7 Great Songs With The Word “21” In The Title?

Songs with 21 in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with 21 in the title

Songs aren’t just about words, numbers too play a role when it comes to music. Songs with the word “21” in the title cover a wide range of topics, from reminiscing about the best summer of your life to summarizing all the ways you can run away with your lover.

Just as the age “21” comes with the dawn that you have a lot of responsibility as an adult now these songs have lyrical meaning which can be very much related to life and existence.

We’ve broken down these songs with “21” in their title for you so you can put together your own playlist and properly appreciate these numerical tracks.

1. “21”  by Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes - 21 (Official Music Video)

Hayes encourages someone to savor the moment and party like he has just turned 21 in this lively song. On The Bobby Bones Show, Hayes said, “It is about the spirit of a feeling, of liberation.”

Happiness and expectation of what is ahead are what it is all about for me. Singing live is so much fun! It is a joyous celebration and a lot of fun!

During that time, he had the opportunity to build a variety of different shows and write a lot about life and everything else that came along with it. That year, he also took first place! ” How strange that simply a year and number can make you feel like you are about to enter a new chapter of your life.

2. 21 Guns by Green Day

Green Day - 21 Guns [Official Music Video]

This song seems to be more about a mix of things that may be perceived as a toxic relationship, a futile battle, and interest-based notions that are supposed to come to a stop due to their irrelevance but are still a thing for personal reasons where conflicting interests are the only fuel.

You fight for it, which is irrational because relevant things do not need to be fought for because they fight for themselves, but you are going against something that ought to be stopped. You put your ego ahead of logic and reasoning.

When compared to a passionate relationship, the pointless wars led by the Bush administration are likened to a situation in which sentiments (both love and hate) take precedence over logic.

The song, as I understand it, is about moving on from obsolete, outmoded concepts that are no longer applicable. Cognitive dissonance. Even when they are no longer effective, we make an effort to preserve the basis upon which our principles are based. Let it go. Just give up and admit defeat.

3. 21 Questions by 50 Cent

50 Cent - 21 Questions (Official Music Video) ft. Nate Dogg

This is definitely one of the best songs with 21 in the title. 50 Cent got the idea for this song after listening to a love song by LL Cool J and noticing that the girl sitting next to him in the car was enjoying herself.

This persuaded him to write a song that showed his caring side and his admiration for ladies, which was something that the majority of gangsta rappers avoided doing. During the song, 50 asks a woman if she would still love him even though he is not famous or wealthy.

This song, which was released as 50 Cent’s second single, climbed to the top of the charts in the United States in May 2003, just under three months after his debut single, “In Da Club,” achieved the same feat. It was originally intended for the 50’s record label to release a faster-paced song as his second single, but since DJs were already playing “21 Questions,” it made perfect sense to put that one out first.

4. 21 Questions – Waterparks

Waterparks "21 Questions" (Official Music Video)

In this song, the lead singer of Waterparks, Awsten Knight, sings about trying to convince a girl to leave her partner for him. However, he is now concerned that she would abandon him as well.

5. 21st Century Breakdown – Green Day

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown [Official Music Video]

According to the lyrics of this song, Billie Joe was born at the time that Richard Nixon was in the White House, and his life was pretty much a living hell for him.

Because he was the youngest of 12, he was the last one born but the first one to move out of the house. As a result, he received welfare throughout his childhood.

Billie Joe had a difficult time feeling like he belonged in his family because he was so dissimilar to his mother, who was a fan of country music.

He grew up next to an oil refinery, which was eventually shut down because it was emitting chemicals that gave the students headaches.

Billie Joe also had a difficult time feeling like he did belong in his family because he was so dissimilar from his mother. Billie Joe never had a job, so the only way he could make money in his early years when he was still a sweet child, was by going on tour. He hadn’t got a job.

The song then transitions into the narrative of the 21st century, saying that the protagonist once was lost and was never found and that he’s never had faith in religion or Christianity for that matter.

He also believes that he is losing what little is left of his mind as a result of all of the pot-smoking and drug use he did when he was younger and that he is now just going crazy. Finally, the song transitions back into the theme of the 21st-century breakdown.

6. Freedom at 21 – Jack White

This is a new approach to the dissemination of music, but we do not think it will catch on: This enormous slow-burner made its debut for the first time on April 1, 2012, when one thousand Flexi-disc recordings featuring the song were linked to helium balloons and released from the head offices of White’s record label in Nashville.

Postcards containing instructions for finders to submit photos, the location of the discovery, and the date the vinyl record was found were attached to the balloons as they floated through the air.

White provided the following interpretation of the song’s lyrics to NME: “This relates to death in the 21st century.

People were instructed in proper telephone etiquette when the telephone was first developed, but now there is a great deal of modern technology available. And I believe that even if new inventions are being made all the time, no class corresponds with this.”

7. May 21, 2012, by Donovan Woods

Donovan Woods - May 21, 2012 (Official Audio)

The Canadian singer-songwriter is shown to be in a difficult position regarding a romantic partnership in the song’s opening lyrics, which go as follows: I could love you, Or better yet, I could leave you alone

The question was posed to Donovan Woods during an interview as to why he decided to give the song the name of that particular date. He explained, “It was the name of the voice memo that I recorded on the day that I made the song.”

“While you were gone, I was traveling throughout England. It was a few bits of things that had happened to me, and it was a few pieces of things that I would read about in a narrative.

It was only a date that happened to be on the voice memo at the time, but because it was there, we decided to keep using it as the song’s title. I merely had the impression that I could not come up with something more suitable. It made perfect sense to me at the time..”