Is Xavier Woods A Good Trombone Player?

Is Xavier Woods A Good Trombone Player
Written by Corey Morgan

Yes Xavier Woods is a good trombone palyer, although not a professional one but he is a good trombone player. Xavier Woods who is originally known as Austin Watson, is a professional American wrestler and part of a three-man team – The New Day; which includes him, Kofi Kingston and Big E. Currently, in contract with WWE, he is known as one of the most influential wrestlers of all time.

Xavier is known for many things and this is not limited to playing the trombone. Xavier has been seen playing the trombone several times either alongside Kofi Kingston when he’s entering the stage or by the side of the ring to antagonise his opponents. Woods is known as an entertainer with a great sense of humour.

How well does Xavier Woods play the trombone?

Woods is not a professional trombonist. He is fairly above average when it comes to playing the trombone. From all indications, he has no intention of brushing up his trombone playing skills to a pro-level. Xavier has always played the basics, only for fun. Although when compared to others, he’s exceptional.

Is Xavier Woods A Famous Trombone Player

To be famous for playing the trombone means that you’ll have gained so much experience and mastered everything there is to it. Unfortunately, Xavier is not known as a famous trombonist because he has a strong resolve not to master the instrument.

However, this doesn’t mean that he can’t play the trombone. He plays it wonderfully and as a fan, I believe he still has some untapped potential.

What other musical instruments does Xavier Woods play?

It’s a widely known fact that Mr Woods plays the trombone. Last year, he took interest in learning another musical instrument — the guitar. Of all guitars, he picked up the bass guitar.

He took to his social media account to show fans about his progress with his new passion; and from how he played, it’s clear he was now getting the hang of placements. He was learning the guitar and as well, never stopped practicing it. Xavier was head bent on learning the guitar and till now, he’s still not given up.

If he gets as good as he is with the trombone, Xavier might have to play the guitar on stage instead of the regular trombone. That means that we might as well say bye to “Francesca

What does Xavier Woods call his trombone?

It takes till you’ve developed a special interest in something before you give it a name. It could be anything; teddies, toys, gadgets or any other objects.

Xavier is no exception to this, he’s been heard a number of times calling his trombone “Francesca”. He so loves this trombone; I’d actually say he’s obsessed with it. Either way, his love for his trombone is unparalleled to have given it a name. It tells how personal it means to him.

Why do people think Xavier Woods cannot play the trombone?

It’s a common misconception that some fans and most critics argue that Xavier cannot play the trombone. Well, this is because of a number of reasons.

  • No records of training

These arguments persist because little of Xavier’s history with the trombone is known. No record of his trombone-learning experience is kept; or at least is made public. This way, his coach – that’s if he had one is not known.

As it’s perceptible among humans. Your coach generally adds to your reputation. You’re expected to be in a position to reciprocate his nurturing with your talent, and your efforts. But not in this case, because his training is not professional, it is assumed that he is not professionally trained.

  • Xavier plays basics

If you’re a trained trombonist and you’ve watched one of Xavier’s performances, you must have realized this on the go. Xavier uses basic techniques when he plays. His skill level is fairly above average and not as good as it should be if he were a pro trombonist. Unless of course, he’s intentionally keeping it low. Who knows?

Reasons Why Xavier Woods Is A Better Trombone Player Than You Know

  • Woods is a natural genius.

Unlike most others who were put through intensive practice to learn the trombone, Woods learnt to play the trombone by the ears. Absolutely right! He learnt to play the trombone by simply listening to it and how it works; it sure does take a level of intelligence to pull that off. Do you know he has a PhD in psychology Capella University?

  • He plays the trombone on stage whilst moving irregularly without playing off keys.

Dancing whilst playing the trombone is an extremely difficult task to pull even for intermediate players, you could still find it challenging. However, Xavier pulls this off effortlessly.

What inspired Xavier to play the trombone?

In an interview with Van Vliet, woods said the first time he saw the trombone was in 6th grade and that he loved it at first sight. After playing the trombone on stage, he was told that Vince McMahon loved to see him play. With so much excitement, he went backstage to meet McMahon. It was then that McMahon told him that he should never want him to stop playing it.

During his interview, Woods said, “I Originally Played The Trombone For Fun, But Vince McMahon Loved It, So I Kept Doing It”. Since then, Woods has always been seen with his trombone and entertains his fans with a solo trombone freestyle every week he appears on stage. He echoes that his constant drive to continue playing the trombone is because of Vince McMahon.

Final Thought On Is Xavier Woods A Good Trombone Player?

The professional American wrestler is versatile in his interest when it comes to learning musical instruments –regardless of his career. He is an inspiration to his fans and still inspires many. His devotion to playing the trombone is unparalleled.

Woods is a good trombone player; isn’t famous for it but still plays some good sounds out there. He has great potential to do just more and everyone is on the lookout to see how well he has mastered the guitar as well when next he picks it up.