) is giving everyone a serious spiritual word of caution. On the Day of Judgment, there will be no place for a sinner to hide. Since this is the case, she is giving the sinner the admonition that he should amend his ways before it is too late.

3. The Wonderful Cross By Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - The Wonderful Cross (Audio) ft. Matt Redman

Chris Tomlin wrote the song “The wonderful Cross,” which was published as a single in 2001 and can be found on his album titled “The Noise We Make.”  You could say that the theme of this song is that of sin, forgiveness and redemption. Truly a magnificent piece

We’ve lived worldly lives, and as such, we are all sinners. Because God is a Holy God who is able to triumph over sin, we are all doomed to eternal death and separation if not for his son Jesus Christ.

However, God has redeemed us through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. He saved us from our wicked ways by redeeming us through the great sacrifice that he made for us in the Cross Of Calvary.

The cross was once a sign of humiliation, but it has now become a symbol of God’s love and forgiveness for us. Because we are continually put to death by our sins, we must have genuine faith in order to remain alive in Christ. Because Jesus is the Messiah, this song urges all believers to be grateful to God for the abundant grace and mercy that He has shown toward us.

4. Rick Founds’ “Lord….On High”

Rick Founds - Lord I Lift Your Name On High.flv

This is yet another taken as an inspiration from the Bible. It was written by Rick Founds in 1989, while it was recorded by MercyMe and included on their album Traces of Rain, Volume 1, which was released in 1996.

This song has been compared to the water cycle since it also represents a cycle of redemption. It is important for us to understand that God is our Creator. Because He is our Lord and God, we should give thanks to Him and worship His name to the highest possible level.

We are obligated to sing praise to Him for his mercies endureth forever. God is gave us salvation, and he has bestowed upon us a great number of spiritual blessings. We are obligated to respond by praising the glory of God.

As fellow human beings, we owe it to Him to offer the sincere praise that He so richly merits. From the lyrics of this song, it’s obvious that it centers on praise and mercy. My guess is that it’s from the book of Psalms. A good song to start of your day with.

5. “For Who You Are” By Hillsong Worship

For Who You Are - Hillsong Worship

Concluding our list of songs inspired by the bible is this worship song by Hillsong Worship is titled “For Who You Are,” and it was first released in 2006 on the band’s album titled “Mighty To Save.”

If you’re a fan of Hillsong Worship, you’ll know by now that their songs are written as inspirations from the Bible. No wonder they’re so soul-lifting and evoke a whole lot of emotions.

The lyrics of the song are all about praising God for being who He is in the world. This song also discloses a number of verses concerning His characteristics and our relationship with him.

Because of His magnificence, because of who He is, and because of what He has done for us, God is exceedingly deserving of our praise. Be grateful to God for saving us from wrath and bestowing His holiness on us so that we can be called his children. Only because of these things can we be called your children.