10 Great Songs With The Word “World” In The Title

songs with world in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With World In The Title

 What if I told you there are a lot of songs with the title “world” in them? This list includes every song whose title contains the word “world.” Despite the fact that this list contains many songs with world in the title, the content of the songs is not solely focused on global issues.

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1. “Heal The World” By Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Heal The World (Official Video)

First on our list of songs with world in the title is Heal the world by the king of pop.

Michael is without a doubt one of the most talented singers and most accomplished artists that the world has ever seen. “Heal the world” is a true masterpiece. It is about having a more compassionate attitude toward people throughout the world who are disadvantaged in some way.

This song is trying to tell us that we need to think about other people’s lives, especially those that are in grave danger or those that are living in abject poverty around the world.

It demonstrates how powerful a single act of kindness can be and how someone can transform the world to make it a place that is delightful and loving for everyone all around the world.

2. “Mad World” by Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears - Mad World (Official Music Video)

The story told in “Mad World” is narrated from the point of view of a young person who can be categorized as disadvantaged and marginalized.

It appears that he has some problems that cannot be fixed with the way things are proceeding. As an illustration, he is exposed to the monotonous and gloomy reality of the working world.

And the thought that he may be heading in the same direction as others before him makes him wish there was “no tomorrow.”

In addition, such emotions as isolation and depression can be traced back to when he was a child. He does not believe that he is the only person affected by his pessimistic outlook.

Rather, he seems to be implying that people are not offered the proper amount of affection and attention from a young age, which is necessary for them to develop into positive human beings.

Therefore, the narrator is troubled by both the past and the future. Or, to look at it from another angle, you could say that he sees a cycle. And the fact that this cycle never comes to an end is why he calls it a “Mad” world.

This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with world in the title,  it preaches affection, love, and selflessness; and Adam Lambert’s version is one you do not want to miss.

3. “Around the world” by Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Around The World (Official Music Video Remastered)

This song uses strong metaphors from ancient Aztec mythology to talk about how some of us spend so much time thinking about dying that we do not have time to appreciate our lives.

How the existence of a god in our minds has led us to believe in an afterworld and how we have allowed this thought to control us.

How, in the hopes that we will be rewarded in death for something that may be fiction, we have killed many innocent people and destroyed the life that we know does exist.

This song has received much criticism because of some of the narrator’s views, however, many believe there’s a point to what he says.

4. The World is Not Enough

Song by Garbage.

Garbage - The World Is Not Enough

Songs are music to the ear, they’re a reflection of our thoughts, and the deepest desires of human beings are written in words.

The legendary songwriter garbage wrote about the world is incomplete, it’s not enough for anyone, but we survive by the will to start.

In his words, he sang that the world is not enough but it’s a perfect place to start. This is a sober reflection song that makes one think of the insufficiency of this world and at the same time how perfect it is.

5. It’s a Small Word by The Sherman Brothers

It’s A Small World (After All) by The Sherman Brothers

One of the best songs that teaches the deep meaning of friendship and life in general. This song reflects on human life in relationship with its society.

It reminds humanity that there’s so much that we share, little differences but so many similarities, he reminds us that it’s indeed a small world, we’ve got one sun, one moon, and one life, he reflects and emphasizes the importance of human beings to spread love and appreciate for indeed it’s a small world. This song was one of the best songs of its time, written by the legendary trios.

6. A World Without Love

Song by Peter and Gordon

Peter and Gordon - A World Without Love (HD) 1964 Stereo

A highly captivating song of a man who refused to settle for less than true love. He expressed his determination to find true love than to live in a world without love.

Love is truly the greatest, it is what binds us together, we all crave to be loved and accepted. Deep down every one of us wants love and acceptance.

The legendary songwriter is not an exception, in his song, he made it clear how the deep cravings of human nature can be, and he refused to settle for anything less than true love. This song was one of the best songs of his time

7. My Life / Your World

Song by Tom Petty

My Life / Your World

An epic song of heartbreak written by Tom petty in the 1900s, this song is one of the sober reflections of the writer on how he lost his brother, the promises his mum made that she never fulfilled, and he equally made reflection on how his mum didn’t want him to marry the girl of his dream.

Songs are gateways to the mind, the songwriter reflected on how difficult it is for him to cope in all these situations, promises that weren’t met, and the inability to marry his love.

This indeed is what many people face on daily bases, this song turned out to be one of the best songs of its time

8. Any World

Song by Steely Dan

Any World (That I'm Welcome To)

When reading the lyrics of this song you will most likely feel very emotional. This song by the legend Steely Dan is one of the most emotional songs of its time.

The songwriter sang of another world where he longed to visit, a world away from the circumstances of life, a world away from the sadness of life, he dreams of such a world where he’d be welcomed and accepted, a world he longed to be.

Deep down within us all, we’ve sought that type of world, a world where everything seems beautiful, it’s a world of fantasy in our minds. Truly steely Dan did a great job on this song. To give humanity a world that never existed

9. My World Is Empty Without You

Song by The Supremes

My World Is Empty Without You - The Supremes - fuTuRo re-fResh

Songs are one of the ways to know the deepest thoughts of people. Supremes one of the best singers of her time wrote about an empty world without love, she lamented how lonely she was, how much she misses her love, and how much she longed for such love.

This song is an emotionally driven song that teaches us just how much love means to us and how much we’re willing to sacrifice just to feel loved.

This song is a direct replica of what happens in real life, we’ve all at some point in our life lost someone we love so much, and we wish we could turn back the hands of time to rewrite the wrongs of yesterday, some love can never be regained, we just have to remember those memories and cherish them so much. Supremes was one of the greatest singers of her time and this song was a hit

10. Colour My World

Song by Chicago

Chicago - Colour My World / Make Me Smile - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood (Official)

A beautiful love song was written by Chicago in the 1990s, the songwriter wrote about how he lost his love after many years he found it, he’s been looking for a chance to make things right, a chance to say I’m sorry and finally he got that chance.

Not everyone gets a second chance to make things right with their past lover. But somewhere deep down we all wished we could get that chance, just to say we’re sorry.

Love is indeed the strongest, the songwriter Chicago wrote on the experience of life and what few may term lucky because truly, not everyone gets a second chance. This song was one of the best songs of his time.