5 Great Christian Songs About Creation

Christian songs about creation
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian songs about creation

According to the Bible, it took God six days to create everything that exists on earth. This playlist is a large-scale celebration of the creation that God has made, and it features songs that have been recorded by musicians working in a variety of musical genres, as well as a traditional hymn and one that is commonly played at Christian weddings.

5 Christian songs about creation:

1. ‘When God Made You by  Newsong

When God Made You - Newsong feat. Natalie Grant

Ranking first on our list of chistian songs about creation is Natalie Grant and Newsong’s collaboration, “When God Made You,” this is a stunning number that is appropriate for Christian weddings. The lyrics explain that God made one person who is the ideal companion for all of us. It is included in the band’s album titled “More Life,” which you can obtain.

This song is meant to convey the narrator’s feelings of admiration and wonder toward the lovely creature that is his lady. He begins by expressing gratitude to God for the incredible work that was done on the woman who will eventually become his wife.

In addition to this, he wonders how two separate hearts may end up loving each other. As he continues, he reassures his wife that they will remain married forever because God has predetermined her presence in his life. This comes after he has expressed how unsatisfactory his life would be if it were to be lived apart from her.

2. ‘Indescribable’ by Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - Indescribable (Lyrics And Chords)

The majority of people who attend worship services are familiar with “Indescribable” because it serves as the first tune on Chris Tomlin’s CD Arriving. On the other hand, the tale of where that music came from started a long way from where it eventually landed.

In the year 2002, when Laura Story was driving her vehicle across a mountainous region just outside of Nashville, she was utterly caught aback by the astounding beauty of the creative exhibition that God had put out before her in the form of a fall mountain panorama.

According to Story, it was one of those occasions when the sun was setting and the leaves were falling, which is a phrase that accurately captures the scene..  It was beautiful, and she couldn’t help but ponder about how the world came to be.

It was this amazing moment when she was staring at creation and thinking, “Wow, it’s crazy to think that there are still individuals in our world who don’t believe in God and who think that all of this just happened by chance.” that the thought of this song came to her mind.

At that very moment, she was at a loss for words to adequately convey the magnificence that she beheld in God; according to her,  all she could think was, “You truly are Indescribable.”

3. ‘The Stand by  Hillsong

The Stand - Hillsong UNITED

“The Stand,” a song that was performed live at the Hillsong Conference in 2006 and afterwards recorded, encourages us to stand before the Lord and give him everything. “United We Stand” is the name of the album that contains this song.

This song extols the glory of God and extends an invitation to praise the God who is responsible for our creation, salvation, and the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead us.

The point that Jesus, who created everything else that came into being through voice, is eternal is driven home by the evidence presented here. He made an atonement for the sins of Hillsong and ushered in the Holy Spirit, who now resides inside their hearts. Because He is their creator and their savior, they are able to stand before Him.

As a result of this, Hillsong decides to give up their life and devote themselves entirely to worshiping and following Jesus.

Those who are not part of the Christian faith will have an easier time interpreting the text since they will recognize references to Christian concepts like God, the cross, and salvation. The following ideas are conveyed using language that is more comprehensible to everyone:

  • The universe was created by God.
  • Sin is falling short of God’s expectations.
  • Our stumbling blocks were placed on the shoulders of Christ, who carries the presence of God’s Spirit within believers.

In conclusion, the song “The Stand” by Hillsong UNITED is deserving of praise. It speaks of God as the one who created us and saved us, as well as the one who took on our sins and whose spirit dwells inside us.

These things bring praise to God. A hymn whose adherents glorify God can be plainly identified as belonging to the Christian faith even by nonbelievers. This song is perfect for corporate worship and comes highly recommended from me..

4. Awesome God by Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins Awesome God Live

Rich Mullins was a Christian musician and composer who is best remembered for the worship songs he wrote and recorded. In 1997, he was only 41 years old when he perished in a terrible car accident.

This straightforward hymn is Mullins’ most well-known work; it recognizes the enormous power that God possesses, and it was ranked first in the book CCM Magazine, which was published in 2006.

It was late at night, and Rich Mullins was behind the wheel of his pick-up truck by himself. He was someplace between Tennessee and Missouri.

He was driving to a concert for young people in Colorado and was having difficulties keeping awake the whole way there. Rich realized that he was thinking about imagining a “hellfire and brimstone” preacher, the kind of preacher that shouts short and pointed declarations about God to their congregation.

In an effort to keep himself awake throughout the night, he rolled down his window and began yelling these things into the darkness. Rich yelled out the lyrics that would eventually become part of this song, line by line. He committed those lyrics to memory in order to perform them once he arrived at the site, located a piano, and began teaching the children “Awesome God.”

In conclusion, the song “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins is an incredible piece of work. It declares unequivocally that God is awesome and provides several reasons for this, including as His miracles, the atonement for sin, the judgment, and God’s smart, powerful, and loving rule and dominion. These things offer praise and honor to God. This conclusion will not be difficult to reach for those who do not believe.

5. How Great Thou Art by Stacie Marshall

How Great Thou Art by Stacie Marshall | Cover with Lyrics

Concluding our list of christian songs about creation is How Great Thou Art by Stacie Marshall. There is nothing quite like a quality hymn to bring you to a place where you feel more connected to the Lord. When you sing out those lyrics, it’s almost as if His power and love pour over us as a wash of water. In addition, “How Great Thou Art” is widely regarded as one of the most influential hymns ever written.

Hearing this magnificent hymn is one of my absolute favorites, and after learning the history behind it, I find that my appreciation for it has only grown.

The cosmos and the entire universe are discussed in the first verse. It perceives the strength, vastness, and grandeur of God’s creation as stretching beyond our sight and beyond our capacity to comprehend.

The second verse concentrates on the more physical aspects of creation, such as the sounds of birds and the stunning sights of mountains.

Although the previous verses give some indications as to what it is that satisfies our spirit, verses 3 and 4 delve far more into the subject of what the song of our souls actually is. Even though God made a wondrous and beautiful universe that stirs our emotions and makes us crave for more, we do not find satisfaction in that.

He sent His Son to bear the burden of our sins, to suffer and die on our behalf, and to carry the burden that we were unable to carry on our own.

The final wonderful stanza of the hymn exposes the final glorious stanza of God’s mission, which is that Christ will arrive and be met with shouts of adoration from the people. Because of the greatness of His grandeur, we will “knee in humble worship” before him. Things that have gone wrong will be put right. Both sin and suffering will be eradicated. To this, there is just one appropriate response: “My God, how great Thou Art!”