7 Top Songs about “Happy Ending” That You Should Know

Songs about Happy Ending
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs about “Happy Ending”

We all love happy endings or upbeat songs which leave us with that feeling of wanting more. Although Happy Endings doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get what you want or desire alas, instead, it’s about making peace with what you have and what you possess at the end.

Human as we are, relationships can be so complicated that you’d find yourself in need of songs that describe your situations and you try to draw comparisons from these songs to see if they hold good pieces of advice for you.

Either way, Be rest assured that I’ve got you covered. This list pf songs about happy ending is vast and I hope they provide you just the information you need. Now let’s Begin!

1. Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending (Official Video - Clean)

First on our list of songs about happy ending is “My Happy Ending” a track that was included on Avril Lavigne’s second studio album, Under My Skin. The song was co-written by Lavigne and Butch Walker and was released in 2004.

This song is about a relationship that has ended, and it is Avril’s way of saying goodbye to the happy ending that might have been.

The song begins with her being dumped, searching for explanations, and coming to the realization that her boyfriend had been lying to her the whole time. She attributes some of the responsibility to his misguided pals, who she is aware have made derogatory comments about her.

2. Mika “Happy Ending”

MIKA - Happy Ending (Long Version) (Official Music Video)

Mika, who is of Lebanese and British descent, released this song as his third single. The song can be found on his debut album titled “Life in Cartoon Motion”.

In my opinion, this song can be interpreted in two different ways. The first one is the conclusion of a relationship. The lyrics of the song seem to imply that a romantic relationship never has a happy ending. On the other hand, there is a sense of impending mortality.

It is possible that the relationship is over, or that someone has passed away. This song has a really melancholy tone to it, but it packs the same punch as all of his other songs.

Listeners got a good sense of the range of Mika’s feelings, much as they did when they heard another of his masterpieces, “My Interpretation.” His presentations are consistently amazing.

3. The All-American Rejects – Happy Endings

All American Rejects - Happy Endings [WITH LYRICS]

My other favourite song by The All-American Rejects is “Dance Inside,” but this one is right up there with it. The music is incredible, and it really gets your blood pumping and incredible!.

The way the lyrics are written makes it sound like he (the narrator) cheated on a girl, and then the two of them broke up as a result, yet the music is so upbeat that it makes it hard to feel sad about what may have happened.

4. Happy Ending by The Strokes

The Strokes - Happy Ending

The song “happy ending” by The Strokes is primarily about having feelings for someone who does not return those feelings. This is one of the best songs about happy ending.

A young man falls in love with a young lady. He is deeply in love with her, and it seems like she fills his entire world for him. He puts in a lot of effort in an attempt to win her over, but to no avail.

Therefore, in the end, he gave up because he believed that there is no way that they are destined to be together. He decides to leave her because he believes that he is out of time and that he has wasted a lot of time, but that too was difficult for him to do.

He has mixed emotions about it and is torn between wanting to give up and staying put. Despite his desire to leave, he continues to wait for her. When he trips and falls, he often wishes that she was there to catch him and help him up.

Sometimes he thinks it would be nice if the girl liked him, but he is aware that this is an illusion he has constructed and was highly unlikely.

He was desperately in need of someone to love and be loved in return. When things get difficult for him, he points fingers at everything and everyone around him, even his love life.

5. “Happy Ending” by Hopsin

12. Hopsin - (NO SHAME) Happy Ending

This song has received many criticisms from people all over the world for the fact that its music video was deleted from YouTube and because it depicts immoral acts from Asian women.

This song is the story of Hopsin’s visit to an Asian massage parlour. The composition of the song includes the riff that is so typically associated with music from Asia.

Hopsin describes how he first planned on locating a prostitute on Backpage, but his plans changed after he saw an advert for an Asian massage business.

Hopain goes into vivid details to describe how the lady gave him full adult services all at the price of $125.

During a press conference with XXL, Hopsin claimed the song depicts his acts at the age of 19 when he would go to massage parlours to get a “Happy Ending”. Indeed, this music contains adult contents and not suitable for kids

6. “Happy Ending” by Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson is a British singer-songwriter and musician, and “Happy Ending” is one of his best selling songs. The song was originally released in 1984 as a duet featuring Elaine Caswell.

In an interview to describe the meaning of the song, Jackson said that on the surface, it gives off the impression of being happy and with its upbeat sound, it displays love between two people but in reality, it has a significant amount of cynicism and disillusionment throughout its entirety.

He compares that to watching a movie, further stating that movies don’t have happy endings anymore but in reverse, people feel the same way about relationships too.

7. We Believe In Happy Endings by Emmylou Harris

We believe in happy ending - Emmylou Harris & Earl Thomas Conley (with lyrics)

This song by Emmylou Harris is about the relationships between people and has a rather simple lyrics. It stresses on how a couple can have disagreements, say things that are hurtful to each other, and then drift apart without any means of contact.

In spite of this, as time goes on, they appear to forget who was in the right and who was in the wrong, and eventually, one of them makes the initiative to reach out to the other in an attempt to reconcile their differences.

A simple grin is all it takes to make them happy and forget about their problems. It places a strong focus on the narrators’ desire to have a happy ending regardless of what happens to them.

Further noting that having a romantic partner brings with it a whole host of challenges, but if you believe in a happy ending and take steps to make it happen, you will definitely have a happy ending.