7 Great Songs With Storm In The Title

Songs with storm in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

There is nothing better than a decent playlist of songs with storm in the title to get you through the emotional upheavals that are brought on by variations in the weather patterns.

This sorted list features well-known songs with storms in the title, such as The Door’s “Riders on the Storm” and a few additional songs whose titles include the word “storm.”

Regardless of the musical genre, the following list contains the top songs with storm in the title. You are welcome to add any of your preferred songs with storm in the title to this list if you find that they are not already included.

1. “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors

The Doors - Riders On The Storm

“LA Woman” which is a part of the Doors album includes the song “Riders of the storm” as one of its tracks.

This song continues to be a popular option on rock radio playlists since it is consistently cited as one of the most significant works produced by The Doors. For this reason, we have included it as part of the best songs with storm in the title.

Released in 1971, Morrison referred to himself as a “Rider on the Storm” in this song, which can be taken as a narrative of his life. The phrase “killer on the road” is included in the song’s lyrics, and it is taken from the screenplay that Morrison penned and titled The Hitchhiker.

Morrison was intended to portray the role of a hitchhiker who was on a murderous rampage. The words of this song have a few references to Pam Courson, who went to France with him and is featured prominently in the song.

“Girl you have gotta adore your man,” the song’s refrain, is an impassioned plea to Pamela, his longtime flame. Toward the end of this song, Jim Morrison whispers, “Riders on the Storm,” with thunder sound effects. This was interpreted as a message from the afterlife.

It is possible to discern Jim Morrison’s hushed vocals as he sings the song’s lyrics, which adds an unsettling element.

2. “Riding the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon.

REO Speedwagon - Ridin' the Storm Out (1981)

This track was included on the album titled “Reo Speedwagon” which was released in 1973. The words to this song were penned by the band’s guitarist, Gary Richrath, and reflect the situation in which the band was left stuck in a snowstorm after performing at a pub in Boulder, Colorado named Tulagi’s which is no longer in business.

3. “Shelter From the Storm” by Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm (Official Audio)

Shelter from the Storm” was written by Bob Dylan and launched in 1975 on his 15th studio album Blood on the Tracks.

“Who will Stop The Rain?” by Creedence Clearwater Revival was the inspiration for Dylan’s stormy folk-rock tune.

According to Shelton, the track is about a “quest for salvation via love.” This song’s lyrics capture the sense of loss that comes with not understanding what you have got until it is all gone. Every line of every lyric is done repeatedly, ending in the restorative refrain: “Come in, I said, I will shield you from the storm.”

4. “Electrical Storm” by U2

U2 - Electrical Storm (Directors Cut)

This rock song featured as a part of U2’s album “The Best of 1990-2000” which was released in 2002. The lead vocalist for the band, Bono, is responsible for writing some of the band’s best songs, including “Electrical Storm,” which is one of the best songs with “storm” in the title.

According to Bono, relationships are comparable to violent electrical storms. The plot centers on a couple who are experiencing connection strain at the same time that storm is brewing outside.

5. “After the Storm” by Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons - After The Storm

The next song in our compilation of songs with storm in the title is this song by Mumford & Sons titled  “After the Storm”.

This song, which combines elements of indie and rock music, was published in 2009. “After the Storm” is the name of one of the most well-known rock songs, both the words and the meanings of which are based on Christianity. Additionally, it’s one of the songs with storm in the title

“After the Storm” is an upbeat song that expresses optimism that life will get better. This is the tale of a man who lives in constant fear of both the present and the future.

This song is about persevering through difficult times, being kind to oneself, and putting one’s faith in love. Songs like this one talk about spiritual realities, including the sorrow and challenges that we must experience throughout the little time that we spend here on planet earth.

6. “Storms” by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - Storms

This is one of the best songs with storm in the title that I enjoy playing while driving my kids to school. This song is the type of song that hits differently and can be related to by anyone who listens to it.

It was released in 1979 as part of the album “Tusk” by Ma. On the surface, we may appear to be chill and “quiet,” yet on the inside, we may be harboring a “storm” that occasionally takes control.

7. American storm by Bob Seger

Transcending our list of songs with storm in the title, Bob Seger’s song titled “American Storm” comes next. Released in 1979 as the debut single from his album “Like a Rock”, Seger centers this song on the impact of drugs on society.

The lyrics of this song had always been misinterpreted to mean a patriotic anthem by Seger, but unfortunately, it’s not.

“American Storm”  is one of the very few songs with storm in the title that centers on admonishing society with the negative effect of hard drugs.  Although not entirely based on Seger’s experience, this song relates to his life in some aspects.

According to Seger in an interview with Cream Magazine in 1986, he explained that he had seen serious drug addicts, and had as well observed their experiences.

The worsening effect of drug addiction in society, he noted, is the driving motive behind this great song. Hence, he penned down this song to contribute to making society a better place, for the youths, as well as to help youngsters stand their ground against peer pressure.

If you’ve got a compilation of songs with storm in the title either on your smartphone on your car cd, then this song should not be missing in it.