7 Great Songs With The Word Animals In The Title

Songs with the word animals in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word “animals” in the title

It has come to light that a significant number of composers have a passion for animals alongside their love of music. In innumerable songs, animals have been given the spotlight, and some of the most famous musicians in the history of music have shared the stage with them.

The use of the term “animals” in music is one of those topics that will never become stale, and the quality that I appreciate most about these types of references is that they cause me to engage in reflective thought. Songs having the word “animals” somewhere in the title are not always meant to be interpreted in their most literal sense.

The vast majority of the time, these are allusions that speak to a significantly more profound meaning. However, some songs talk about common occurrences, such as being close to a furry friend while you cuddle up with them.

This list features several examples of songs featuring the word “animals” somewhere in the song’s title, in addition to a wide variety of other imaginative references to animals.

1. Animals by Maroon Five

Maroon 5 - Animals

The song is about a deep affinity towards someone you can not seem to get away from. The man takes to stalking. He lies on her bed and shoots shots of her while she is asleep in the movie. She is completely unaware that he is present.

I do not believe he intends to harm her, otherwise, he would have done so. He only wishes to be near her. Also, there is the scene where they are all doing it and their bodies are covered in blood. It is emblematic of how nasty or filthy their lovemaking is, in my opinion. She appears to be thoroughly engrossed in it.

He goes to say hello at the party, but she ignores him. Either this happened before their relationship and she does not care, or she realizes who she is and is sick of him. In the past, I believe she only wanted to have sex from him and nothing else.

She attempted to move on, but they couldn’t. He is unconcerned about what she does. She is demented in the way she surrenders herself to him. Take a look at her in their romantic scenes. That is all he desires. Her desire for him to be equal to his desire for her. I believe he enjoys stalking her.

2. Dangerous Animals by Arctic Monkeys

This music is far more ominous than it initially seems to be. It seems to be about a man who is fixated on a lady who refuses to lay with him, and because of how much it torments him, he resolves to have his way with her (It is been long enough now so let us create a mess, lioness).

As was mentioned earlier, the man is constantly thinking about, and even dreaming about, the woman. The man is held in place like an animal that is restrained by a leash. Because of the way he is being treated, he is feeling humiliated, in addition to bewildered and overpowered by feelings of love and infatuation.

He is acutely aware that he is in a potentially life-threatening circumstance, yet he is at a loss as to how to respond to the events that are transpiring around him.

Finally, the man is unable to take it any longer, and he decides that he will not submit to the whims of the lady. It is possible that the “unsuitable pet” is either the man who has become disobedient or the woman who can not be subdued since she is as ferocious as a lioness. Both of these people fall into the category of “unsuitable pet.”

3. Animals by Nickelback


The lyrics of this song have a very clear meaning to them. It is only about a high school boyfriend and girlfriend relationship in which the boyfriend is merely trying to get laid.

Why else would they be scared with the “dad outside the car,” and also why, for that reason, would they even need to be in a car?  You are right if you think that this song is amusing. This song is great, but it is just a song about how high school teenagers’ hormones can get out of control.

4. Animals Were Gone by Damien Rice

Damien Rice - The animals were gone

The lyrics of this song reveal a great deal about its meaning. According to the song’s interpretation, his ex-girlfriend left probably a few days ago, and his ex-girlfriend is still in the process of moving all of her belongings out of the place.

However, she did finally take their pets home with her last night. Now that she and all of her belongings have left, as well as the animals, the only other glimmer of light in the house save himself, he is left feeling extremely alone in his home, and nothing seems to be working properly.

When someone ends a long-term relationship with you, such as this one, and you still desire to be with that person, it takes a very long time for the realization to set in that the two of you are no longer together and that you are not likely to be able to win them back.

To think about someone every night and then wake up knowing that they may don’t ever, ever, for your entire life be tomorrow to you again is by far the worst emotion that has ever existed. The chorus alone is just such a fantastic way of expressing all of that.

5. Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson

I think he is trying to suggest that the world is getting increasingly plastic and artificial by the minute, and he is using this song to make his point.

When he said that “the day that we lost our souls,” he meant that to be flawless, one must be inhuman, or bedevoid be devoid.

The expression “if we cry, we would rust” is a phrase that is used to imply that humans are like machines and that we are unable to experience or express emotions since doing so would compromise our “perfection.” And I was the hand grenade that never ceased blowing up, which is a reference to the fact that his heart continued to beat and that he continued to be humane in this plastic environment.

Also, in the verse you were automatic, he is referring to someone he admires, but they are the same as everyone else, and he’ll not be the one for her since he is unique, and no one else will ever mean anything to her because they are the same as she is.

The term “phenobarbital” describes a person as being perfect, submissive, and plastic like a doll, as if she had been under the influence of drugs. A mannequin of melancholy with the expression of a star that has passed away.

And on the lines, I am just a boy, playing the suicide king is underlining the idea that he is little, like a child, but can manage it all because he understands what is going around him and he is stopping himself from being the same.

6. Animals by CocoRosie

My interpretation is that this song is about being alone and how it forces one to confront one’s inner demons. She is not selling herself out, but she does feel remorse toward the “avenues” on which she has offered her love away easily or without really giving it much thought. In other words, she is pimping herself.

When we are all ourselves, we are left to our reflections, and we can not help but wonder whether there was another way we might have handled a situation, or if we should not have given so readily of a part of ourselves. Because it so frequently results in emotional trauma and isolation. or “wake up half empty”.

The song is about being hurt in love and having to learn to live with that anguish to move on. The lesson to be learned from this is that you are the only one who can heal the pain in your heart; no one else can. Make some time to be by yourself and feel sorry for yourself, then reassure everyone that you are doing fine, move in with some pets, and get the hell out of this terrible, judgmental world.

7. Animals by Muse

Muse - Animals (Competition Winner)

You would understand the meaning of the song much better if you had watched Animals, which won the award for Best Music Video. This is one of the best songs with the word animals in the title.

It is about how those in power continue to take from others lower on the social hierarchy, treating them as if they were nothing more than money-making machines which they could use to pay off the debt that they have accumulated.

As soon as that ceases being effective, they begin to turn on one another and continue doing so until there is nothing left.