6 Great Songs With The Word “Come” In Their Titles

Songs With Come In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With The Word Come In The Title

Have you ever wondered how many songs have titles that include the word “come”? Notwithstanding the genre, these are the best songs featuring the word “come” in the title. Despite the fact that the word “come” appears in the title of most of the songs featured here, the lyrical meanings of these songs are vastly different. It includes songs from notable bands and great artists.

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1. The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

There are times when the most basic songs are the ones that strike a chord with us and go on to attain permanence in our hearts.

The Beatles’ rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” is without a doubt one of the best songs with come in the title, and it is also one of the band’s most commercially successful and widely known songs.

This song is about looking back over the years and recalling the terrible things or the things that kept us down, and finally coming to the realization that they have happened and that we have dealt with them.

It stresses on looking back on the past and recounting the bad things that weighed us down. That now is the moment to stop dwelling in the past and start thinking about the things that will make us happy in the future.

2. A Change Is Gonna Come ` Sam 

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come (Official Lyric Video)

Sam Cooke felt compelled to write a song that addressed not only his own struggles but also those of those around him, the Civil Rights Movement, and African Americans.

Many people associate Sam Cooke’s R&B hit from 1964 with the African American Civil Rights Movement.   The song was written and performed by Cooke.

It is my opinion that the songwriter was attempting to communicate the message that even though times may be tough and many people may be abused, change will inevitably occur in the future. As long as the United States of America can band together as one, there will always be room for improvement.

It is also emphasised throughout the song that even though circumstances may be difficult and individuals may feel as though they are unable to continue on, there is always going to be hope, and things will change

3. Come Undone By Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Come Undone (Official Music Video)

When we talk about someone having “come undone,” we mean that they have lost their composure and are no longer in control of their emotions.

And more or less, the message that the singer is trying to get through in this song by Duran Duran is that he is completely enamoured with a certain woman (i.e. the addressee).

To put it another way, he is losing control of the situation. That is to say, in the context of this love situation, feelings have surpassed rationality at this point.

And in connection with this, he and his partner are aware of the “fear outside,” but regardless, they will still try and stay to the reality of the situation. This seems to be a metaphor for the fact that the person is aware of the possibility of heartbreak but chooses to ignore it.

As a result, the conclusion that can be drawn from the fact that “Come Undone” is full of poetry is that the singer is giving the impression that he and the addressee, in order for their relationship to be successful, need to maintain a level of emotional resilience.

To put it another way, the fact that they are “undone” has put them in emotionally precarious circumstances. And it is up to them to ensure that by the time everything is said and done, they do not emerge from the agony appearing foolish for giving themselves freely to love.

4. Come Undone By Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams - Come Undone

This song is about how hollow and fleeting fame can be, as well as the shallowness of living a life of excess. Robbie Williams had a history of abusing substances and alcohol as a means of coping with the pressures of being a celebrity. He used the song “Come Undone” as an opportunity to reframe the people’s view of who he is.

Come Undone” was among the first songs Williams wrote after he stopped working with his longtime partner Guy Chambers. Chambers is said to have despised the song. Williams and Chambers had a falling out not long after that.

As soon as it was available to the public, BBC Radio 2, the most listened-to radio station in the UK, placed a ban on this song due to the song’s graphic language and references to substance misuse.

5. Come Dancing By The Kinks

The Kinks - Come Dancing

This heartfelt ballad by Ray Davies was inspired by his older sisters, both of whom had a passion for dancing. The guys would spend a lot of time and money taking their dates out dancing, but all they would get in return for their efforts (and money) was a peck on the cheek at the end of the night..

Davies claims that Rene tied the knot with a member of the Canadian armed forces and then followed her new husband to Canada. According to him, it was an aggressive and unhappy marriage, and Rene would frequently go back to the house in Muswell Hill where she grew up to pay visits.

Davies recalled in 1957 when he turned 13 that Rene surprised him by giving him the first guitar he ever owned for his birthday; it was the Spanish guitar he always wanted. Later on that evening, she travelled to London’s Lyceum Ballroom in order to dance. Rene suffered from rheumatic illness when she was younger, which left her heart in poor condition.

Later that evening, she passed away at the ballroom after suffering a heart attack. A quarter of a century and twenty-five years later, Ray penned this song as a memorial for her and to remember her passion for dancing.

6. Come Monday By Jimmy Buffets

Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett, a successful American vocalist and songwriter, reached the pinnacle of his musical career, which is something that any aspiring musician can only hope to achieve. Nevertheless, the vast majority of individuals are unaware that it also has a drawback.

The fact that he needs to be away from his loved ones for several weeks at a time while recording and travelling is unfortunate.

While Buffett was getting ready for a tour, he could not help but think about his future wife, Jane Slagsvol. Because of this, he decided to write the piece titled “Come Monday.”

This is a tender and uncomplicated love song that captures the emotions that are experienced by all people when their loved ones are frequently absent. This is definitely one of the best songs with come in their title.