10 Great Songs With Ben In The Title (With Meanings)

songs with ben in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

As the title suggests, this list only includes songs with ben in the title.

It’s okay to add songs that don’t already appear on this list, as long as the title or lyrics mention Ben.

The following list features a variety of songs, including “It’s All About Benjamins” by Puff Daddy, “Might Have Ben Hur” by Switchfoot, and “Ben Has a Kid Song” by The Devil Wears Prada, among others.

Top 10 Songs With Ben In The Title

1. Ben

Jackson 5

First on our list of songs with ben in the title is Ben by Jackson 5. Title song for the Movie “Ben”. Michael was only twelve years old at the time of the recording.

Don Black and Walter Scharf composed the seemingly gentle ballad “Ben” for the 1972 film of the same name. In 2003, Crispin Glover appeared in a re-make of the film Willard, which was the sequel to the original film.

Ben is a pet rat who has been educated by a human named Willard, who has learnt how to use rats to do his bidding. Ben appears in the film Willard. Willard has the rats kill for him, but at the end of the film, the rats have turned against him and are attacking him.

After Ben, a little child, befriends the rat, the rat turns evil and gathers other rats to attack humanity in the sequel, The Rats of New York. Ben is transformed into an enormous super-rat in the remake of Willard.

Despite the song’s association with a horror film, the lyrics are heartfelt and sentimental, and there is no mention of rodents. As a result, it became a solid song about friendship:

Many people were moved by the song, which was released independently of the film and was promoted to those who had no idea it was about a rat.

2. Ben’s Song

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan - Ben's Song [Official Music Video]

Next on our list of songs with ben in the title is Ben’s song ` Sarah Mclachlan.

After the death of a young friend, the Canadian singer wrote this song, which appears on her debut album, to express her devastation. “‘Ben’s Song’ was undoubtedly a highlight for me,” Sarah stated in a 2005 interview for her iTunes Originals release: “It was a highlight for me.” It was one of the first songs I created that made me feel good about myself as a songwriter, and it remains one of my favorites.

Due to the fact that it was one of my first attempts and was one of, I believe, ten or eleven songs that I composed for that album, it was undoubtedly the first time I felt like, ‘All right, I’ve done something worthwhile here.’ ‘It feels so good right now.’

Furthermore, it was a song that was written in a short period of time, which was unusual for me because songwriting has never been simple for me. When a song comes out swiftly, it’s as if the universe opens itself up to me and provides me this gift.

It’s a hard, arduous process, but every once in a blue moon, a song comes out quickly and the universe opens itself up to me and offers me this gift. And ‘Ben’s Song’ happened to be the song at the time. I believe it was due to the fact that I was still emotionally raw at the time. Ben was a child that I was familiar with.

He was 11 years old at the time of his passing. He was suffering from an incurable brain tumor. In childcare, I had spent a number of months with him on a daily basis, taking care of him, hanging out with him, playing games with him, and just being a friend to him. As a result, we grew really close.

And he was the first person who had ever been close to me that I had lost, which was a difficult experience for me. Because my grandparents passed away, but I had only met them once in my life, there was never a genuine emotional connection between us. Consequently, there was obviously a very strong emotional response to the entire situation, and that is where it all came from.

3. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg


This song was the album’s first single. Before the release of this song, there was a great deal of mystery around it. The band took inspiration from the marketing campaign for the 1999 horror film The Blair Witch Project and opted not to disclose the identity of Benjamin Breeg to interviewers.

A website dedicated to Benjamin Breeg was built, which included a “biography” of the artist. According to the website’s administrator, Benjamin’s long-lost cousin was seeking for him when he discovered an obscure photograph of his long-lost cousin in a box of his recently died grandmother’s possessions while cleaning out his grandmother’s house.

The biography described the story of a man who was born on the first day of World War II and who had lost both of his parents in a fire in 1947, the year the war began.

Benjamin, according to his relative, was raised in a number of different orphanages and foster homes. There is speculation about him having been an accomplished painter when he was a young man. He painted what he saw in his nightmares, according to those who knew him well.

Anyone who came into contact with his paintings was left feeling extremely uncomfortable. It was claimed that he vanished in 1978 and that his family members were completely unaware of his disappearance or location at the time.

There were a number of posts on the internet that gave the impression that his family members were looking for him or seeking explanations as to what had happened to him.

The final part of the internet story describes the story of a man from Romania who was to meet with Benjamin Breeg’s cousin in order to complete the story. This was scheduled to take place on August 18th, 2006, which happened to be the same day as the release of Iron Maiden’s latest single.

The entire tale was, of course, concocted by bassist Steve Harris in order to generate more attention for the band, who anticipated that fans would look up the character’s identity in order to discover out who he was. Since then, the website has been taken down. Breeg appears to be none other than Eddie the Head, according to all evidence.

In the artwork for the single, Eddie is depicted digging up Benjamin’s tombstone. He is commemorated on his tombstone by a Romanian inscription that reads, “Here lays a man about whom not much is known.”

4. Ben Wah Balls Meaning

Blink 182

This song is a parody about a young girl, and it is intended to be humorous. The guy she is dating is someone she truly likes, and she recognizes aspects about him that she remembers from her father, who had recently separated from her mother. After a few months of dating and kissing, she comes to the realization that he is her father.

5. Jennifer lopez

Dear ben

Jenifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriend and actor Ben Affleck is the subject of the song “Dear Ben,” which was written in memory to the couple, who dated for a year and were engaged in November 2002.

The song “Dear Ben” was widely regarded as Lopez’s public declaration of her affection for Affleck, and it has been referred to as the album’s “glow-in-the-dark centerpiece.”

6. Ben Has a Kid Song

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada - Ben Has A Kid (LIVE HD)

This is the sixth song on the album Roots Above and Branches Below, and its meaning revolves around the negative change that humans go through as they develop and merge into modern society, which has a negative impact on the environment and other people.

Possibly named after The Devil Wears Prada’s tour merch manager, Ben, however the more likely reference would be to the Biblical character Benjamin.

In light of the fact that he was only a minor Bilical character, Jacob’s youngest (thirteenth) child may appear insignificant and irrelevant to the story of Benjamin’s brother, Joseph, being sold into slavery–but upon closer inspection, we realize that he is a major symbol of faithfulness and innocence.

Because of his father’s description of Benjamin in Genesis 49:27, he possessed the strongest spirit and the biggest heart–despite the fact that his birth killed his mother and he was the youngest (and so looked down upon).

When his older brothers devised a plan to have his oldest brother sold into slavery, Benjamin was the only one who remained loyal to Joseph and attempted to avert the unavoidable outcome. The significance of Benjamin’s sons is that they were all given names that were derived from his feelings for Joseph.

7. Might Have Ben Hur


Switchfoot - Might Have Ben Hur

In this passage, we learn that no matter how intensely we feel towards another human being, the only love that can ever be truly fulfilled is the loving relationship with God that we desire to develop.

As he explains in the song, he placed much too much trust in this relationship with this girl, and he attempted to transform her into some sort of mystical figure who would always be there for him anytime he needed anything…

But there is no human being who can fit into that shape; the only one who can is God. This isn’t a romantic love song in the traditional sense!

In this song, the guy has been rejected by the girl because he wants to have a really passionate relationship, which is plainly not what she is seeking for… it teaches us that we cannot place our reliance in individuals unless that individual happens to be God.

Although the words “Him,” “You,” “Lord,” or “God” are not included in the song, it is important to look deeper than individual words (love, eyes, light up life) and consider the overall message of the song in order to decipher the meaning of a song’s message. “Love,” “Eyes,” and “Light up Life” are examples of such words.

8. BEN


CG5 - Talking Ben (Lyrics)

“BEN” is a song inspired by the Talking Ben the Dog smartphone application. The title is a reference to a fictional figure named “Ben,” with whom users can conduct a discussion in the application. A strong percussive beat is alternated with a peaceful piano accompaniment to depict CG5 conversing with Ben while CG5 is in various moods throughout the song.

After seeing Axie’s live stream, CG5 decided to produce and collaborate on the entire song with him. The live stream was broadcast on March2, 2022 and was broadcast on Twitch.

Other Songs with ben in the title

9. A Life in the Day of Benjamin André (Incomplete) by Song by OutKast

André 3000 - A Life in the Day of Benjamin André

10. It’s all about benjamins ` Puff daddy

All About the Benjamins (feat. The Notorious B.I.G., The Lox, Lil' Kim)