6 Top Songs With Bells/Chimes At The Start

songs with bells in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with bells in the the title

When we hear bells, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas Day. It’s a memorable part of our lives and holds one of our happiest memories. It’s that point in time when we reconnect with our loved ones far and near, old and young. Bells are used to announce the presence of someone or something special, it’s used to steal the attention of all in a gathering and as such many artists have spared no effort in incorporating them in their titles.

Indeed, so many songs have been sung with bells in the title but today, we’ll be looking at something much more different; songs that  have bells at the start. Enjoy!

1. The Bells By The Originals

Ranking first on list of songs with bells in the title is the bells by the originals. This classical music by the originals was a big hit, the singer expressed the love he had for his girl, true love and joy and faith, all his strength he’ll give to you darling.

This song shows us classical examples that Bells can be used to represent anything, this is a good love and emotional song written in the 80s. The singer wrote it to express how much he loves his girl.

Many people sang this song too in the 80s as a way of expressing love. It was indeed a hit in its time. In the 80s when emotional and love songs were just taking their place amongst us, this song by the originals stood the best of time, it came like a wave that swept across the music industry.

2. Bells By Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro & Labelle "The Bells"

It’s easy to see a man expressing his love for a lady, but it’s not very likely to see a woman doing the same. This song by Laura Nyro is one of the few songs where we see a lady expressing her deep love for her man. He uses the bell to remind him of how much she loves him, this song is a very good romance and love song.

This classical music by Laura Nyro is a song written exclusively to express love, deep-seated love, and emotions, this song conveys the notion that not only men do express love in songs but women too do, if you listen to the lyrics of this song, you will see how much she loves her man, asking him romantic questions if he will hear the bells when they kiss or hug.

When this song was sung in the 90s, it was on the lips of many girls that were in love, they used this song to express the extent of their love for their spouse, this song stood the best of time.

3. The Bells By Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs - The Bells (Lyrics)

If you’re a fan of literature, we call this song alliteration, the word bell was repeated many times, this song is classical and rock music that was sung for one purpose and that is for fun, the songwriter uses the word bell to express happiness.

As we all know songs and words mean different things to different people, what a song means to you will probably be different from what it means to another, this all boils down to the level of emotions we attach to songs. The deeper the emotions, the deeper the meaning of the song.

The songwriter sees the world from the lens of happiness, it’s surprising how we see life differently. To some life is cruel, to others, life is fun, all these boil down to our emotions then. This song was a major hit of its time

4. Bells By Shannon Wright

Over the years, words have been used to represent many emotions we try to hide from the world and musicians do this better. Bells by Shannon Wright is a piece of classical music that uses the word bell to represent a deep meaning.

In his lyrics he mentioned that she rings a bell in his head, he’s trying to say he remembers her all the time, the love they shared helped him see what he couldn’t have seen, it was like a veil was lifted from his eyes because he loved the right person.

To one bell may mean a metal gong, to another it may mean a different thing, but whatever meaning a song gives to us depends on how much of us we attach to that song. This song by Shannon Wright was the best hit of its time.

5. Jingle Bells By Thomas Kinkade, The Statler Brothers

Few songs are usually sung during a specific time of the year, when sung at any other time it doesn’t drive home much joy, this song is one such song. It is mostly sung during the Christmas days, very classical music by Thomas Kinkade, The Statler Brothers, this song is a song that lifts the broken spirit of people.

Back in the day when this song was in its prime, any home that doesn’t play this song on Christmas days is considered left out. Children enjoy the lyrics more than adults, you tend to see them jumping and singing, no matter how angry your day was when you hear this song being played and how much joy is in the children’s hearts when they hear and dance through the lyrics of this song, it will surely brighten your day.

This is one of the best songs wih bells in the title that has been sung exclusively for Christmas, it drives home the atmosphere of fun and life.

6. The Bells By Eric Woolfson

Concluding our list of songs with bells in the title is by Eric Woolfson.

When you listen to the lyrics of this song, you will find out how easy it is for musicians to link words to songs to drive home a meaning. This song was written exclusively for fun, the singer being a lover of nature observed all that is under the sun, he sees happiness in them, a world full of merriments.

He observed how the trees shake themselves when they are being pushed by the gentle evening breeze, he sees the world from the lens of happiness and fun, this song when listen will make you understand that words, just ordinary words we thought are ordinary can be well fitted into a song that it will make complete sense and drive home the deep meaning of happiness and the feeling of merriments. Many songs have been written, but this song due to its unique nature has stood the test of time