5 Great Songs With “Twenty-Two In The Title”

Songs with twenty-two in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with twenty-two in the title

There is an abundance of music with the number “twenty two” in the titleof the songs listed below. The connection these songs make between music and real-life events is one of the aspects of them that fascinates me the most.

When I was in elementary school, I had the misconception that as you got older, you would care less and less for songs. But fortunately, I have learned that the majority of songs with the number twenty-two in the title talk about age, life, the future, or relationships, even though the topic of adulthood takes the lead in the majority of these songs.

Take your time to listen to these songs because the majority of them have meanings that go significantly beyond what the lyrics say. The songs listed below are among the best songs with twenty-two in the title.

1. Whatever That Means ft. Won Jonghee  ~  “Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two”

...Whatever That Means "Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two" (feat. Won Jonghee of Rux) Official Music Video

On May 3, 2014, Whatever That Means and Won Jonghee released the song Sixty-Eight Twenty-Two. The song discusses life and existence in its entirety.

The song begins with the narrator lamenting his lot in life and his concerns. “Come on in. Make yourself at home” He argues that worrying about the future is a waste of time. He further talked about contentment, in the third line, wherein he said “Don’t waste your time on the outside looking in ”.

It does not matter what the latest fashion trends are or how often they change; what matters is that we do not succumb to the temptations of life’s trivialities.

Too many heads have gone to the world yonder, so many that it is almost impossible to keep count of, and today their voices can’t be heard anymore.

We should not expect things to stay the same, the narrator continued, because the world and everything in it is always changing. If your heart is at peace, you will have the wisdom to deal with life’s challenges. You will know exactly what to say if you locate your heart somewhere.

2. Wakey!Wakey!  ~  “Twenty-Two”

Wakey!Wakey! - Twenty-Two

What the narrator’s life was like at the age of twenty-two is the subject of this song. “22” is an appropriate point in one’s life to be regarded as an adult, and he departed at that age in quest of a better life, according to the guy himself.

He had great expectations from the people around him. While it appeared he was making progress at one point, he looked back to count his blessings and realized he was deteriorating even farther than when he had first left his home.

In the song “You should go home before your money’s gone,” he remarked, “You should go home before your money’s gone.” He worries that he will be viewed as a failure if he goes home with nothing to show for his time away, so he is debating whether or not to stay and keep trying. “And I know you lost it but you still try and stay” He strives, but he can not keep up; he continues to fail.

Nothing further can be done, so he gives up and decides to go back to his parents’ house. There is nothing left to say, even though it was heartbreaking at the time.

3. The Album Leaf  ~  “Twenty Two Fourteen”

The Album Leaf - Twenty Two Fourteen

Rather than relying on the lyrics to inform you how to feel about a song, this one provides you the freedom to make up your mind.

Although it is difficult to decipher what the song’s message is, I believe that the aim of the instrumental is to allow you to create your meaning.

What it could be to you depends on your point of view; it could be about mourning or about anticipating a storm, or about positive or unpleasant things to ponder on. As a result, the song evokes different emotions in different people, and I believe that the song intends to move everyone who hears it.

4. 22 (Twenty Two) Paldrow (8Dro)

Paltrow’s “Twenty Two” is a touching song about what it is like to be in your twenties. Paltrow admits that he has no idea why he has wrinkles around his eyes at the age of twenty-two.

He explains that he is neither junior nor a senior at this point in his life. Even after unwrapping the uniforms, he missed that moment in his life, when he could see his grades rise and the excitement of celebrating his graduation with friends in uniforms that would never be possible.

Every day, he complains, the period of forced smiles grows ever more prevalent, and he finds it boring. He wishes he could turn back the hands of time so that he might live forever. “Now when I watch TV, they all look the same, I just wanna go to Disneyland,” he said.

When we reach a certain age, we begin to wish we were younger again because of all the responsibilities that come with it.

We can not understate the importance of making the most of our youth and making a positive influence on the life of those we care about the most. We will all eventually get old and fade into the past, and our lives will be remembered as a moment in the past.

The more important it is to live a meaningful and productive life. Finally, Paltrow reveals his desire to reach twenty-two so he could get some rest, but now that he is twenty-two, he can not sleep because of his inferiority complex.

5. The Flaming Lips  ~  “When Yer Twenty Two.

The Flaming Lips When Yer Twenty Two

I feel this dong is an outburst of the narrator’s feelings. This is my interpretation of the narrator’s feelings and emotions.

Twenty-two years old. At this point in my life, I have never experienced anything like that. As opposed to dying against the world by obsessing about people and despising how awful we all are, I have decided to live against the world by placing my faith in myself and my worth.

It is as if I believe in myself, but I am surrounded by a world of utter horror and disarray.

Even though it is dark outside, my number is backward. I am going outside of myself and strolling through the commotion of the masses, but I am trying not to leave a mark by cracking the eggs.

It does not matter what happens, though; if you have not cracked the shells yet, people expect them to fracture. You are not respected because you can not play your instruments and because you are just some underground punks trying to be “different” when you are twenty-two and trying to make music. Your music is grungy and has no meaning or purpose other than loud noise.

As a result, you will be subjected to a constant barrage of attempts to diminish your stature. As a result of all of this, your bone has been broken, your pride has been swallowed, the eggshells are flying and you are caught in the whirlwind. Until then, the only thing you can do is sit back and relax.

There is a moment when you realize that when you are twenty-two, you are so young and inexperienced that all of your mistakes, all of your resentment, and all of your rage are gone because there is still a lot of maturing to accomplish.

You are left alone, nothing, with nothing more impressive than the fact that you are alone. You have the right to do as you like. So you start from scratch and try again. This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with twenty-two in the title.