6 Great Songs About God’s Justice

Songs about God’s justice
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs about God’s Justice

There is something inherently magical about music. It can be accessed by both private and public parties. A song is a conversation between the artist and the listener that takes place in private, but the act of singing or hearing a song aloud with other people can also be a powerful ritual.

For as long as there has been music, people have found a way to communicate with one another through the medium of song. When used for positive purposes, music has the potential to motivate and bring people together. The following is a collection of wonderful songs about God’s justice that are all really interesting to listen to.

6 Top Songs About God’s Justice:


Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Lyrics And Chords)

These songs are for the folks who need to hear them the most, specifically those who utter nasty things without any scriptural backing. They should pray for liberation from the shackles of legalism that prevent them from receiving God’s full grace.

Thanks to God’s grace, I have been set free from every type of spiritual shackle. And if anyone else would come before me, he would have to serve as your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be provided for, but rather to freely serve and to sacrifice his life as a reward for everyone of us. (Matthew 21:27–28) Chris Tomlin, you have blessed many by allowing God to use your talent to set them free.

2. As It Is In Heaven song by Matt Maher

Matt Maher - As it is in heaven w/lyrics

Songwriters Matt Maher and Ed Cash took inspiration for the song’s lyrics from Psalm 40 (which talks about singing a new song) as well as Matthew 6 (wherein the Lord’s prayer is said).

When writing this song, Maher reflected on the fact that Christians of all denominations pray the Lord’s Prayer (found in Matthew 5-7) and hoped that his song would serve to highlight the common ground that unites Christians.

3. Everlasting God by Chris Tomlin

Everlasting God (Chris Tomlin)

Chris begins this song by assuring us that our fortitude will increase while we wait for the Lord, our Father, and he does so through the medium of the song. He continues by describing God as his helper and hope, the God who will never get weary, and the God who has existed since the beginning of time.

As I progressed further into the song in an effort to comprehend its words, I came to the conclusion that God is the protector of the helpless and that he grants justice to people who are unable to obtain it for themselves due to a combination of factors. In point of fact, He is the God of justice, and as such, He provides those who are destitute with hope and assurance.

The one and only God, who saves us in spite of the fact that we do not merit his favor. Even though we have done nothing to earn God’s love, he never stops coming through for us anyway.

4. Justice and Mercy by Flyleaf

Flyleaf Justice And Mercy - With Lyrics

This is one of my favorite songs by them, and I believe that it, along with all of their other songs, has a really distinct sound. Flyleaf are awesome because each of their tracks has a unique sound, in contrast to the majority of bands active nowadays. She is essentially pointing out to us that we cannot disregard or forget the fact that Jesus died on our behalf and that we must never do so.

In addition, she is encouraging us to never lose hope in him and to live our lives in accordance with his purpose, which was to be just and merciful. On the other hand, at the same time, she is implying that nobody is flawless and that there is no way to be perfect because people are imperfect to begin with.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Flyleaf Rox three times, and each time I’ve been impressed by how dedicated and kind she is. Her song lyrics go much deeper than you might initially realize, and she is deserving of a lot more credit for them because they are all about God.

5. God of Justice (We Must Go) by Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes - God Of Justice

The majority of Christain songs concerning justice are penned from genuine emotion coming from the singers’ hearts. They are, for the most part, an honest representation of the singer’s thoughts and feelings regarding the topic at hand. This hymn is similar to the others in that it emphasizes the importance of God’s justice for those who are destitute, defenseless, and unable to defend themselves.

The singer begins by giving thanks to God for everything that God has accomplished and asks God to empower him to accomplish the same things. He prays to God to make him the perfect servant by allowing him to walk in God’s light and mercy and to demonstrate these attributes both in his deeds and in the way he interacts with other people.

He finally closes the song with a type of plea, still asking God to fill him up so that he can provide justice for the poor, feed the needy, come to the rescue of the broken-hearted, and those who are grieving. This song by Tim Hughes is without a doubt one of his best works.

6. Ascribe Greatness by Mary Krikbridge Barthow.

Concluding our list of songs about God’s justice is this wonderful song. You may not be familiar with Mary Krik because she is not exactly a well-known artist; yet, the song “Ascribe Greatness” that she wrote was chosen to be included in the collection of Christian songs about God’s justice. There are around twelve lines in the words of this song, and each one describes a different aspect of God’s perfection, kindness, and justified character.

In the first two lines, there is discussion about how God is the most perfect God, and because of this, all of us ought to ascribe the justice that is awarded to Him. She continues by asserting that all of God’s actions are completely justifiable and that God is a just God. In the end, she declares that the God of the universe is the God of justice for all those people who are worthy of his goodness and justice.