6 Top Songs with the word “choking” in the title?

Songs with choking in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word choking in the title

Have you ever given any thought to the number of songs that have been created with the word “choking” in the title? Irrespective of the musical genre, the songs on this list all have the term “choking” anywhere in the title, and they are ranked in no specific order as all of them have different thoughts they express.

Even though they all share the word “choking” in their titles, the vast majority of these tracks are love songs, songs about depression, songs about perseverance, and songs about success. However, the lyrics to almost all of these songs can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

1. Choking (Slowed) by T.Flores

T.Flores - Choking (slowed + reverb) lyric video

The narrator expresses his feelings for his girlfriend in this song. She ended their relationship and went on to date someone else.

As the narrator conveys his displeasure with his now ex-girlfriend, Telenovela, he claims forgetting her name is his mission. He wishes he did not have to think about her anymore, but he can not help but think about her.

Even if she has another boyfriend, he still loves her and is aware of it. When she approaches him, he tells her to stay away since she can not help him and nothing else can ease the anguish he is feeling.

Here, he confesses his feelings of helplessness and despair in the face of his predicament, from which he has tried and failed to escape. He says he can not believe her expressions once more because they are all lies and fakes.

He says this every time she speaks to him. Because of what she is doing to him, he ends up dubbing her a “fantom.” He claimed that no one could figure out why he was choking and that he wished to find someone better than Telenovela to take the place of all his worries and melancholy.

2. Choking On Menstrual Chunks

Choking On Menstrual Chunks

In the narrator’s words, this is what happens. His sweetheart has reached adulthood as of this morning. Using the blood dripping down her pant leg, he instructs her on how to freshen up her wet pants.

When he tells her about the hallucinations, she does not believe him, but she wonders if or not she is aware of them. He said, “Your mouth is full of dark red clots of blood, cascading down your forehead like a waterfall.” You are my menstrual cup, Daddy, and I love you for it. All of my stale eggs are yours to take. she replied when asked what she thought.

This song emphasizes that women and ladies should be treated with care and given the best sort of love that they can have throughout their menstrual flow.

This song demonstrates how much the narrator loves and appreciates his darling even during her period, a lesson for all men and guys out there who desert their female friends, relations, and lovers when they pass through this chapter of their lives.

Not only are males expected to purchase women gifts, but they must also alleviate the discomfort of the menstrual cycle that they must endure.

3. Choking Dinner by Sick Leave

This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with choking in the title. This song by Sick Leave discusses the fulfillment that comes with achieving one’s goals and dreams, and it was written by Sick Leave.

Sick Leave is shown in the song as having achieved success when he has been able to make his aspirations come true and bring happiness to the faces of his parents. He claims, to this effect, that he is in complete command of his life and that he is not in the least bit indebted to anyone or anything.

He claims that his strategy for the next five years is all set in stone and that his life is full of the success that befits the poster boy that he is.

He expresses gratitude to both fate and nature for the “perf-y” character of his life. He goes on to claim that everything in his life is wonderful, that his friends and family are all happy and doing well, and that he has success written all over his hands.

He rewards himself for all of the hard work he has put in by serving himself. a “choking winter meal” as a memento of his perseverance and achievements to mark the occasion.

In the midst of all of the festivities, he does not let himself be swept away by the joys, as he is aware that he must get up and continue working; this is portrayed in the song when he says, “But now I have to leave, Suit up and reload, Cause you definitely will hear of me.”

This song encourages listeners to put in the effort and stay focused to live a life that satisfies them. As the lyrics of this song make clear, success cannot be achieved without putting in a lot of effort.

In all that we do, we need to have the determination to advance so that we can lead a life of comfort, make a difference in the lives of others, and get a lot of bang for our buck by maintaining our health.

4. Choking On Tears  by  YUMINIA

This is a song about having second thoughts. This song describes the agony of a man who has been arrested either because of his wrongdoings or because of his actions leading up to his imprisonment. He contemplates his life while sitting by the window and expresses the desire to be granted the chance to go back in time and change certain events.

Because he is unable to achieve his goals, he has poor feelings about himself. He cannot stop crying and keeps asking himself how he can get his life back after it has been stolen away from him. He laments the fact that he was deprived of a father figure.

5. Choking by Te10

This song is about a guy telling his girlfriend about the sexual things he wants to do to her. He lavishes her with compliments to enjoy himself in her company and make the most of the time he spends with her.

6. Choking on Irritation by A Rose in the Thorns

Choking on Irritation

The performer expresses his dissatisfaction with the political process taking place in his country through the lyrics of this song.

The dependence of the news systems on the governing, which in turn alters the credibility of the information that is passed across.

The corruption that is involved in the politics of the country. The author expresses his dissatisfaction with the world’s leaders, who have decided to continue ruling even if they are not in the position to do so.

He claimed that the situation, which is forcing the country into a disaster, is “like the worst movie we are compelled to witness.” Because the people are becoming increasingly agitated, he bemoans their state and cries out for his voice to be heard.