10 Great Songs With Suburban In The Title

Songs with suburban in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with suburban in the title

If you were given the task of defining “suburban,” you would likely be able to do so. It is a term that is associated with a definition that you can readily look up on the internet and/or recall from your memory.

The suburbs are not precisely bustling metropolises, yet they do not have the obvious allure of quaint little towns, either. A childhood spent in the suburbs is unquestionably a thing; you despise it while you are living there, but once you have left, you find yourself praising it as though it were a wonderful environment in which to grow up.

We have compiled some songs with suburbans in the title, so you can remember your childhood days and the experience of growing up.

1. Suburban Home By Descendents

Descendents - Suburban Home

First on our list of songs with suburban in the title is this song by Descendants. The lyrics of this song are nearly transparent in appearance.

It is a humorous song about people whose top priorities in life are to get a nice career, blend in with the Johnsons, and find a house in the suburbs.

Their personalities are, like the houses, already formed. They do not want to break the mold of the typical suburban family; rather, they want to conform to it.

2. Suburban War by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire - Suburban War (Official Lyric Video)

This is one of the best songs with suburban in the title. In my opinion, suburbs relates to their youth, and each song represents a stage in their development as a person.

“Suburban War” seems to me to be a story about deciding to choose a different path in life and leave the suburbs behind. It is like visiting a new foreign place because he went back to his former town without the folks he used to know.

When the person he sings to in the song chooses his or her path, everyone else follows suit. They used to live in the suburbs together. The “cut of hair” refers to the direction to take, whereas the “growth of hair” refers to the amount of time it takes to travel through that path.

When you read the last paragraph, it suggests that his friends no longer know him because he walked away from them.

3. Suburban Me by In Flames

Suburban Me (2020 Remastered)

This song inspires me to look above my limitations and surpasses them. My interpretation of the lyrics is that this song tells the story of an individual who attempts to be more than they are, but who is unable to break free of their limitations.

This song was my favorite until I heard “The Inborn Lifeless,” but the guitars in it are incredible; it is as if the entire song is one long solo. Furthermore, the guitar work is nothing short of amazing. Flames has a Shiznak character.

4. Sweet Suburban Sky by Paddy Casey.

Paddy Casey - Sweet Suburban Sky (original version)

The message passed across by the lyrics of this song is that the average person no longer has any regard for the world in which we live. He is predicting how dirty the globe will become in the future.

There will be no clean water in so many years, and subsequent generations will reflect on us and curse us just because we “continue to compromise” in our decisions, he says.

5. The Great Suburban Showdown by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - The Great Suburban Showdown (Audio)

To a large extent, this song encapsulates the message that the narrator is trying to convey. He is out in the west now, therefore we can probably assume he is in Hollywood. Since he was out there, he has undergone significant development, and now he is making his initial trip back home. He has evolved, but his house has not.

Everything, from his parents and siblings to his neighbors and the town itself, is the same as it was before he went. But because he has evolved, he is unable to return to the person he was when he lived there; as a result, he is uncomfortable and out of place when he attempts to do so.

He is aware that he is unable to remain, and there are numerous reasons for this. He has just arrived home and will say his final farewells to it there. This is one of the best songs with suburban in the title, you should add it to your playlist because it’s worth the play.

6. Suburban Dogs by Real Estate

Real Estate - Suburban Dogs

This is one of the songs with suburban in the title that has a clear meaning. It is almost certain that this song is truly about the band members and how they maintain their roots. The Real Estate comes from the state of New Jersey.

This song talks about how the band members, no matter where they go or how long they stay, they will almost certainly return to their home state of New Jersey, or at the very least have the desire to do so – I can connect to this sentiment.

7. Suburban Bathers by The Residents

The Residents - Suburban Bathers

The Residents themselves aimed the music video for this song, which features a revolving clip of two unclad women mast****ting on a beach. In front of the revolving clip is a man who is dressed from head to toe in a rubber suit and a gas mask, and he is frantically trying to mas****te but is unable to because of his protective gear.

8. Suburban Life by Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings "Suburban Life"

I believe that this song is about getting arrested and living the “suburban life.” The phrase “I went from home-cooked meals to TV dinners” kind of clarifies what I am talking about when I say that this is the theme of the song. It might signify a lot of other things, but I take it to mean this one thing.

9. Suburban Myth by Less Than Jake

This music is all about how someone can spend years hating where they live and wanting to leave, but when you look around and see all that you have seen, all the recollections of days and nights past, it becomes home, and you loathe to admit it, but you are linked to it in some ways.

10. Suburban Smell by The Districts

The Districts - Suburban Smell & 4th and Roebling | A Take Away Show

Rob Grote, the lead singer of the band Districts, was in a small town when he observed a child with learning challenges being harassed and discovered that life in a small town was not for him. This event served as the inspiration for this song.

He stated the following to NME: “And there’s this one instance at a ball game where a group of kids was making fun of a child who had mental disabilities by forcing him to dance. They did this while making fun of him. After a video of it was shared on the internet, I got into a heated argument with several people on the internet because I said, “you guys are nuts.”