6 Great Songs With The Word 18 In The Title

songs with 18 in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with 18 in the title

When a teen turns 18, he or she experiences a slew of changes. This includes the ability to vote, purchase a lottery ticket, and work full time. No matter your age, you’re sure to enjoy these 18 of our personal favorites.

In any case, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular songs with the number 18 in the title.

6 Top songs with 18 in the title

1. Psalms 18 (I Will Call On The Name) – Todd Dulaney

Todd Dulaney - Psalm 18 (I Will Call On The Name) (Live at World Harvest)

First on list of songs with  18  in the title is psalms 18 by todd dulaney.This upbeat song is meant to be a hymn of praise directed toward the Almighty God.

According to Todd Dulaney, God is his source of strength as well as his tower of strength, and he considers God to be his rock. He thinks of Him as the kind of person who ought to be praised and accorded a greater status than they already hold.

Near the end of the song, Todd makes an effort to connect the image of a rock, in which he finds peace, with his connection with God, which he views as providing him with stability.

2. 18 by One direction

One Direction - 18 [Official Video]

Next on list of songs with 18 in the title is 18 by one direction. This song tells the story of a young couple who fell head over heels in love with each other after meeting for the first time when they were 18 years old.

But after some time has passed, they realize that things are not going as smoothly as they had planned, and they decide to go their ways because of this.

But as soon as he starts to feel down, the first thing that comes to his mind is the girl he had a crush on when they were both 18 years old. This continues to be the case anytime he begins to experience feelings of depression.

And oh, how he pined for the days when he was 18 again, or for the connection he had when he was 18; he wished he could go back in time. He pined for the connection he had when he was 18.

3. 18 by LANDON CUBE

Landon Cube - 18 (Official Music Video)

This song tells the story of a man who is completely committed to achieving his goals. He makes a vow to his mother that he will be successful and that he will provide a comfortable living for her.

In the middle of the song, he reveals to her that he has made a million dollars, but unfortunately, it was all a dream. Throughout the song, he continues to sing.

His mother is upset that he has to leave her all by herself at home, but his father encourages him to be successful on his own.

He does not give up on his dream and works hard to fulfill his larger promise, but as a result, he does not see his shawty for a considerable amount of time. He wishes that they had been at the party with him so that they could have reminded him of home.

Near the end of the song, he contemplates what his life will be like in the few months leading up to his 19th birthday. He is currently 17 years old.

Finally, as he contemplates how good his music career will be in the not-too-distant future, he says a prayer that he will be successful.

4. 18 by Kris Wu and five others

"18" by Kris Wu, Rich Brian, Trippie Redd, Joji, & Baauer (Official Music Video)

 NThe popular song titled “18” is a product of a collaboration between five artists at pivotal points in their respective careers. But even more than that, it serves as a record of how much further each of them has progressed in the frenetic age of digital media.

A year ago, Rich Brian was nothing more than a joke that went by the name Rich Chigga and was made fun of by American rappers.

He is now collaborating with some of the most popular rappers working today. Only after becoming the 1st Chinese musician to reach No. 1 on iTunes, Kris Wu starts to take a further significant step in his progression from Chinese superstar to American legitimacy, and Trippie Redd maintains his incredible impetus from 2017 into the new year. Both of these accomplishments are significant for Kris Wu.

Then there are Joji and Baauer to consider. When Joji was just a YouTuber going by the name Filthy Frank, he was the guy who made the “Harlem Shake” dance move very popular, and it helped Baauer’s song become an internet phenomenon.

Now, Joji has a bright future ahead of him as a real musician, Baauer has efficiently carved out a profession for himself apart from the shadow cast by the “Harlem Shake,” as well as the two of them having a fantastic song together. Beautiful.

5. 18 Wheels – Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson - 18 Wheels

This song offers a straightforward perspective on everyday experiences and emotions. The song draws parallels between 18 wheels and the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a man who is working hard to accomplish what he has set out to do in life, even though he recognizes that time is running out for him as he ages and that he is getting closer and closer to passing away.

He is fully aware that his end is near, but he is unsure of the specific date or time. No one is aware of the plan that God has in store, nor does anyone know when we will all pass away.

Now that he has accomplished everything that he has set out to do, he is ready to return to the one who gave him life.

He advises those who are left behind to not grieve over him for an extended period because he is content in his new location. “Yeah, I am finally home,” he declared.


Ray Price "I Wish I Was 18 Again"

This song tells the story of an elderly man who visits a bar where he meets some young men who make him think about his younger years.

The lads are confused as to what he might be doing while they are in the room with him, but they quickly push any thoughts of him out of their minds.

He felt terrible about the way he treated the lady and how he abandoned his responsibilities when he was still a young man.

As a result, he longs to be eighteen once more so that he can enjoy life to the fullest, see new places, and live his life as if he were a child.

He thinks back on how life has changed much more quickly than he anticipated it would, and how the formerly jet-black hair he had is now fully gray due to the effects of age and time.

He attempts to explain it to the younger generation, but no one seems to understand what he is saying. He added, “Now, old man and old oaks, I wish I was eighteen again.”