6 Great Songs With The Word “Learn” In Their Title

Songs With Learn In Their Title
Written by Corey Morgan

How many songs have you heard with the word “learn” in the title? Songs on this list have the word “learn” in their title, regardless of genre.

These songs, despite their common title, each express a distinct message through their lyrics while using words like “learn” throughout the title. This is despite the fact that “learn” comes in their titles. You will find hits like “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters on this list along with others by NeedtoBreathe and Pink Floyd.

1. Learning To Fly By Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly (Official Music Video HD)

One can say that this song is about staying off drugs. It may be about life in general and the various challenges that come with it, such as the loss of things you know you can never get back, your youth or the person you were in love with at the end of a relationship, or your excellent health if you were in an accident or became ill.

It is about accepting what really is, moving past it, and learning to deal with it.

This is because sooner or later, we will all lose things or people that we love, whether it be through death, the end of a relationship, or just through overall changes in the situation.

This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with learn in the title. This song is probably one of the songs he has ever written that has the most charm.

The main message of this song is that despite the fact that “life” may knock you down, “break” your heart, and “take” your crown on sometimes, we can all “Learn to soar.”

The fact that it gives you the impression that you are floating in the air is, in my opinion, the most fantastic thing about this music. The highs and lows in the tune as well as the vocal track give the impression that they are soaring and sweeping.

2. Learn To Fly By Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly (Official Music Video)

Foo Fighters are a rock band from the United States that established in 1994 in the city of Seattle, Washington. Dave Grohl, a former member of Nirvana and drummer for the band, started the band as a one-man project after the death of Kurt Cobain, which led to the collapse of Nirvana.

The song is about overcoming a basic, fundamental fear — something that you are utterly terrified of and shaken to your core by — while at the same time coming to terms with the fact that you are stronger than it and, in a sense, “learning to fly” as a metaphor.

Dave Grohl says that it is about looking for motivation and things that make you feel alive, regardless of whether those things are positive or negative.

Learning to fly is similar to becoming independent and doing things for oneself for the first time.

This song is all about conquering your fear of failing and understanding to do things that you never thought you could do.

3. NeedToBreathe – Learn To Live

NEEDTOBREATHE - "Learn To Love" [Official Audio]

This song is about the struggle that we go through when we decide to make a lifelong commitment to another person. It seems to be something that someone may say to their sweetheart, or the message that might be sent between two lovers regarding their promise of undying commitment to one another, despite the fact that the world will try to drive them away.

In this kind of world and at this time, when the flames of greed, dishonesty, envy, and rage are spreading and are out to destroy individuals and the connections that bind them together, it admits how difficult it is for marriages, friendships, or partnerships in general to endure.

Perhaps, the narrator implies that we need to experience the agony of having our hearts crushed before we can really appreciate the significance of this kind of love. When someone says something like, “I need the fear of a love that’s lost”– from the lyrics, they are implying that the fear of losing love will motivate them to strive even harder to keep it.

4. I’ve Got To Live Without You By Larry Norman

Larry Norman - I've Got To Learn To Live Without You ~ [Lyrics]

This great song is based on Larry’s marital life. The couple had only been married for a short while when Larry’s wife started seeing other men; this pattern continued for the next eight years after their marriage.

This song signalled the beginning of many years of grief and tension in his theatrical image, which persisted until this very day.

Because Larry believed that it was a more universal touchstone for people, he consigned it to the position of number one song.

Larry uses this song to express the loneliness and the grief that he faces as a result of his wife’s unfaithfulness. It talks about how deep he loves her but yet, how little it means to her.

This song is now an ode to unrequited love on earth, for a planet of broken hearts.

5. Learn My Lesson By Daughtry

Daughtry-Learn My Lessons (Lyrics)

This talks about a person who is determined and has refused to give up in the face of adversity. a person who believes that life has something better to offer us than suffering and who clings to that hope.

So instead of giving up, he “drives himself through the pain” and continues on with his behaviour. That despite the fact that the cost of love is too great, he is ready to make the sacrifice each and every time if it means that there is a chance for happiness.

He is implying that he should have had more foresight, yet he continues to act in the same manner in spite of the knowledge that he is setting himself up for the same type of suffering that he is all too familiar with due to previous experiences.

And in spite of everything that he has been through, he has not even the slightest bit of new knowledge to show for it.

In my opinion, it is a message of hope, and the “lesson” he is referring to is actually a lesson that no one should ever learn.

6. Will You Ever Learn By Typecast

Typecast - Will You Ever Learn

To put it more plainly, this song is about the end of a relationship. It is likely that the singer ended her relationship with the person to whom this song is dedicated due to the fact that she wanted to focus on her own life.

Even though they’ve had romantic moments and lovely nights, She decided to leave because she thought she had other priorities in life.

In addition, when they are attempting to find a solution to their relationship, the songwriter is aware that something is really not going on between them. However, despite the fact that he is hoping for a change, he is aware that they are both helpless in the situation.