9 Great Songs With The Word “Chain” In The Title

Written by Corey Morgan

Have you ever considered how many songs have been written using the word “chain” in the title? This is a list of the best songs containing the word “chain” in the title, regardless of genre.

Many of the tunes listed are songs about chains, but just because that word is in the title doesn’t mean that the song’s content is primarily about that. This ranking list contains Chains by Nick Jonas and Chains of a fool by Aretha Franklin.

If your favorite music with chain in the title isn’t featured, feel free to send me a message so it can be added.

9 Songs With The Word “Chain” In The Title

1. Chains of a fool by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin - Chain of Fools (Official Lyric Video)

First on our list of songs with the word chain in the title is Chains of a fool by Aretha Franklin. This song was written by Aretha Franklin. It’s an emotional heartbreaking song, it’s a song written to express betrayal by a friend, the songwriter wrote about how someone he valued so much used him to his advantage and threw him away, he feels betrayed and trapped, but deep down he has hope that that chain would be broken.

This type of song express the reality of life, it’s a song everyone should listen to. Trust is a very delicate part of human existence, trust is one thing that is earned and not bought for, trust isn’t easy but when that trust is broken, human beings may take forever to heal.

This is one of the best emotionally driven songs of its time, that teaches people the dangers that come with trusting so easily and deeply.

2. Chains by the Beatles

The Beatles - Chains (HQ)

The Beatles are widely recognized as the most influential band in the history of music. They played a significant role in the growth of counterculture in the 1960s as well as the acceptance of popular music as an art form.

This is a love song written in the 1960s, the songwriter expressed himself as bound by love and caged by the chain, he feels caged by love and couldn’t walk away.

This song shows how powerful love can be and how it can hold people spellbound. It was the best song of its time.

3. Chains by Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas - Chains

This is a breakup song written by Nick Jonas. This song shows the exact human nature and what happens in real-life experiences.

The songwriter wrote about how he trusted someone completely not knowing there was a devil beneath the personality he’s seeing. He falls in love but later regretted it, wishing that it never happened, he wants to go out but he can’t, he wants to leave but he can’t because she trapped him with her love chain.

This is the replica of what happens in real life, this song teaches us to look before we leap, to take time to understand and discern people, it’s one of the best songs of its time. It was written in 2013 before his wedding night.

4. The chain by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Official Music Video) [HD]

This song was released in January 1977. It’s a song that comes with emotions and warning.

Fleetwood Mac the writer wrote about how his true love started changing in attitude, he reminds her that if she can’t love him now she won’t love him again.

This song replicates what happens in human reality, there are times ups and down comes to a man, and his true love is tempted to leave him, this song was written to show how unpredictable human beings can be.

Fleetwood Mac reminded his love of how she said she would never break the love chains that bind them, how she said their love is forever. This song is what almost each one of us can resonate with within real-life experiences. It was the best song of its time.

Love and feelings are the facets of human nature, we cannot thrive and exist without love, and we all crave to be loved, respected, and accepted, this song shows what happens in the life of a man when he meets with obstacles, and you as a woman, can you still love when the reason you loved in the first place is no longer there?

In times of difficulty that is when the true meaning of love is expressed and evaluated, Fleetwood Mac did a great job with this song.

5. Chian by Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt "Chain"

This song was written by the late legend Vic Chesnutt in 1990. This song is not emotional but reflective, the songwriter Vic Chesnutt related in his song the reality of life, according to him he believes that everything we do in life, we’re caged by an unforeseen chain, a chain that binds us to do things, but funnily enough, we think we’re in control.

This song is a song that gives great thought to anyone who listens to it, it’s a metaphysical song that causes human beings to think outside the narrative and explore life from other perspectives.

Vic Chesnutt did a great job with this song and it was one of the best songs of its time.

6. The Chain Song by Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson - The Chain (Live From Webster Hall)

Released in 2008. This is a very powerful emotional song that talks about what females pass through when broken in love. The songwriter Ingrid Michaelson wrote about how she wanted her love back, despite the fact he broke her, she was still ready to accept her back if he would come back to his senses.

This song shows the nature of women when in love, it shows how broken a woman can be and this song resonates with the everyday experiences of ladies that are broken all over the world.

7. Back on the Chain Gang Song by The Pretenders

Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang (Official Music Video)

This song by the pretenders was written in 1982 It’s a song of emotions, life, and reality. In this song the writer wrote about how she was broken beyond measure and unexpectedly, the writer narrates how unpredictable life can be and how sometimes circumstances we cannot control happens and there’s nothing we can do about it.

This song shows how we’re bound by the chains of love and uncertainty of life, how we could be broken and our life still long for the one that broke us, the ways of love are truly mysterious.

This song exposes, this song teaches and this song educates on how cruel love can be at times. It was the best song of its time.

8. Chained Up in Chains Song by Cauldron

Cauldron - Chained Up In Chains (Official Video)

The great song by cauldron was released in 2007. This is a special type of song because the songwriter cauldron sang about a lady he loved secretly and how he has been admiring her for a long time.

Songs are a great way to express our feeling and our thoughts to people. Cauldron’s words replicate what happens in real life, there are times we love someone secretly and may not have to courage to express ourselves.

Songs are music to the soul and cauldron wrote a great song on emotions and what every one of us hides from the world (our secret love).

9. The Chain of Love Song by Clay Walker

Clay Walker - The Chain Of Love (Official Music Video)

This legendary song was written by clay walker, there have been many who wrote different songs on different topics, but this song by clay walker is the biggest hit of his time.

The writer expressed the true meaning of love, he helped a lady who had a flat tire by the roadside, when the lady offered to pay him, he replied the only way she could pay him back was by extending that love to someone else.

Indeed that is the true meaning of love, giving unconditionally, human beings are accustomed to staying when there’s something to benefit, giving and loving unconditionally even when there are benefits attached is the true meaning of love. The legendary songwriter does a great job to teach humanity the true act of love.