8 Top Songs With The Word “Exploding” In The Title

Songs with the word exploding in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word “Exploding” in the title

If you are seeking songs that begin on a somewhat subdued note but then, at a specific point, just erupt into a melodic climax, there are plenty of options out there. Songs that build up gradually to an unexpected climax or “explosion,” are often seemingly out of nowhere.

Songs in which the explosion occurs at a specific point in time and gradually gets more strong with no one period in which everything climaxes can be said to have a “one instant explosion.” These songs with the word “exploding” in the title bring a lot more to the table than just these things, though. Hold on to your seats and stay as still as possible as we reveal some of the best songs featuring the word “exploding” in the title.

1. Exploding People by Cloud Cult

Cloud Cult: The Exploding People (Official Video)

People who either spend too much time living in the past or who never allow themselves to completely live in the present are the target audience for this song.

People who choose to live in the future or the past rather than in the here and now are not living in the present. It encourages the audience to truly live their lives and appreciate the gift that we call life because everyone will die at some point (“one by one the people explode”).

The lesson seems to be that dwelling too much on the past will only bring about negative consequences, and that the majority of your healing and damage is caused by your actions. Both of these seem to be true at the same time.

2. The exploding boy by the cure

The Cure - The Exploding Boy (B-Sides)

This song is about breaking up with a partner for the straightforward reason that you no longer love them, even though they continue to love you, which makes the decision difficult because you do not want to cause them any pain.

This song was originally released as a B-side to the song “Head in the Door,” which is also an odd decision considering that it is possibly the best track on the album. It is also a wonderful accompaniment to the song “In Between Days,” which I understand to be about breaking up with someone one day and then lamenting the decision later.

3. Exploding/reloading by Scars in the broadway.

Exploding / Reloading

It revolves around the idea that religion is a sickness. ” you live, you live on your knees (prayer) spread like a disease huh ” The only things that religions have ever been good for are committing genocide, suicide, and causing death and destruction. Given that the Turks are responsible for the genocide of Armenians yet continue to deny it, HE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GENOCIDES. “Lies told by the Turks”

Armenia is a Christian nation, and Daron is of Armenian descent. I believe he is making fun of Turks and Muslims who commit suicide by bombing themselves.

You do not typically hear about someone detonating themselves in the name of Jesus Christ, which is why he uses the phrase I like, I like suicide coupled with Jesus Christ” in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

“You live, you live on your knees” is a reference to Muslims who are required to pray for several hours each day while facing in the direction of the holy land. – Turks make up 97 percent of the world’s Muslim population.

And yes, a significant amount of his inspiration for writing songs like these comes from the Armenian genocide that was covered up by World War 1, which most people seem to forget about.

4. Help save the youth of America from exploding by Less than Jake

My interpretation is that this song is about becoming older and becoming preoccupied with one’s thoughts and feelings. And he needs to be reminded of why he is doing what he is doing here because the world just seems like too much for him to handle right now.

5. Exploding head movie by the Stereolab

Exploding Head Movie

Keeping the faith and fighting the good fight are the main themes of this song. There is nothing more inspiring to the artist than being lifted, hopeful, and challenged.

6. This is my head exploding by Disco Ensemble

This Is My Head Exploding, by Disco Ensemble

My impression of this song is that the narrator must keep things to himself since other people would not be able to put up with them. It would be in everyone’s best interest if he could keep these feelings and secrets to himself, but given that this is not possible, he will need to express everything.

The two lines that start with “This” and the lines that start with “These” are suggesting that he has all these things he could say but he never does, thus he must be going mad as a result of this.

If this is the case, the meaning of the statement “Though my words…” is that his words have a lot of significance, but he can never get them to come out the way he wants them to.

Again, he wants to say a lot of things but is unable to bring himself to do so. As a result, he just shuts off and engages in a lot of internal conflict with himself (sounds kind of like me).

Now, his concentration is slipping away, and it appears as though he is slowly passing away (perhaps not physically, but emotionally and socially), and he has not discovered anyone or anything that may save him yet. “He is also likely to be stubborn, or he does not feel that he needs support from anyone”

7. Exploding Dreams by Evening Dreamer.

This song discusses the delight that may be found in silence and solitude, as well as the calm that can be attained by meditating during a little period of silence. During times like this, he can think clearly and recognize things for what they are.

8. A Million Exploding Suns by Horse the Band

HORSE the band- A Million Exploding Suns (HD)

When Bob Reynolds, a methamphetamine addict, broke into a research facility to get high or steal something, he ended up finding Project Sentry, a serum that gave him the power of a million suns.

The song “A Million Exploding Suns” refers to this Marvel backstory. He became addicted to the serum instead of meth, which he had previously become addicted to. When he could not tell the difference between himself and the other, he became increasingly frustrated. That is exactly what it is like to be a reformed addict.

You are the void when you are dependent on drugs or alcohol. Nothing good comes from you, even if it is not on purpose. You just ruin people’s lives and make them miserable. You are at the bottom of the heap. And the law wields a tremendous amount of influence on you.

You feel like the Sentry when you are amid recuperation. You begin to feel like a superhero again, not simply because of the absence of drugs, but because of the understanding that you can once again lead a regular life. It lifts your spirits and gives you a sense of invincibility.

After some time without dope, the recovery wears off and you return to the grind of everyday life. You revert to the Bob you were before you started taking drugs. And you begin to understand that all of your previous issues, worries, and uncertainties are still with you. As a human being, you are back to your old self, with all the good and evil it includes. Every day you must fight to avoid becoming the Void once again.

The strength of your low is equal to the magnitude of your high at this point. You think of all the people you have harmed, let down, and how you have let yourself down in the past. All you know is that you do not ever want to go back to being at your lowest point.

It was so awful that it makes you want to avoid it like the plague in the future. As a result of your low, your high has grown in strength. This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with word exploding in the title.