8 Top Songs With The World Hypnotized In The Title

Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word “hypnotized” in the title

During times of intense concentration or when you have realized you are vulnerable to your thoughts, feelings, or the people you are around.

Mindfulness is one of the goals of hypnosis, but the goal of hypnosis is also to help people achieve complete mental relaxation. Songs with the word “hypnotized” in the title are music that evokes strong emotions and is calming to the mind.

A different way of seeing the world may be revealed to you if you can decipher what the words of these songs are saying. We have put together a selection of these songs, and they are all worth your attention.

1. Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac hypnotized

This song is reflective of its topic in many ways. It is a weird aberration in the vast cosmos of rock and roll, but it is only noticeable to those individuals who are attentive enough to ride with the sparkles of imagery and superstition that lie not too far underneath.

Even at its weakest, the song is little more than a cool groove. However, it may be similar to the “strange pond” that was uncovered in the woodlands on that particular day by trail bike riders who had no prior familiarity with the area.

This cross-section of reality will occasionally randomly wink at us or shuffle its feet, frequently leaving behind ideas, magic, miracles, and various other items of love, peace, and concord as its residue, with the only request being that we take pleasure in it to the utmost extent possible.

This song can put me in a hypnotic state. This is definitely one of the best songs with hypnotized in the title.

2. Hypnotized by Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco - Hypnotized

This song, to me, is about placing your faith in another person, and how effortless it is for that person to deceive you, which ultimately leads to you feeling betrayed by them.

I believe the introductory words refer to her being by herself in a community where she was an outcast and “surrounded by a language in which I could say only hello and thank you very much.” Then, when she eventually meets somebody else, to whom she is singing, who understands her, she wound up placing all of herself into this commitment and sings, “so I drew a treasure map on your hand,” which to her always seemed like a paradise.

She starts talking about her dissatisfaction when she said that, “the map led to an island with store-bought, or fake dreams and soul-less singers, or heartless people,…” She feels uncomfortable and therefore out of place, but she has “sweetness” to demonstrate a ‘good’ face.

Nevertheless, the relationship is backstabbed by the individual when she gets to learn the actual theme. But in the end, she finds herself in the same position as when she began.

3. Hypnotized by Plies

Plies - Hypnotized (feat. Akon) [Official Video]

This song is about a guy who gets whipped because he can not stop thinking about a certain woman, and he sings about how he is whipped in the song.

4. Hypnotized by Pillar

Pillar - Hypnotized

I believe the message of this song is that we should not turn a blind eye to what is going on around us because we are aware that we are better than the behavior that we have been engaging in and that we should do better.

“The simple fact that we have not done anything, Does not mean that we can not start offering” is a line from a song that tells the story of a group of young people who have squandered their lives on illegal substances or some shit, do not have jobs, and either end up on the streets or in their family’s basement and are seeking for a solution as to how they can change their destructive ways and be a better person, clean up their mess and live a new life.

In summary, It is never too late to correct the wrongs you have been doing for the right thing. This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with hypnotized in the title,

5. Hypnotized by Sell it off

Set It Off - Hypnotized

The song “Hypnotized” is incredible, and it is also a hate song addressed to a specific person. It is a song that was written to get a lot of anger and stress off of the shoulders of the people who created it.

The thing that I like the most about this song (other than how badass it is) is that it is not inherently aimed towards a lover in specific and can be about whoever it is that has pissed you off. What I mean by this is that the song can be about anyone who has made you angry.

6. Hypnotized by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez - Hypnotized (Lyrics)

Tory Lanez rekindles his relationship with hitmakers Benny Blanco and Cashmere, the trio that collaborated on the production of Tory’s lead single to achieve the status of double platinum.

Tory is “at the late-night function” when the events of the song take place, and he is unable to take his eyes off of a girl who has him “hypnotized.” He is also curious about who she was with, and he wants to be her lover. He assures her that he will not settle for any other lady beside her.

7. Hypnotized by UNO David​

Unodavid – Hypnotized (Official Music Video)

His thoughts about the woman that he met and how she affected his mental state are the subject of this song. A break had to be called because he had grown bored of her and recognized she was simply playing with his emotions, so he did. However, Unodavid still claims that he can not stop thinking about her and that recollections of her make his life stressful.

It was the sight in her eyes that fascinated him, and he confesses that she was far more of a distraction to him than he ever imagined.

This song stresses the importance of staying focused and letting go of all the distractions that come your way. The narrator was forced to end his relationship with the woman and now believes he is better off without her.

8. Hypnotized by System of a Down

System Of A Down - Hypnotize (Official HD Video)

This song, which was published in 2005, makes references to events that are nearly entirely about the incident that took place at Tiananmen Square; nonetheless, the basic picture and theme of this song would be used in any country where freedom of thought is criminalized.

The actual massacre that took place on June 5, 1989, when numerous Chinese students were killed during a peaceful protest asking for more democratic principles is brought up at the beginning of the song.

The demonstration was taking place in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. After this incident, the mainstream press in China depicted the course of action of the army as courageous, by bravely having to stand against this aggressive mass demonstration against the nation and the ever-lovable Chinese government.

The next section of the song discusses how the Chinese administration controls the media and how the mainstream press in China has portrayed the army’s conduct as heroic.

For the portion of the song where they are sitting in the car, the song is anthropomorphizing the American authorities as to the guy in the car, and the girl is representing the Chinese students.

I believe the girl is the girl of freedom, that was a little carving that the teenagers had set up in Tiananmen square. It demonstrates how the students required assistance from the United States government or even the United Nations, but they were abandoned by both organizations and destroyed by tank units.