18 Great Songs With 22 In The Title

songs with 22 in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with 22 in the title

You may believe that your favorite songs are all about the lyrics, but numbers play an important role in music. A number in the title is a classic for a reason, whether it’s to summarize all the possible reasons to break up with your partner or to recall the summer of your life, these are on the best sont songs with 22 in the title.

We’ve divided them up into genres so you may make your own playlist and appreciate these amazing tracks.

1. “22 Years”


First on our list of songs with 22 in the title is 22 years – Styx. This is a song by the Styx band. It’s from one of their first Wooden Nickel albums, “The Serpent is Rising.” If you enjoy Styx, particularly their early work, you should pay attention to their Wooden Nickel recordings, as there are a few songs on there that should be rediscovered by the general public.

2. “When Yer Twenty Two”

The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips When Yer Twenty Two

Next of our list of songs with 22 in the title is when yer twenty two. The fact that 22-year-olds will still be singing and feeling this song a billion years from now is incredible, especially if you are 22 years old.

(at least my greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandkids will, because I’m going to leave them my cds, whatever the hell they’ll be in a billion years).

3. “22,”

Taylor Swift

T-Swift expresses her feelings about what 22 looks like when viewed through the eyes of a child of 8 or 9 or 12 or 13; when you’re young, there’s some magical older age – 17 or 19 or 22 – that you imagine all your Barbies to be and, later, the age that all the girls on your favorite television shows appear to be.

It’s the year that seems to have passed very quickly, and it’s the year in which you believe you’ll have it all: the perfect guy, the perfect hair, and all of the fun the world has to offer. It’s the year that, when you get there, seems to have passed you by without a second thought.

4. “22”

Lily Allen

Lily Allen | 22 (Official Video)

When you’re far, far away from 22, the future is bright; when you’re there, it’s dim and terrible. Student loans are knocking on your door, your ideal career path appears to be out of reach, rent is prohibitively expensive, your first job is a disaster, and nothing appears to be getting any better any time soon.

5. Catch 22


ERASURE - Catch 22

The first thing to note is that I believe Andy created this one in order to sound fairly cynical regarding love relationships that should come to a ‘happy finish’ at the altar, especially given the title.

The story revolves around two people who have had an up-and-down relationship due to the fact that the boy wasn’t exactly well-meaning about the future of their relationship (he was unsure of his true intentions toward her) and the girl wasn’t quite faithful to him.

The story revolves around two people who have had an up-and-down relationship due to the fact that the boy wasn’t exactly well-meaning about the future of their relationship (he was unsure of his true intentions toward her) and the girl wasn’t quite faithful to him.

Nevertheless, he has finally realized how much he adores her, and he is now prepared to pursue this relationship to its logical conclusion: marriage, despite the fact that he is not yet convinced about this and despite the fact that he has realized this decision is really taking shape.

Regarding his ‘worldly possessions,’ this leads me to believe that she is a bit of an opportunist, which may be one of the reasons why she has been so understanding of him (“We close our eyes and chase away the sorrowful things / You make it simple for me, life is merely a dream”)

6. “22 Acacia Avenue”

Iron Maiden

22 Acacia Avenue (2015 Remaster)

This is the second of four songs about Charlotte the harlot, a woman who has captured the attention of guitarist Dave Murray’s imagination.

At the beginning of this song, the narrator tells Charlotte that he can’t tolerate the sight of her whoring around and allowing men to mistreat her, and that he is taking her with him to get away from her life of vice.

7. “She’s 22”

Norah Jones

The singer is expressing her displeasure with her crush in the face of another girl’s affection for him. In this context, the color “blue” represents jealousy and sadness…

She worries if her boyfriend is content with this other woman. Actually, she’s analyzing her own significance in her man’s life, attempting to determine whether she is irreplaceable or otherwise.

Is this new lady any more deserving of his affections? Perhaps the singer is willing to sacrifice her own love if it means that her love is happier with someone else…

Despite the fact that she believes her crush feels the same way about her, the singer is living in denial…deep down she knows she is mistaken and that she should go on since they were not meant to be… However, she is perplexed by his behavior.

A “song” could relate to a real song or a poetry, or it could allude to any other creative form through which she can convey her affections for him. He like them all, but she is unsure whether he recognizes that it is he who lingers in all of her songs and poetry, and that his love is what motivates her.

The singer is certain that she loves him with all of her heart and that she is happy when she is with him, but she is unsure of what it is that makes him happier.

The singer isn’t bothered by the fact that he is unable to reciprocate her affection. If the other woman makes him happier, he should disregard the advice of the singer and go with his heart instead.

The vocalist used a b’ful metaphor in this instance. She’s keeping a close eye on him and shadowing him at a place where he can’t see her. She’s thinking about how she can get closer to his heart in the most appropriate way.

She is taken aback by the fact that he appears to be far too joyful to be true. She’s perplexed as to whether someone else can truly make him happy, or whether he’s pretending to be happy in order to make her jealous, or whether he’s simply trying to convince her that he has moved on.

People who are in love are unable to endure their feelings for someone else and become so possessive that they become quickly jealous; the singer is a person who fits this description.

The only thing that matters to her is whether or not he is truly happy with the other lady, so she continues to question if he is truly happy with her.

8. Whatever That Means ft. Won Jonghee ~ “Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two”

...Whatever That Means "Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two" (feat. Won Jonghee of Rux) Official Music Video

Whatever that Means perform in a melodic punk manner that will be instantly familiar to anyone who grew up listening to punk rock in the United States.

It comes out as genuine and energetic, and it harkens back to a time before commercial pop punk took hold in the United States. Because it is sung in English, it fits in seamlessly with any other release from the 1990s. That’s one of the album’s most endearing characteristics.

It’s a classic that will last forever. If you were to listen to it on a playlist, you’d believe it was a much older track.

How Whatever That Means were able to capture the essence of the style so perfectly is beyond my comprehension. As the album develops, each song becomes better than the one that came before it.

Although there are hints of so many other bands in the music…Whatever that Means have a distinct sound all their own.

Even though Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two is a straightforward album, with the use of repetitive guitar chords and a continuous bass and drum accompaniment, Whatever That Means have produced an excellent album.

Punk is still a genre from which I have a difficult time discovering a lot of good songs. The 10 tracks on Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two demonstrate once again that there are a large number of bands out there; it simply takes time and effort to discover them. If you’ve been missing punk music, this is the record to pick up right away.

9. “Twenty Two”


In any case, since I don’t speak Korean, I hope these lyrics aren’t obscene or anything like that – but even if they were, you wouldn’t know the difference. Unless, of course, you were also fluent in Korean. Right!)

10. Twenty Two Fourteen

The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf - Twentytwo Fourteen

I believe that this song, in contrast to other songs where the lyrics tell you what you are supposed to feel about the song, allows you to interpret the song on your own.

I believe that, despite the fact that it is an instrumental and it is more difficult to understand what the message is, the aim of it is to allow you to create your own meaning.

It might be about a loss, it could be about the quiet before the storm, it could be about reflection on great or negative things, it could be about anything you want it to be, in my opinion.

After all, the music affects you in a variety of ways depending on your circumstances, and I believe that the song’s meaning and aim is to move you no matter who you are.

Other songs with 22 in the title

11. Sarita Fraya ~ “Twenty Two”

Audio Footage Sarita Fraya Twenty Two

12. Into It. Over It. ~ “22 Syllables”

Into it. Over it. - "22 Syllables" Live at Little Elephant (3/4)

13. Due West ~ “22 Hours A Day”

14. Grace Potter And The Nocturnals ~ “2:22”

15. Wakey!Wakey! ~ “Twenty-Two”

Wakey!Wakey! - Twenty-Two

16. Adam Hood ~ “22 Days Too Long”

Adam Hood - "22 Days Too Long" Music Video

17. Goapele ~ “Catch 22”

Goapele - Catch 22

18. Martha And The Muffins ~ “Twenty Two In Cincinnati”

MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS, Twenty-two in Cincinnati, 1981