10 Songs With The Name “Ruby” In The Title

Songs With The Name "Ruby" In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

There are a lot of songs with people’s names in them, but for this list we are only focusing on Songs With The Name “Ruby” In The Title. Is there a particular Ruby song that you enjoy listening to the most? Your favorite songs about Ruby, whether they’re songs about a specific person named Ruby or songs about rubies in general, you are sure to find them on this list. It’s okay to message us for songs that don’t already appear on this list, so long as it is Songs With The Name “Ruby” In The Title.

Here are 10 Songs With The Name “Ruby” In The Title:

1. Marty Robbin’s “Ruby Ann”


 First on list of Songs With The Name “Ruby” In The Title is “Ruby Ann” by Marty Robbin’s.

Although released in 1962, this masterpiece conveys a lot of emotions. It tells the story of Ruby Ann – a woman the narrator loves. The narrator met Ruby Ann’s ex-lover and they had a chat. During this conversation, the man expresses how he and ruby spent their days together and bragged about his money.

Despite that, the narrator has strong conviction because he knows Ruby Ann loves him more than his ex-lover; although he was poor. This music gives the narrative that money cannot buy love and happiness. Marty Robbin describes how lucky he was to be loved unconditionally by Ruby Ann despite his poor state.

2. “Ruby don’t tke your love” ` by Kenny Rogers 

Kenny Rogers - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town

Next on our Songs With The Name “Ruby” In The Title Is “Ruby ` don’t tke your love” by Kenny Rogers.

This emotionally captivating song describes the life of a soldier who returned from World War II with mental issues. He brought back with him a lady named Ruby who was said to be one of the nurses who helped bring him back to life. Because of his state – he was paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, ruby had to go out to get satisfied by another man.

He was emotionally depressed and would constantly get drunk and blame Ruby for everything. This persisted until she couldn’t take it anymore and filed for a divorce. This music discusses the sad experiences our soldiers face in their relationships.

3. Dion DiMucci’s “Ruby Baby”

Dion And The Belmonts - Ruby Baby

This is one of Dion’s masterpieces. It is an interesting song that talks about how the narrator desperately tries to woo ruby- the woman he loves. It describes how he consciously tries to stand out from all other male competitors for ruby. It’s a humorous song and at the same time, enchanting. The narrator describes to her how much he loves her and asks if she’d be his.

4. “Ruby Tuesday” by Melanie Safka

Ruby Tuesday - Melanie Safka

This memorable song was formally released by the Rolling Stones in 1967. Melanie Safka in her awesomeness delivers an iconic version of it three years after its official release.

This song conveys heavy emotions. It’s about someone leaving you for another because they believe they cannot be tied to you or only one person.

Ruby delivers an excellent cover of this with her amazing vocals. She describes how it feels, the sadness and helplessness reflects in her voice and how depressing the whole experience was.

5. “Ruby” by Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (Official Video)

This hilarious and addictive masterpiece by Kaiser Chiefs is one you should definitely listen to. It’s about the narrator who is obsessed with ruby so much that he might not know the time of day. He tries to see the possibility of Ruby loving him in return or if she was outrightly playing games with his heart.

6. “Rock and Roll Ruby” by Johnny Cash

(1956 Rockabilly) "Rock N Roll Ruby".. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is a remarkable singer and as such, his reputation precedes him. This is one of his hit songs in the late 1900s. It talks about how he loves to watch ruby dance. It describes how ecstatic it was and how beautifully she dances.

The narrator, overjoyed with this experience, constantly says “it satisfies my soul”. Some listeners say that the ruby character was about his partner whereas other sources argue it was his daughter who he wrote that song for. Either way, it conveys strong emotions.

7. David Allen Coe’s “Loneliness in Ruby’s Eyes”.

David Allan Coe - Loneliness in Ruby's Eyes

This is one of my favourite heartfelt songs produced by David Allen Coe in June 1975. This song describes a woman whose name is ruby. It describes how shattered her life was and how she lived her life to the point they were now. It follows that she was living in regret and she supposedly has a child in Dallas.

The narrator grieves about the condition she was in. With a clear emphasis on her state of shame, the narrator describes how she sold her body to men -“that all men in Houston now knew her name and that she had lots of lovers”. It’s a piece of music that conveys sadness, pity and grief.

8. “Ruby Soho” by Rancid

Rancid - "Ruby Soho"

This is one of Rancid’s most popular songs. This masterpiece is about a girl called Ruby Soho who falls in love with a rock punk artist. The narrator is always on tours and this leaves her lonely all by herself. This time, he goes on this final tour which he knows is going to be his last time ever seeing her.

Ruby also realises that the love is no longer there because he was only going on tours and is convinced that it was time to let go and move on. The character Ruby Soho was inspired by an All Elite Wrestling stall Ruby Soho. If you’re a fan of wrestling, you’ll notice that this song is her entrance theme.

9. Jim Ed Brown’s “My new love is ruby”

Ruby (My new love is); (with subtitles) (Jim Ed Brown's); by Will Royaz

Jim Ed Brown is an iconic singer and songwriter with great many hits. “My new love is ruby” is one of his popular songs. The narrator is heartbroken and saddened by his lover who left him without no reason.

As the name suggests, my new love is ruby, which is a red wine called ruby. He drinks to stupor just to forget his memories of his lover. This music conveys a feeling of sadness, loneliness and helplessness. The narrator who doesn’t know the whereabouts of his lover mourns her absence with a reassuring message that his newly found love is ruby.

10. “Hey Miss Ruby“ by Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty - Hey Miss Ruby (1959)

Conway Twitty or originally known as Harold Lloyd Jenkins is a country music legend and a great performer who has received numerous awards and accolades.

“Hey Miss Ruby” is one of his best-selling songs. This song depicts a boy – the narrator who is in love with a girl – Miss Ruby, but she doesn’t reciprocate his love. He tries just as much to make her look his way, but to no avail. The irony behind this music is that although the boy knows Ruby does not love him in return, he still insists on showering her with love.

This is the case when you say one person has enough love for the two. Her unconcerned attitude towards him doesn’t change his resolves a bit. It indeed portrays how powerful love can be.