5 Great Christian Songs For A New Day

Christian Songs For A New Day
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian Songs For A New Day

If you want to be more productive and focused on what really matters in life, listening to worship music first thing in the morning can help. When you make the Lord the centre of your attention, everything else will fall into place exactly where it should be.

When you as a Christian present a sacrifice to God that is full of praise and thanksgiving, your heart experiences a complete transformation, and oftentimes, so do your situations.

Worshipping God will not only comfort you, but also bring to mind the fact that He is larger than anything that you are struggling with. Any of the songs on our list of Christian songs for a new day will, without a doubt, bring you comfort, make you smile, and potentially even have you dancing.

The question now is, how do you choose the praise songs that will become a part of your morning routine? For me, the best ones are the ones that help me focus my thoughts and my heart on God. Enjoy!

5 Christian Songs For A New Day:

1. “Did You Know” by Hillsong

Did You Know? - Hillsong Kids (with lyrics)

This praise song is a good choice of song for a new day. “Did you know” is a track that was released by Hillsong and can be found on their album titled Jesus Is My Superhero (2004).

Did you know that God, who we worship, is the one who created us? He is the One who created everything. We see Him to be so great and all-powerful, as well as the origin of everything that exists in the universe. Indeed, this is the case, as is the assertion that God is in fact our Father.

God’s glory is unending, and he literally cannot be contained. Because Christ was willing to endure a horrible death in our place to demonstrate God’s infinite mercy, He loves us an immense amount. He has forgiven us, and he has the power to offer us eternal life.

This song emphasises on God’s love for us. Let God’s love ignite your spirit. Let it be that fire that’ll burn within you the entire day and Let it be what’ll leave you smiling all day.

2. “Touch The Sky” by Hillsong

Touch The Sky - Of Dirt And Grace (Live From The Land) - Hillsong UNITED

The lyrics also remind us that God loves us no matter who we are and that his love for us will never change. Our life experiences have the power to both encourage and inspire us to take action in our lives, as well as to challenge us to be the very best versions of ourselves that we can be.

The only thing that we really want is to earn respect from other people, and I am sure that you also want to be recognised as an accomplished individual.

Being successful is not in and of itself a negative thing, but there are times when we are not pleased with what we have. Sometimes when we are feeling down, the worst thing to do is to compare ourselves to other people.

You need to have a strong faith in our God if you are beginning to sense this kind of feeling and it is causing you tension. He is aware of everything going on in our lives as well as the circumstances that you are currently facing.

Permit Him to enter your thoughts and feelings. He will reassure you that He can handle these situations and will make your heart at ease. Truly this is a magnificent piece one of the best christian songs for a new day.

3. “I Will Follow” by Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - I Will Follow

I Will Follow is a song written and performed by Chris Tomlin. It was originally released in 2010 on the album titled And If Our God Is For Us. The message of the song is that we must follow God no matter what the cost, even if it means giving up our life. Jesus said that whoever loses their life for the sake of His kingdom will find it, and their souls will be saved from the punishment that they deserve for their sins.

We are obligated to follow Jesus no matter what the price may be, whether it be remaining where we are, moving somewhere else, travelling somewhere else, serving, loving, or even losing our life.

Because Jesus gave his life for us, you will know without a doubt that we are loved because of what has happened. If we put our faith in Him, He will take care of us. Oh, Jesus, please help us to follow in your footsteps.

4. “O Worship The King” by Charles Grant & Chris Tomlin

O Worship The King - Chris Tomlin

This song is about the majesty and beauty of our God, as well as the amazing descriptions of Him that are found in the Bible. The chorus of the song declares that God is the king of matches, always praises himself, and performs miracles that cannot be sufficiently expressed using simple language.

When we worship our God, it is a wonderful and a really fantastic experience. This is the grand and mighty song in which all of creation worships Him as the creator of everything.

5. Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love”

Reckless Love (Live with story) - Cory Asbury | Heaven Come 2017

The theme of God’s love for His people is abundantly expressed throughout the Bible, which serves as the inspiration for the song “Reckless Love.”

To be more precise, one could say that it revolves around the concept of God’s unwavering faithfulness, even though we often fail to do the same. As an illustration, Cory Asbury portrays himself as someone who was at one time an adversary of God. Despite this, he is here to rejoice in the fact that God’s love for him did not diminish as a result of his adopting such an attitude.

So, the name of this song is a metaphor. And what it signifies is that even when a certain individual, such as the singer, may turn their back on God, God will still lay all on the line to go after him and win him back. Or, to put it another way, as Asbury did in his own explanation, when humans sin, it breaks the heart of God. Despite this, He is always prepared to forgive and allow such people back into His fold.