6 Great Christian Songs About Blessings

Christian Songs About Blessings
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian Songs about Blessings

Gospel songs themed around a variety of topics have been a staple on Christian radio stations’ playlists for years. Songs about blessings are a common subject for musical compositions.

“Blessing” is defined as “a favor or gift bestowed by God, hence providing satisfaction,” to us. Nevertheless, as Christians, we are aware that there are times when God blesses us by giving and taking away from us. This may seem counterintuitive, but in the end, it will bring joy, which is preferable to happiness any day of the week.

Here are some Christian songs that are about blessings that you can listen to. I am confident that you would enjoy them.

6 Christian songs about blessings:

1. The Blessing by Michael W. Smith

This song by Michael Smith discusses how we will be blessed if we turn away from wicked behaviors and instead follow God’s will for our lives. As a result of receiving the Holy Spirit as a gift, we have the certainty that we are provided with the supernatural strength to turn away from sin when we are tempted and instead follow Christ.

2. Same God by Elevation Worship ft Jonsal Barrientes

Same God (Feat. Jonsal Barrientes) | Elevation Worship

Who else is in desperate need of God at this very moment? I mean, roughly speaking, right around now? You? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me because I rely on him myself.

The wonderful thing about God is that He can be seen in any circumstance that we might find ourselves in. If you are sincerely depending on God’s faithfulness, then it does not matter how tough the circumstance may be because God is greater, and he will show up for you.

Through the song “Same God,” Elevation Worship and Jonsal Barrientes helped us better understand how one and the same God can take on many diverse manifestations.

Through the life of Jacob, God reveals himself to be a loving God who is also patient and forgiving, as well as a God who is present and faithful from one generation to the next.

God made his presence known to Moses in the form of mighty miracles by working in and through the life of his faithful servant, Moses. Through Mary, he demonstrated to the world that he is the one who favors and delivers. Through David, God reveals himself to be the one who bestows assurance and victory on those who are courageous in their faith in him.

He will make his presence known in your life. He will reveal himself to you as the physician if you are sick. If you are expecting a kid, God will reveal Himself to you as the one who is responsible for the birth of happy and healthy children. If you are in need, He will make himself known to you as the God who gives his blessings in abundance.

3. Count your Blessings by Johnson Oatman

Count Your Blessings - Johnson Oatman, Jr

The Christian hymn “Count Your Blessings” was written by Johnson Oatman and is a lovely reminder to express thanks for the loving grace that God has bestowed upon us throughout our lives. Every single day, God showers us with an incredible number of gifts and blessings. Some of them can even be so insignificant that we could easily miss them.

The timeless song “Count Your Blessings” serves as a powerful reminder for all of us to pause and offer gratitude to God for all that he has done in our lives. This is very certainly a moment at which each of us ought to stop and reflect. Amen!!

4. Matt Redman ` 10,000 Reasons

Matt Redman - 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

This praise song is credited to Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin as having been co-written by the two of them. Redman was the one who initially performed it, and it was included on his album 10,000 Reasons.

This song’s lyrics are based on Psalm 103, which extols the Lord for his ability to forgive those who have sinned against him and cure those who are ill . The chorus then goes on to thank God for everything he has done for us and to bless the Lord.

This new take on an old worship standard presents the argument that there are “10,000 reasons for my heart to find” to praise God. The original song was written in the 1970s. The first line of Psalm 103,  was the source of this song’s inspiration.

5. Good Good Father by Marshall

Marshall Hall - You're a Good Good Father

This beautiful song, “Good Good Father,” was made famous by Chris Tomlin and has since become one of the most popular praise anthems for singers to cover. Continue reading to find out more about the song’s lyrics, the narrative that inspired them, and to watch a GodTube Playlist featuring popular renditions of “Good Good Father.”

This fantastic praise song called “Good Good Father” contains lyrics that are really incredible. The humility with which we address our heavenly Father in worship makes the expression of our gratitude all the more potent and moving.

The chorus only extols God for being good because it is who He is, and it also serves to remind us that He adores each one of us so very much.

The assurances found in the Bible, such as “God will never forsake us” and “God is the answer,” are prominently featured in the song’s lyrics as well. The first line of the song talks about what different people say and feel about who God is, however the rest of the lyrics showcases the truth that frequently reveals itself to us when we take the time to be silent and listen to Him. That even in the deepest part of the night, a gentle voice tells us that He delights in us and that we are never truly alone!

It never stops reassuring us of how unquestionably God loves each one of us. And that when we seek Him, the answers to all the questions we have about this life will present themselves to us!

The absolute, unfathomable, and overwhelming wonder that we feel at the depth of His love is a large part of what makes this song so beautiful. How humbling it is to consider that our Creator is so flawless and good, and that He loves us to such an incredible degree.

6. “Blessings”  by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line - Blessings

This amazing song by Florida “Blessings’ ‘ is a part of the album titled “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country “. This song is indeed the one song that reveals the most about the artist’s life story. According to what Hubbard said to The Boot about the meaning of the song, it encourages having a grateful attitude at all times and acknowledging one’s blessings.

The artist emphasizes that even when you wake up, regardless of what occurs or how awful it is, you still have to express gratitude to God for the privilege of being alive since it is a significant accomplishment to be alive. As a result, we have every reason to express our gratitude to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us and our families.

If anything, the fact that we are able to provide jobs to those who are struggling financially and earn a living for ourselves is a reason for us to feel tremendously satisfied. No matter what else may occur in your life, it is important to remember to always be thankful for what you have and to never lose sight of how fortunate you truly are being blessed by God. This is one of the best christian songs about blessings.