10 Great Songs With The Name “Taxi” In The Title

songs with taxi in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

What Are the Best Songs with taxi in the Title?

Musicians from diverse genres have theatrically articulated their thoughts related with Taxi in their songs.

The meaning portrayed with Taxi in songs represents a plethora of thoughts, attitudes, and expressions. Memories and personal experiences are exhibited in their literal form or as a fictional series of events in songs.

In songs, automobiles are indicative of many perspectives. Certain musicians and songwriters have expressed their experiences of traveling in Taxi in a lucid manner.

A lot of musicians have utilized Taxi as a metaphor to compare or describe traits linked with simplicity, humility, pride, and prejudice.

10 Songs With The Name “Taxi” In The Title

1. Harry Chapin’s “taxi”

Harry Chapin--Taxi

First on our list of songs with taxi in the title is Harry Chapin’s “taxi”.

This is one of Harry Chapin’s popular songs, released in 1972. The songwriter was narrating a story about how his love was lost a long time ago, coincidentally they met each other after a long time in a taxi, harry looked through the mirror and told her he remembers her, she denied it at first but after going through harry drivers license she recognized him.

But harry knows that things wouldn’t be the same again, through many miles and many smiles they recognized each other, she cried and shed tears, wishing they could continue from where they stopped but Harry knew whatever they had back then was gone, he drove her to her home, lost in thoughts on how dreams weren’t achieved and how much he still loved her despite all these years.

This is a very emotional song that shows that no matter how long the distance may be, the heart that once loved each other will surely find a way to get back together.

2. Joni Mitchell ` Big yellow taxi

Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell

Next on our list of songs with taxi in the title is Joni Mitchell ` Big yellow taxi.

This is in 1970 by Joni Mitchell, this song talks about every happening in our world. It speaks of how human beings destroy what is necessary to build what is irrelevant, how we destroy trees in the forest but plant that same trees in a museum to have people look at them for a dollar, how farmers use chemicals to destroy crops and turn around to sell us the produce.

This is a song that makes men think of life from a different perspective, about what happens in our society, how we destroy nature to build what we almost don’t need, this is one of the best songs by Joni Mitchell

3. J Blackfoot ” Taxi”

J. Blackfoot - Taxi

This song was released in 1984 by J Blackfoot, it was one of the best songs of his time, it’s a song where the writer narrates how she broke the heart of the woman he loves and makes everything possible to revive the love.

He’s in a hurry to get to her place, just to say he’s sorry. Many emotional songs have been written but this song “taxi by J Blackfoot” illustrates what happens in real-life experiences, it’s an emotional song that stood the test of time.

4. Driver 67 “Taxi” car 67

Driver 67 - Car 67 (with lyrics)

This song was released in 2008. Th writer narrates how he was called to pick up a lady living in number 83, he was reluctant to do the pickup, with the reason that his love left him that night in a bitter argument, and his love had gone to live in that same number 83.

This song shows the uncertainty of life and its unpredictability, he didn’t want to go there so as not to see the lady she once loved. The song is an emotional one mixed with fear and regret, it’s one of his best songs.

5. Bernard Herman ‘ Taxi driver”

Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver (theme)

This song was released in 1988 by Bernard Herman. In this song, Bernard describes what life is like for a taxi driver, how he works 7 days a week and has to stay behind the wheels for long hours up to 12 hours per day.

Loneliness was creeping into his life, yet deep down he believes that everyone can be like other people, he felt there’s more to life than just self-attention, then one day he broke loose from his work and sought a better life out there.

6. Bryan ferry “Taxi”

This song was released in January 1993, it’s an emotionally driven song, a song that touches the soul.

The writer narrates how he was held up in traffic and shouted at the taxi man to get moving, he’s in a haste to see the woman he loves, the one he broke her heart by a mistake, and he shouted at the taxi man to drive as fast as possible and to evade all traffic regulations because he was afraid someone else would take his love from him.

This song shows the mistakes of men and the incredible effort they make to make things written. It is one of his best songs.

7. Finbar Furey ft. Aine Furey ” The taxis waiting”

Finbar Furey 'The Taxi's Waiting' with Aine Furey

This epic song was released in 2017 by Finbar Furey and Aine furey. They talked about how difficult it is for us to say goodbye to people we love so much.

Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things to do especially if someone you love is involved. In their song, they sang about how unpredictable life is out there, the song is synonymous with a child leaving home receiving advice from his parents, he’s being told to be careful, what life holds out there is unpredictable.

This is a song filled with love and driven by emotions, one of the best songs of its time.

8. R Kelly ” Taxicab”

R.kelly - Taxi Cab

This is an emotional and romantic song that was written by R Kelly, a song that talks about how great the human love hormones can be.

He met a lady for the first time and had sex with her right behind the driver, it’s a song that shows the truth there could be love at first sight.

This song was released in 2010, it’s one of the best romantic and emotional songs of all time.

9. Vanessa Paradis’s” Joe the Taxi”

Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi (Clip Officiel remasterisé)

 Many songs were written with different intents, but this unique song was written by Vanessa to a guy named Joe. Joe is a taxi driver as the writer narrates, Joe spends all his time in the traffic, on the road, 7days a week, this song shows how busy the life of a taxi driver could be.

The writer writes with a tone of sympathy and love. This wonderful song was released in 1988 and became one of the best hits of its time.

 10. Taxi driver by steel pulse

Steel Pulse - Taxi Driver

This is a very sad song, written out of steel pulse experience with taxi drivers in the street of America, in his song he wrote about how he was rejected by taxi drivers because of his looks, his dreadlocks, and his colors, songs are effective ways to communicate feelings and steel pulse in song tried to convey a hidden message to everyone around the world on what happens in the 1900s in the street of America.

This is a sad song but full of lessons and truth about what happened back in the day. It was one of the best hits of his time