7 Great Songs With The Word “Mother Or Mama” In Their Title

Songs With Mother Or Mama In Their Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs With Mother Or Mama In Their Title

Mothers are amazing and carry a great responsibility. Do you need songs with mothers or mama in their titles? You’ve come to the right place!

This list contains songs about mothers and their relationships with their children. It describes their roles as not just any woman, but the first contact you made to this world and her roles in your future. These songs convey indescribable feelings between mothers and their sons and daughters, how they want what’s best for you and the best pieces of advice they offer you when the need arises.

This list of songs with mother or mama in their title is carefully compiled with in-depth explanations of its lyrics so you can pick out just the best one that suits you as a mother or for your own mother.

1. Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Mama's Song (Official Video)

This is the ideal song to play at a wedding because it expresses how much her mother cares about her daughter. It expresses the fact that the narrator had a wonderful relationship with her mother.

As if she had spared no effort to ensure that her daughter would marry the most wonderful man possible, one who would adore her for who she is and who would not exploit her in any way.

The lyrics of the song are sung by Carrie to her mother, assuring her that she did a good job raising her. The daughter then tells her mother that she has recently met a man who she believes has the potential to be the one for her. A truly magnificent piece, this is definitely one of the best songs with mother or mama in their title.

2. Mother, Father By Journey

Journey - Mother, Father

This lovely piece of music holds a great message for teenagers of this generation. This song is about a family that has recently divorced, and the son is pleading for assistance in making things better. It appears that the mother is upset about the absence of her husband.

When there is discord in the family, the mother is frequently the one who takes the brunt of the criticism from both parties, and she frequently gets the impression that she has failed in her role as a mother.

After a period of time, the tension between the father and son reached a breaking point, and the son, who was obstinate, made the decision to run away from home with the intention of creating something of himself in the world apart from his family’s support. The story of the “Prodigal Son”

This song is the inspiration for the concept of the “seventh son.” The mother is optimistic and has trust that her son will eventually change his mind about his father if he is given enough time.

Once he was out in the real world, he realised that life was not going to be as easy as he believed it would be, and he realised that he missed the pleasant home life he had prior to entering his teenage years.

He spent his life looking for something, anything, to fill that void, until one day he came across a broken photograph of his family that he had packed away, and there he saw the love he had for his father. However, his pride prevented him from trying to make things right with his father.

After swallowing his pride, the son comes to the conclusion that the bonds of blood are strong and that he may, in spite of everything, have a connection with his father; that as an adult he was responsible for making things right.

Now that he was an adult, he was able to comprehend his father’s perspective on the events, and he realised that his father had only been attempting to shield him from the consequences of his poor choices when he was younger in his life. The grown guy makes the decision to go back to his childhood residence, in contrast to the course of action he took when he was a teenager.

It dawned on him that life was too short to harbour pride and resentment, and that he wanted to make amends with his father before it was too late—that is, before his father passed away.

3. Pink Floyd “Mother”

Pink Floyd - " MOTHER " The Wall 1980

This song tells the story of a young man whose mother coddles or “babies” far too much. If you listen to the rest of “The Wall”, you will see that there are recurring motifs throughout. This demonstrates Waters’s deep-seated mistrust of the government.

He is implying that if parents are overly protective of their children, then those children will not have the ability to make decisions and figure things out for themselves. It is another brick in the wall that his mother is. A metaphor for being cut off from others, the wall symbolises isolation.

The song “Mother” on Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall” (as well as in the film) is about the main character– Pink’s struggles in life that are a direct result of his upbringing.

His mother was very loving, but she could be overbearing and dominant at times. She was his primary caregiver after the death of his father during World War II. As a child, she shielded him from every danger, and as a result, she created a “wall” of protection around him. He was raised in an environment devoid of any masculine role models.

4. Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” 

Miranda Lambert - Mama's Broken Heart

It narrates a relationship that ended in a way that was both all-consuming and heartbreaking. This is the song that perfectly captures the stinging criticism that lies behind the southern term “bless your heart.” Miranda Lambert’s delivery of this song is spectacular.

This tells the story of a woman who becomes completely insane after a relationship ends. However, her mother is essentially telling her that it is not a big problem and that she needs to “man up” and begin “behaving like a lady.”

What her mother does not understand is that her shattered heart is not the same, and it appears that her mother does not give a damn about how she feels as long as the family does not appear to be in a horrible position.

Different things help different people recover, and Mama needs to realise that she can not just let something as significant as this go.

5. “Mother Love” by Queen

Queen - Mother Love

It is about having someone by your side at the end of your life who can care for you like a mother and shield you from the harsh, uncaring world by letting you emotionally “inside” with them by having honest love that goes beyond physical appearances.

This is what it means to have someone at your side at the end of your life.

One of the things that makes this song one of my faves and most meaningful to me is the fact that when Brian May takes over the vocals, it is because Freddie Mercury was unable to finish them due to his passing away.

It is quite scary and depressing hearing some of Freddie’s last vocals about how he wanted to be cared for just before his untimely passing, but a highly applicable song for people who want not only a sexual relationship but someone to actually care for and to be cared for.

6. “Does Your Mother Know” by Abba

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know

ABBA, one of the most iconic musical groups to ever emerge out of Sweden, are the ones who performed the song “Does Your Mother Know?.”

The lyrics of the song are about a man who is attempting to turn down the approaches of a younger female he has met who is flirting with him. The man, who is obviously quite a bit older than the girl, tells her that despite the fact that she is, among other things, “so hot” and “cute,” he would not want to take a chance on her simply because she is too young.

This is because the man is obviously quite a bit older than the girl. He then cautions her against what she is doing and inquires as to whether or not her mother is aware of the fact that she is absent from the house.

7. Mother’s Pride by George Michael

George Michael - Mothers Pride (Audio)

This song, which tells the tragedy of the relentless and never-ending way in which wars devour our children, will shatter your heart.

The way in which men, followed by their children, pass on and die in wars, generation after generation, and for what? For honour of dying the way their father’s did. This song’s lament is devastating and genuine, and like all of Michaels’ songs, it is very real, raw and significant. This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with With Mother Or Mama In Their Title.